Gajim - 2013-09-18

  1. esbeeb Can anyone explain E2E encryption? It seems this is the default encryption Gajim uses. Does it work for XMPP text chat, as well as voice and video chat? Is it meant as a replacement of/successor to OTR, and ZRTP/SRTP?
  2. esbeeb BTW: in Wikipedia's "Comparison of instant messaging clients",, Gajim's E2E encryption is not listed as an encryption type in this chart of XMPP features: (Note: OTR support IS mentioned). Does this deserve to be filed as a bug?
  3. esbeeb All I hear out there is the sound of crickets. Is anyone out there?
  4. esbeeb I can see from the "room logs" that this isn't a very lively conference room ;(
  5. vorner esbeeb: You need to wait. Most people are here, but don't look at the screen very often. After hour or two, someone who knows the answer would answer.
  6. vorner e2e doesn't handle zrtp/srtp. But it encrypts all stanzas (eg. typing notifications, adhoc commands, etc), not just text.
  7. esbeeb thx, vorner :)
  8. esbeeb so e2e is sort of a "competitor", or alternative to zrtp/srtp?
  9. esbeeb I mean, can e2e encrypt voice/video chats? I want to know if it's possible for me to use Gajim for encrypted voice/video chat somehow, wether that's with e2e, or some other built-into-Gajim way (without the need to use a VPN, etc to gain encryption).
  10. vorner No, e2e is not for voice/video.
  11. vorner It encrypts only what goes inside the jabber connection, nothing outside
  12. vorner so no file transfers, no video, etc.
  13. vorner It is kind of competitor to OTR in some sense
  14. esbeeb do you know if e2e uses 2048 bit encryption by default now, as per this ticket? ...It seems it used to use 384 bits, but it'snot clear if it uses 2048 bits now
  15. vorner No idea O:-)
  16. esbeeb I actually like e2e for text chats better, because it seems a simpler way to verify: the 4-character code is simpler than the big ugly fingerprint you see with OTR.
  17. esbeeb I'll check back here later. Thanks for your responses.
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