Gajim - 2013-09-05

  1. dicson Darlan, gtk-disconnect in notify - turbid icon
  2. dicson Darlan, for test
  3. dicson oops
  4. dicson Darlan, it for Notification Daemon not pynotify
  5. dicson patch set gtk-disconnect for all popups
  6. dicson >why did not you commit your patch for Music PEP icon? 1.Asterix do not want gui changes 2 wtf this patch?(fix to 0.16 or new feature to gtk3)
  7. Darlan I assume, for both. I do not think that setting icon is to be considered as GUI change.
  8. dicson I do not know
  9. Darlan >patch set gtk-disconnect for all popups I want to set standard icon network-offline to be an alternative to gtk-disconnect.
  10. dicson Darlan, for test ! you like screenshot? I do not want see turbid icon in notify
  11. McKael The "Send files" button isn't disabled in chat windows even if the contact does not support file transfer - is that expected?
  12. Darlan McKael, I think not.
  13. McKael (It is correctly greyed out in the roster contextual menu.)
  14. Darlan dicson, that is why I want to set network-offline as an alternative to gtk-disconnect.
  15. dicson Darlan, we need check available icons size in users themes?
  16. dicson it is really needed?
  17. Darlan Only 48 size for notifications. See /usr/share/gajim/icons/hicolor/48x48/actions
  18. dicson why i see turbid icon? becouse my theme have only 16 size network-offline
  19. Darlan hm
  20. Darlan GNOME has in almost any size.
  21. Darlan >(It is correctly greyed out in the roster contextual menu.) McKael, also in banner menu.
  22. McKael Darlan: banner menu? which one is that?
  23. Darlan The one on top "Darlan from group chat gajim"
  24. Darlan It seems to be fine, here; maybe Asterix fixed it.
  25. McKael Darlan: can't you reproduce it if you open a regular chat?
  26. dicson
  27. Darlan McKael, I can reproduce it when I open a chat window with an IRC contact. Banner menu is disabled and button is enabled.
  28. Darlan McKael, never mind. It seems to be fixed.
  29. Darlan I recall I had this issue last week.
  30. McKael I don't get it... If the button is enabled then it is not fixed :)
  31. Darlan >I can reproduce it when I open a chat window with an IRC contact. Banner menu is disabled and button is enabled. I was wrong, I was looking at wrong menu entry.
  32. Darlan McKael,
  33. dicson try to fix
  34. Darlan I can't reproduce it anymore.
  35. dicson I think it fixed in hg
  36. dicson hmm
  37. McKael hmm, not here
  38. McKael hg tip (default branch)
  39. McKael Maybe it is nnot the good branch?
  40. dicson ha I can repro
  41. dicson and can't repro after restart...
  42. dicson McKael, You allways can repro?
  43. McKael dicson, yes it seems so
  44. McKael I've tried a few times, always happening.
  45. dicson McKael, can test?
  46. McKael "unexpected end of file in patch"... I'll patch manually.
  47. dicson I find contact without file transfer support. Patch works
  48. McKael dicson: works for me as well
  49. dicson McKael, thanks!
  50. McKael dicson: thank you
  51. dicson fixed in 0.16
  52. TheKing Hi there! :)
  53. Darlan Asterix, I think date/time of stanza should be English only, just as "In" "Out" are always in English.
  54. Darlan Better open a ticket, I think.
  55. Darlan ...synchronizing my contacts from my %s account, could you please... (should this string be translatable - too late for 0.16 branch).
  56. pvtlth Most people do speak English, but it will look like the German translation of the website before fixing...