Gajim - 2013-09-13

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7455 (Making sense out of hicolor icons by ordering them logically) updated Please ask her/him about gtk-no and gtk-yes. Set tools-check-spelling as an alternative to gtk-spell-check. Set dialog-warning as an alternative to gtk-dialog-warning. Eventually, when Stock Items will not not available (GTK+3), Gajim would require a basic icon set as a runtime dependency (either hicolor or KDE basic set),[…]
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15024:3511d0ad6389]: set title of fingerprint dialog. Fixes #7239 set title of fingerprint dialog. Fixes #7239
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15025:d637c7aa98b4]: prevent gtk warning prevent gtk warning
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7472 (Crash report) created problem User does not always run Gajim from console. analysis Due to running Gajim from console, user can't send and output of crash report. enhancement recommendation Make a crash report dialog to appear after Gajim quits. This dialog is similar to A programming error has been detected dialog, only it has different title and text.
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7472 (Crash report) updated I don't understand what you mean. You want to change the title of the crash dialog??
  6. Darlan Idea: If a connected client has no XEP-0280 support (Message Carbons) lower the priority of Gajim.
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7473 (Can't join some chat) created Bug description I can't join some chat with gajim : 26fc6994cdcf9b12ccf0b6d6a96259234a12d613 Steps to reproduce Have a legtux's JID, and try to join a Software versions OS version: Debian GNU/Linux testing (jessie) GTK version: 2.24.20 PyGTK version: 2.24.0
  8. alextalker / alextalker Hello!
  9. alextalker / alextalker Me build Gajim alpha in my gentoo and this bug if me click to menu plug-ins in edit/setting menu.
  10. alextalker / alextalker
  11. alextalker / alextalker And the plugins menu does not open.
  12. alextalker / alextalker How to install gajim:easy unmask alpha-version and emerge gajim
  13. alextalker / alextalker Help me!
  14. dicson alextalker / alextalker, I think it is fixed in dev version
  15. Darlan My you post your ebuild?
  16. Darlan May you post your ebuild?
  17. alextalker / alextalker Darlan, how to read ebuild?(me newbie)
  18. Darlan I, myself, do not know much on gentoo.
  19. Darlan What did you mean by "How to install gajim:easy unmask alpha-version and emerge gajim"?
  20. alextalker / alextalker Darlan, Installation method, suddenly he is important.
  21. alextalker / alextalker Darlan, o,bro,find!
  22. alextalker / alextalker Darlan, sorry,now public
  23. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7473 (Can't join some chat) closed invalid: as error message explains it, it's a server problem. Communication between and
  24. Asterix alextalker / alextalker: if you want to try development version, just clone the hg repository and run gajim. cd gajim / ./ No need to compile anything
  25. dicson I send one plugin to PM. One installed plugin can fix problem
  26. Asterix it's because there were no plugin?
  27. dicson yes
  28. dicson it is fixed in 0.16 6 week ago
  29. Asterix ok
  30. dicson 07c06b35d103
  31. alextalker / alextalker есть такая х
  32. dicson gentoo not install plugin installer
  33. alextalker / alextalker DIST gajim-0.15.3.tar.bz2 4473787 SHA256 4848e98b25b523e28014528a8b89289bf987d5ce9419dd78ccff74a35aa583f4 SHA512 2315a281945b31a0fcfea0892fcdea72b79b4b85f75f4a810fb2d1530585c3325648562d546c3aa26e36f3153da1c96bc7123b255fca691e8d22e02a457b5049 WHIRLPOOL e5efed228b4c9704c00deb0fd68e6601a69a04ca7e18ee9348e729609eb87bf034f5fe23259b50806b7a6002f5155765562772077cfc4c8f430a7a9599e6800a DIST gajim-0.15.4.tar.bz2 4473874 SHA256 27acfecf40e2da55e8f7ec5d653acaf0914376f2d42766af27963c008bee4dc0 SHA512 f1f316aa11531dc37f97b2d06fd3e3e4a4d9187de0e0b3fa468283e88e16ee6372d6c49c57dd7bd8b51809e7d3130aee88a178bb64bf29349b27450224c0840e WHIRLPOOL a12c467f7a62f097c2ec64c31f8d336f5d7c7851d36716dffcb1998d1895de385a6b567931abe94eef2e53418122e3a482e3200650893cc1cbd4b0f1fc9db238 DIST gajim-0.16-alpha1.tar.bz2 4555604 SHA256 212658b5aa448fb2c54b323c83ce9ad8e02dafde5d8069de29c5abaca08d6df0 SHA512 8bf1b36084e72d123e086446f3b84b16a7b00601910720cfe0d7efe69db03c35a192b9c5b73d45dde33eb80c0b95ae2890ce4a2d6d83494b2ff2bb6f4f8161ef WHIRLPOOL fdf337523c6c5d2e23b012318f4fae9ad722896b037670f5a690dfbcdea004092b98350cb422743ce9865d165ea4411b30d128d5ce18b4c1362d01e7afb36de6 DIST gajim-0.16-alpha2.tar.bz2 4556553 SHA256 614b7313fc0355c571df63d0f786a3943281ac1b1ce2f04a5301b6a818fac7a2 SHA512 b0a2cdfdca8c13cc299f205e9f3f385a740fadefeb41a4d5e5982417adbc05efe32b5f48a769b442bdaaed7781a31853e7d147ecc133ee54159e82d3890d2335 WHIRLPOOL a405495930123acd78465f5198c10deb4a7265f678b4207ed4d7298910e210894839fe1ac53bd0014d4cd39572bba53d973dac847243547b63b36050ef607a1d
  34. alextalker / alextalker как вычислять эти суммы?
  35. dicson alextalker / alextalker, Language is English
  36. alextalker / alextalker sorry
  37. alextalker / alextalker how to calculate this summ?or get?
  38. dicson sha256sum ?
  39. dicson
  40. alextalker / alextalker a two?
  41. dicson ?
  42. alextalker / alextalker two summ
  43. alextalker / alextalker see go to link
  44. dicson SHA512 ?
  45. alextalker / alextalker o,building
  46. alextalker / alextalker here error
  47. alextalker / alextalker
  48. dicson ‎[22:31:38] ‎Asterix‎: alextalker / alextalker: if you want to try development version, just clone the hg repository and run gajim. cd gajim / ./ No need to compile anything
  49. alextalker / alextalker Asterix, its not good
  50. alextalker / alextalker And dont try,use,only use
  51. dicson patch not good. install one plugin not good... no way! use kopete
  52. alextalker / alextalker fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkK!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I'm build!Its easy,really!
  53. alextalker / alextalker O yeeeeeeeee,o yeeeeeeeeee, o yeeeeeeee,emerge.LOL
  54. alextalker / alextalker really,gentoo its easy.
  55. alextalker / alextalker damn
  56. alextalker / alextalker [Errno 2] Нет такого файла или каталога: '/home/guest/.local/share/gajim/plugins_0.16/clients_icons/icons'
  57. alextalker / alextalker hello again
  58. alextalker / alextalker now everything work,thamks all
  59. alextalker / alextalker thanks*
  60. mmlosh awesome.. gajim is not putting that closing bracket into the link (http://link.tld/res) anymore :)
  61. mmlosh thanks
  62. alextalker / alextalker bye all