Gajim - 2013-09-04

  1. Darlan Asterix, is this Accounts dialog <>, which was made by dicson, is acceptable by you?
  2. Darlan "Enabled" string is already available in translation.
  3. mathieui .
  4. dicson Darlan, #7239 fix different background color - fixed in 0.16 brunch
  5. pvtlth #7239 is not a valid color code
  6. dicson pvtlth, it is valid ticket number I think
  7. pvtlth i know :P
  8. Darlan dicson, I use Gajim 0.16-alpha2-5eae49e90205 which, as you are aware, is named after the changeset 5eae49e90205, and I still have this mismatched color problem.
  9. dicson Darlan, Gajim have 3 brunch
  10. dicson default, 0.16 and gtk3
  11. Darlan default; 0.16; gtk3, correct?
  12. Darlan Yes
  13. dicson you use default
  14. dicson fixed in 0.16
  15. Darlan How come default has the same changeset of 0.16?
  16. dicson >‎[23:11:01] ‎Asterix‎: Hi dicson, I'm thinking that we should maybe only commit things in 0.16 and gtk3 branches. 0.16 for fixes only (without string changes of course !!) and in GTK3 for new development. default should not contain anything, it will be a copy of gtk3 branch when it will be ready, what do you think?
  17. Darlan I do not understand what this has to do with no committing changes to default branch.
  18. dicson >‎[23:26:56] ‎Asterix‎: it's just to prevent to commit in default and transplant everywhere after ...
  19. dicson no transplant but no test...
  20. Darlan So when changes from 0.16 will be merged into default?
  21. dicson never
  22. Darlan ok
  23. dicson gtk3 will be merged to default
  24. Darlan When?
  25. dicson I hope not soon
  26. dicson Darlan, can you send me you iconset? #7444 problem in iconset, not in theme
  27. dicson Xfce-4.2 works fine for me
  28. Darlan Did you use this? $ GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/Xfce-4.2/gtk-2.0/gtkrc gajim
  29. dicson yes
  30. Darlan I will send screenshots
  31. dicson and tryed set Xfce-4.2 ad system theme
  32. dicson I do not need screenshots
  33. Darlan Why Gajim uses [+] and [-] buttons for collapse/expand instead of ">" of gtk?
  34. Darlan I use MATE iconset
  35. dicson Darlan, you want roster like this?
  36. Darlan YES! ^_^
  37. Darlan Only for Group rows.
  38. dicson Darlan, you can fork gajim and implement
  39. Darlan hehe, this answer is always valid :-)
  40. Darlan The problem with the buttons of Gajim is that in RTL UI I need to click on the other side of the row, where [+] and [-] are not positioned at, in order to use them. I click on invisible area.
  41. dicson I try to answer your questions, but for some reason you can not answer my simple question.
  42. Darlan MATE iconset is the same on of GNOME. I will post screenshots to explain problem better.
  43. dicson ok, why you can't write "NO" ....
  44. Darlan No.
  45. Darlan No, I do not want.
  46. dicson Yesss!
  47. Darlan hehe
  48. dicson Darlan, thank you very match! for answer
  49. dicson if icons from thems not work - I will remove these icons
  50. Darlan Make alternatives, like you did with bookmark button
  51. dicson it is implemented
  52. dicson I will remove all alternatives. bookmark,history,pep
  53. Darlan Why?
  54. dicson see #7444
  55. Darlan Something is wrong only with history, see
  56. dicson Darlan, is wrong only for you
  57. Darlan I do not know.
  58. dicson somebody may have problems with PEP
  59. dicson code the same
  60. Darlan I will look at relevant commit and see if we can have better solution.
  61. dicson ha ha
  62. dicson Nobody can test my proposed patch
  63. Darlan typo at missing: ", \ "
  64. Darlan history_icon = gtk.image_new_from_stock(gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL, (???) gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU)
  65. dicson \ not needed
  66. Darlan Maybe it is. I will test and see: - history_icon = gtk.image_new_from_stock(gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL, + history_icon = gtk.image_new_from_stock(gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL, \ - icon = gtk.image_new_from_stock(gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL, + icon = gtk.image_new_from_stock(gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL, \
  67. dicson Darlan, \ not needed after '(' just trust me
  68. Darlan ok
  69. Darlan If I revert history icon patch, I get a good history icon only in advanced, under view I can see a good history icon on the first time I click it; once I click one more time, I get an error image.
