Gajim - 2013-09-07

  1. vorner Hello. What crypto library is used by gajim? I tried to enable only ciphers with ephemeral keys on the server and gajim couldn't connect :-(
  2. Asterix
  3. vorner So, if I understand it correctly, this is a workaround to connect to google and sets the cipher list to single cipher?
  4. Asterix the last comment (before mine) is interesting.
  5. vorner Hmm. I checked out the newest nbxmpp and there's no ciphers word in it at all.
  6. vorner Ah, I see now. It tries to use SSL 2 or 3 by default
  7. vorner Maybe it would be time to use TLSv1 there at least. Who wants to use SSLv2 any more?
  8. Asterix have you seen the last comment?
  9. Asterix what he propose is not committed for the moment
  10. vorner Yes, I've seen
  11. vorner I'm trying to patch my version, what happens
  12. vorner mmnt, restart
  13. vorner Hmm, no luck with my changes. I can't ask for tlsv1.2 (the constant proposed in there doesn't exist) and I get the same failure with tls1. OK, I'll have to wait a little and hope the cipher used is not something easily broken. It should not be, though.
  14. Asterix ths cst is in a patch proposed by the guy
  15. Asterix follow the link in its comment
  16. vorner Yes, I followed. I don't think I want to patch that deep O:-)
  17. Zhivotnev Vladislav hi. have anyone success with gajim 0.15.1/0.15 with ?
  18. asteroid hi
  19. asteroid I'm using gpg with some contacts, and the shield does not appear near the entry field, but pgp is active. I need do disable/enable gpg to see the shield. Gpg is enable, no matter
  20. Darlan Do you think it would be better to use "gtk.widget_set_default_direction" instead of "i18n.paragraph_direction_mark"? <>
  21. Darlan Only where we can use "gtk.widget_set_default_direction" instead of "i18n.paragraph_direction_mark".
  22. Asterix asteroid: do you know how to reproduce that for sure?
  23. Darlan What sort of encryption is more secured? (E2E/PGP)
  24. Link Mauve Darlan, PGP has a trust web, you can be sure of the identity of someone if you have common contacts.
  25. Link Mauve There is no such thing with E2E or OTR.
  26. Link Mauve But that makes it much harder to use with “most people”.
  27. Darlan it = PGP?
  28. Link Mauve Yes.
  29. Darlan Link Mauve: Do you think it would be good to set a security-medium (iron shield) icon for E2E/OTR and a security-high (fancy red/white shield) icon for PGP? This, and publishing a screenshot with security-high icon on <>, may cause to Gajim users to try out PGP. What do you think?
  30. Asterix Link Mauve: in E2E there is a code that should be exchanged by phone / phisical meeting, as GPG
  31. Link Mauve Asterix, with GPG you can be certain of the identity of a random person due to the web of trust.
  32. Darlan Asterix: Are they equivalently strong, then?
  33. Link Mauve Darlan, I think instead a different shield per protocol would be fine, a PGP shield, an OTR shield, etc.
  34. Darlan There are only low/medium/high-security shield icons in standards.
  35. Darlan Of course, we can always provide our icons.
  36. Darlan Of course, we can always provide our own icons.
  37. Asterix PGP has been prooved to be stroing. E2E has never been proved. it's I think one of the main reason for which it has never been so much deployed.
  38. pierreghz The people who have created OTR argue it’s a lot better than OpenPGP, though.
  39. pierreghz If OTR does what they claim it does, and without vulnerabilities, it’s even true.
  40. Asterix the web of trust of GPG is not in OTR afaik ...
  41. mathieui they do not fulfill the same purpose, so it’s stupid to oppose each other
  42. Asterix right, GPG does more than encryption
  43. Asterix I think it's even not its main goal
  44. pvtlth Is there a difference between E2E and OTR?
  45. Asterix the protocol is completly different. E2E is xmpp only
  46. Asterix Darlan: ping?
  47. Darlan Yes?
  48. Asterix I need you to test a patch. I know you can find bugs that nobody else can find
  49. Darlan Should we have VoIP enabled when we use Local account (Zeroconf)?
  50. Darlan Should we have VoIP when we use Local account (Zeroconf)?
  51. Darlan pierreghz, please, answer.
  52. Darlan Nk, Interesting
  53. Nk why i am?)
  54. Asterix it's another nk
  55. Asterix nk was Nikos Kouremenos, a previous Gajim dev
  56. Nk oh, sorry, but this man i don't know and i'm not he
  57. Darlan I was convinced you were :-D
  58. Darlan Urgent. I need a Gajim (hg) user to test an HTML message.
  59. Darlan Asterix, I think your patch distorts html messages with very big fonts. I will reinstall Gajim to confirm.
  60. Darlan Asterix, I confirm, latest patch distorts HTML messages with large fonts.
  61. Asterix hey ... test@, it's not a test room here!
  62. dicson :-)
  63. Darlan This was a message with legitimate content while, at the same time, I use it to realise the issue :-P
  64. Asterix it's not funny ...
  65. Darlan This bug just occurred to me, again, with mmlosh and, now, I have a blinking icon in roster from Not in list contact
  66. Asterix as you can see the ticket is still opened so that's not surprising
  67. Darlan I write it in order to get attention from other users who may try it themselves. This is not working most of the time; I need to ask them, specifically.
  68. pvtlth it is hard to read the small text...