Gajim - 2013-09-08

  1. Maranda test
  2. Maranda html message sent :D
  3. pvtlth :D
  4. ערבית The following is a small thing which, I think, is fixed in GTK+3, but not in GTK+2 LTR UI (it is fixed for RTL UI). I have no clue to why this is still a GTK+2 bug.
  5. ערבית Assuming you are a non-RTL user; in roster, my nickname appears from right-to-left, like this: nick1 nick2 עברית
  6. ערבית But it should appear, like this: nick1 nick2 ‎עברית
  7. ערבית This is very easy to fix, using "set_direction(gtk.TEXT_DIR_LTR)" <>
  8. ערבית I think of opening a new ticket, just for this small issue and leave this ticket open until we see if we need this fix for GTK+3.
  9. ערבית x11term, are you using GTK+3 version of Gajim, at the moment? If you do, please send a screenshot of muc roster/sidebar with my nickname included.
  10. ערבית By the way, "set_direction" should be renamed to "set_position", as it does not really set alignment/direction.
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  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7445 (gajim-message_corrected.png looks rather disturbing in my environment) closed fixed: Fixed in [1080201e0781]
  15. ערבית I do not think direction_mark is to be involved if Gajim erases entire line
  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7445 (gajim-message_corrected.png looks rather disturbing in my environment) updated Please commit your audio-x-generic patch, too. • Ticket #7414 (bad display when correct LTR to RTL and reversed) closed fixed: Fixed in [0d4fc739c1dc].
  17. Asterix once again no idea what you're talking about. This patch does nothing about direction_mark
  18. dicson Asterix, >please stop showing patches inline Unifield button do not help?
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  21. dicson Darlan, maybe you can write new plugin? Adwanced icons for disco?
  22. dicson need 2 line of code for it and icons files
  23. kcchouette hello, i have some problem with my contact in private message : he receive three time my message
  24. Maranda hm
  25. hoody_k did you try to discon/recon ?
  26. hoody_k do*
  27. kcchouette yes
  28. hoody_k do you try only with one contact ?
  29. hoody_k and for info, I just have a test with kcchouette in private conversation and he told me it was with OTR, that could be relevant
  30. hoody_k mmmh my sentence was shitty : I had a private conversation with kcc and he told me taht he used OTR with his contact
  31. hoody_k I remember once I had this bug, but I don't remember how I pass upon it
  32. kcchouette I will open a ticket
  33. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7465 (Bug with OTR) created Bug description When I send a message, my contact receive three time this message. Steps to reproduce use Gajim hg (Gajim 0.16-22c7db3676c2), use Gajim OTR plug-in. Write a private message. (I see at each message : « This session is encrypted and WILL be logged ‎Remote contact's identity not verified. Click the shield button for more details. » Software versions OS v[…]
  34. ערבית kcchouette, may be better appropriate, I guess.
  35. kcchouette ערבית, sorry, I write on
  36. kcchouette is-it a bug ? ↑
  37. ערבית hehe, your message looks bad
  38. dicson yes
  39. ערבית No, that was because you started message with RTL character
  40. dicson we need new options to antispam plugin
  41. kcchouette I start with your surname, ערבית
  42. ערבית kcchouette, Marandahas made a patch that ignores nicknames when determining message direction
  43. kcchouette why is-it not integrated in gajim, ערבית ?
  44. ערבית Because Maranda has used "re" instead of actually detecting nickname. Once someone would bother to make a proper patch for this issue, I will ask to commit it.
  45. ערבית kcchouette,
  46. ערבית The patch of Maranda is good for rare situations like cross channel (e.g. IRC vs. XMPP, or just two different channels) communication by a bot where some contacts appear in a different place where user's client can't know if is or is not a nickname so characters like : or , would be the only indication to segregate nickname/message.
  47. agerir-aqw ערבית: close your fucking month
  48. agerir-aqw We cannot sleep ערבית:
  49. ערבית This is your user agent: EYE 8-)eye-charming8-) *TSSS**HM* ;-) (en) [EYE]
  50. agerir-aqw ערבית: next word ‎I will put my cock inside you
  51. ערבית According to last kick status of yours you have flooded users on PM
  52. ערבית mathieui, dicson - Help.
  53. agerir-aqw ערבית: last one when ‎I put my dick inside you
  54. agerir-aqw .
  55. ערבית Good night :-)
  56. mathieui indeed
  57. kevin who ban me??
  58. mathieui If you are agerir-aqw, I did.
  59. ערבית mathieui, kevin has the same user agent.
  60. ערבית I suggest to set this channel to not voice non-Members (i.e. Visitor status by default), each time it is sleeping time for Moderators.
  61. kevin ערבית: then you only want talk?
  62. kcchouette I agree with ערבית