  70. Darlan Code is not the same. Bookmarks History
  71. Darlan gtkgui_helpers.gtk_icon_theme.has_icon VS. icon_theme.has_icon
  72. dicson open gtkgui_helpers and read code
  73. Darlan ok. I was hoping for a different answer :-P
  74. dicson ok. see line 44
  75. Darlan import history_window?
  76. dicson gtk_icon_theme = gtk.icon_theme_get_default()
  77. dicson gtkgui_helpers.gtk_icon_theme = gtk.icon_theme_get_default + icons from gajim.ICONS_DIR
  78. Darlan Which file?
  79. Darlan I posted a comment on #7555
  80. Darlan I posted a comment on #7444
  81. dicson I saw
  82. Darlan I suspect that document-open-recent is included in Stock Item. 0xAFFE, I need your help, please.
  83. dicson Darlan, if last patch work - i will commit. else - remove all alternatives
  84. Darlan I want to check, first, if there is an undocumented document-open-recent icon available as Stock Item.
  85. Darlan dicson, it seems that there is, already, document-open-recent in Stock Item.
  86. Darlan Why is not it documented? :-|
  87. dicson >document-open-recent in Stock Item it does not matter
  88. Darlan Anyway, your patch is working, but if document-open-recent is in Stock Item then you can completely remove gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL.
  89. dicson you tested it?
  90. Maranda le sigh.
  91. Darlan I will let you know in less than 5 minutes.
  92. Darlan Hallo, Maranda :-)
  93. Maranda Asterix needs to poke the server I can't connect here.
  94. Maranda (from
  95. Maranda Darlan, o/
  96. dicson Darlan, patch updated. fix first click in View
  97. Darlan No need to.
  98. Darlan Now, all menus are ok, except for View. I will check further.
  99. Darlan is trying with self.make_menu()
  100. Darlan dicson, patch works perfectly!
  101. Darlan was wrong, today, twice, at least.
  102. dicson was wrong?
  103. Darlan First time: [15:43:08] Darlan: typo at [15:46:49] dicson: Darlan, \ not needed after '(' just trust me Second time: [16:55:53] dicson: Darlan, patch updated. fix first click in View [17:01:00] Darlan: No need to.
  104. dicson ok. fixed in 0.16 :-)
  105. Darlan gtk 2/3 have this icon missing in documentation, even though it is available.
  106. Darlan 0xAFFE, are you available for a minute?
  107. Darlan ashka, you, too.
  108. Darlan McKael, welcome back :-)
  109. McKael Darlan ;)
  110. ashka uh?
  111. Darlan ashka, I sent you a PM.
  112. Maranda ohy
  113. Darlan I need this screenshot to confirm something about Stock Item.
  114. Maranda gimp makex xorg crash ;_;
  115. Maranda makes* rather.
  116. Darlan - cancel_handler=on_cancel) + cancel_handler=on_cancel, transient_for=self.window)
  117. Darlan Username Conflict (you can try with Local account)
  118. Maranda bbl
  119. Darlan Problem with my proposed patch: cancel_handler=on_cancel, transient_for=self.window) AttributeError: Interface instance has no attribute 'window'
  120. Darlan How o I make "Username Conflict" dialog to transient on roster?
  121. Asterix self.roster.window
  122. Darlan Works.
  123. 0xAFFE Darlan, sorry, no time today
  124. Darlan Thank you, guru.
  125. 0xAFFE Darlan, if you could remind me tommorrow, I can do that screenshot
  126. Darlan 0xAFFE, never mind, ashka already sent me one :-)
  127. 0xAFFE ah cool
  128. Darlan Thank you for your time, nonetheless.
  129. Darlan dicson, ;-)
  130. Darlan class InformationDialog(HigDialog):
  131. Darlan I think of setting "application-certificate" as an alternative.
  132. mmlosh I remember I talking to one of my contacts about capacitors. Am I right that the View->History won't help me?
  133. dicson mmlosh, all history - capacitors
  134. mmlosh dicson, where is that hidden? I still don't see it
  135. dicson
  136. dicson All Chat Histories
  137. mmlosh oh
  138. mmlosh it's a ComboBox!
  139. mmlosh I never noticed
  140. dicson :-)
  141. mmlosh thanks
  142. dicson np
  143. Maranda \o/
  144. Maranda thanks Asterix, for "fixing it" :P
  145. Darlan Even if most of the fixes I want to have for next Gajim release, this next release is going to be glorious!
  146. Darlan dicson, why did not you commit your patch for Music PEP icon?