Gajim - 2013-09-06

  1. Darlan Does anybody think Gajim should be separated into two packages? gajim & gajim-language-pack
  2. Darlan Similarly to Psi.
  3. vorner Isn't that up to the packagers?
  4. Darlan It can always be. If I am not wrong, PCLinuxOS has separated packages for languages of GTK+ software in their repository, similarly to KDE.
  5. Darlan Gajim logs encrypted OTR sessions, even when logging of encrypted conversations is disabled. May anyone confirm this?
  6. 0xAFFE Darlan, I cant even find the option for that?
  7. Darlan 0xAFFE, Preferences > Advance > Log encrypted chat session
  8. 0xAFFE Darlan, it seems gotr does not respect that setting :(
  9. Darlan Would you be kind to open a ticket at trac-plugins? (I have too much, already).
  10. Darlan gotr does not respect "Log encrypted chat session" setting
  11. Darlan gotr files in source code, at, are out of date (version: 1.7.2) as current version is 1.7.6.
  12. Asterix it's 1.7.6 in 0.15 branch
  13. Asterix 1.7.2 for 0.16
  14. Asterix Darlan: select the default branch in trac and you'll see the correct version
  15. Zhivotnev Vladislav hi. is this patch presented on 0.15.1 ?
  16. Zhivotnev Vladislav i can't get roster on 0.15.1 from