Gajim - 2013-09-19

  1. Link Mauve henk from prosody@ reported me a small warning, in gajim-plugins there is a line that doesn’t work on non-Ubuntu systems: gotr/config_dialog.ui:30: <property name="ubuntu_local">True</property>
  2. henk hi
  3. 0xAFFE hi henk
  4. henk Any idea what the last to lines in are about? Any ideas how to fix this?
  5. henk getting more output now:
  6. henk My issue is that some days ago gajim made my ~/.xsession-errors grow >5GB, which really sucks, but since it’s so far the best free jabber client for linux I found, I’d like to see if the reason for those messages can be fixed.
  7. dicson henk, you can try update gajim
  8. henk dicson, I’m already on 0.15.4 …
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  10. dicson henk, gajim/src/common/xmpp. xmpp - it is strange
  11. dicson ha. 0.15.4 do not use nbxmpp
  12. henk dicson, I don’t follow …
  13. henk oh, and the notification about "This icon indicates that the message has not yet been received by […]" simply does not work. I saw it a few times when the other end had actually received the message and did not see it when the other end did not. i.e. it’s crap, confusing, does not work reliably and makes me wonder what is going on with the development of this client …
  14. vorner henk: Well, the icon can't appear if the other side doesn't support the ACK protocol.
  15. vorner And, the appears and the other received, my guess is the other side is kopete, which had bug that was fixed rather recently
  16. vorner it promised to send the ACKs and didn't do so.
  17. henk vorner, it’s xabber
  18. vorner Hmm. That one should support them.
  19. vorner Also, there's some confusion if message carbons are in the way, but that's bad interaction of the xmpp extensions
  20. vorner but you might want to enable the positive ACK icon that is in head
  21. vorner „Show icon when your messages are received“ in general properties dialog.
  22. henk I’ll try to remember that when I have a new version, 0.15.4 is most recent in debian …
  23. vorner Wasn't there something like gajim-daily or something? O:-)
  24. dicson nightly
  25. henk Not in debian it seems
  26. dicson
  27. henk ah, thanks
  28. dicson we have 0.16-beta1 and nightly
  29. james Hi. I can join this conference fine in pidgin, but I keep getting: This is not a group chat. is not the name of a group chat when I try to join it in Gajim. I'm sure this is pebkac but can somebody walk me through this?
  30. james Nevermind. It's because I'd first added it as a contact instead of a bookmark. pebkac like I said.
  31. 0xAFFE james, you have to put gajim in the chatroom field and in the server box
  32. james The last thing I'm struggling with afaik. Is there a way to have the message window come forward when a new message is received, but the chat window is not minimized and another window is active in front? It pops up fine when minimized.
  33. james The reason I ask is I have a deaf friend who can't hear alerts and doesn't always notice the icon blinking in the system tray.
  34. mmlosh Hello.. I got a crash report for you.. the 2nd line obviously says that it should not crash with d-bus unable to reach the daemon's socket
  35. dicson mmlosh, demandimport problem...
  36. mmlosh ok
  37. dicson mmlosh, thanks for report
  38. mmlosh yeah.. i get it that only handful of people run things without dbus
  39. mmlosh I am glad that my little info was enough for figuring it out
  40. dicson mmlosh, you use hg gajim?
  41. mmlosh almost
  42. mmlosh 0.16-alpha2-43cb2c78ccef
  43. mmlosh like two weeks old
  44. dicson I commit fix to 0.16 brunch I hope it is works ))
  45. mmlosh ok, I'll upgrade on saturday.. not sure I would be able to break dbus like I did, though :D
  46. dicson :-)
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  48. pvtlth Gajim always asks for a password when i start it.
  49. mmlosh pvtlth, are not NOT using gnome keyriing?
  50. pvtlth i'm using kde
  51. mmlosh that happens to me when something happened to gnome keyring or dbus
  52. mmlosh oh
  53. mmlosh no idea how the kwallet thing works..
  54. pvtlth I have to type my password two times after logging in. One for system stuff and one for gajim.
  55. mmlosh yeah.. I never made kwallet unlock on login, so I abandoned it in favor if gkeyring
  56. pvtlth If Gajim was checking for KDE / Gnome/ whatever on start and looking for what thing to unlock... Would be nice.
  57. mmlosh I am pretty sure it does
  58. mmlosh what does help->features say for you?
  59. mmlosh hmm.. It does say "Password encryption" but does not really mention what worked and what did not
  60. pvtlth yes, that is true.
  61. mmlosh afaik gajim would store the password in the DB if it wouldn't detect a way to ecrypt it
  62. pvtlth so it woul be acessible for all who have read access to db?
  63. mmlosh yes
  64. mmlosh there is no point in hiding it if everyone knows how to un-hide it
  65. pvtlth and if gajim would encrypt passwords itself to store in its db it would prompt me anyway....
  66. Loki lol tardis defective