Gajim - 2013-09-03

  1. erlehmann hey, i just realized the punycode urls are all wrong
  2. erlehmann http://раураꙆ.com should be
  3. erlehmann BUT
  4. erlehmann i see http://.com-4ija6tb1c98435c
  5. erlehmann still warns of homoglyphs, but is useless that way
  6. Darlan Welcome back!
  7. Darlan May I reopen #7451?
  8. mkesper How could I support creation of adhoc-chatrooms? Ie if you invite two people to chat, you don't create two two-person-chats but one three-people chat.
  9. pvtlth i don't understand what you're talking about.
  10. mkesper pvtlth, do you mean me?
  11. pvtlth yes
  12. mkesper pvtlth, I'm using Jabber in a corporate environment
  13. pvtlth don't know what this means
  14. mkesper pvtlth, and the users want to easily create groupchats just by inviting other people without explicitly creating chatrooms before
  15. pvtlth what's the problem
  16. mkesper it doesn't work as expected
  17. mkesper you invite two people to chat but you have two one-on-one chats
  18. pvtlth what about teamchats using jabber at work? (did i get it right?)
  19. pvtlth each team has its own muc
  20. mkesper pvtlth, teamchats?
  21. mkesper pvtlth, ah, that's not what they want. These are the "official" channels
  22. mkesper pvtlth, but they want to create sub-chat
  23. mkesper s
  24. pvtlth ok, i don't know if this will work and why they need it
  25. mkesper hmm also "invite to new groupchat" is greyed out. seems I've got to check permissions again
  26. mkesper pvtlth, to chat without your boss, for example. ;)
  27. pvtlth what about a channel boss@conference.yourdomain.tld ?
  28. mkesper pvtlth, no_boss would be better. ;)
  29. pvtlth and it is possible to create temp-channels on most servers. the channel will be deleted after the last user leaves.
  30. mkesper pvtlth, yes, thanks.
  31. pvtlth mkesper, was this useful for you?
  32. mkesper pvtlth, I'm not sure yet...
  33. Darlan pvtlth, I try to imitate the emoticons section of <>, what do you think?
  34. pvtlth wait a minute...
  35. Darlan This is not urgent. Take your time.
  36. pvtlth which one is it?
  37. Darlan
  38. mkesper pvtlth, will look into the options. CU!
  39. pvtlth mkesper, cu
  40. pvtlth does anyone know why i can't invite two or more people to a new groupchat? I selected my people, rightlick, invite -> to new groupchat, but nothing happened. inviting one person works.
  41. pvtlth (I#m still on 0.15.4)
  42. Darlan I think this is fixed in 0.16
  43. Darlan Rejection notification does not work, so it seems.
  44. pvtlth Darlan, which iconset on is it?
  45. Darlan I do not understand.
  46. Darlan This is the original page
  47. pvtlth Darlan, are you working on the website or on the iconset?
  48. Darlan website (trac page for emoticons)
  49. pvtlth ah, got it.
  50. pvtlth is beta1 stable?
  51. pvtlth the german download page is
  52. pvtlth sry, the german translation for the download page is still broken. how do i fix this?
  53. miloss Hi.. OTR plugin stopped working for me.. Could it be that I have to update it for it to work with gajim 0.15.4-61620d0da17a ?
  54. Darlan miloss, maybe, I do not know. Perhaps it would work for you if you upgrade Gajim; I think that 0.15.4 builds were deprecated and, now, versions of snapshots builds look like this Gajim 0.16-alpha2-COMMIT.
  55. Asterix pvtlth: the po file is here:
  56. Asterix miloss: first update, then update the plugin
  57. miloss ok.. I'll report back as I get that done. Is current nightly a good choice?
  58. Asterix miloss: yes, it's the most fixed version. As soon as we find a bug we try to fix it ASAP
  59. pvtlth Asterix, where the msgstr is empty there is shown the english text, right?
  60. Asterix pvtlth: yes
  61. pvtlth ok so i just need to fill in some text into the empty ones.
  62. miloss updated to nightly, no change
  63. miloss and the cert warning is stil there.. I tried choosing "ignore this error" this time. I hope it won't appear again
  64. miloss note that this could be affected by DNSSEC/DANE
  65. Asterix which plugin version?
  66. vorner Does gajim consider DANE?
  67. miloss the ssl library could
  68. Asterix no we don't check that
  69. miloss ok.. so that's not it
  70. miloss vorner, those TXT records are DANE, right?
  71. miloss or is it something else?
  72. vorner miloss: I have DANE, but these TXT are just extra, for people.
  73. miloss aha
  74. Asterix miloss: which plugin version?
  75. vorner And the ssl library can't without some support from the application using them.
  76. miloss Asterix, my OTR seems to be 1.7.0
  77. Asterix it should be 1.7.6
  78. Asterix I mean gajim OTR plugin
  79. miloss where can I get it? (I prefer to not use the installer, since it's not signed...)
  80. Asterix (edit -> plugins -> available -> instale / update button to update)
  81. Asterix miloss: then use hg
  82. miloss Asterix, that's exactly the number I told you
  83. Asterix you should at least use installer to be notified
  84. pvtlth Asterix, if the translated string is missing a %s the english version is shown, too
  85. Asterix miloss:
  86. miloss thanks
  87. Asterix last version is 1.7.6
  88. pvtlth will fix these and correct some strings
  89. Asterix pvtlth: what do you mean?
  90. pvtlth the translation of the download page
  91. miloss mm.. jingle FT..
  92. miloss are there other clients that support that?
  93. Asterix pvtlth: ha if the original string has a % and the translated string don't? then site will crash ... (if string is not marked as fuzzy)
  94. pvtlth ah ok, so if i remove fuzzy from corrected strings, then it will work?
  95. Asterix fuzzy means original string has changed, so translation has to be checked. so they are not used. You do have to unmark them as fuzzy once they are checked.
  96. Asterix BBL
  97. pvtlth ok will check.
  98. Asterix pvtlth: THX!
  99. pvtlth i'll check the whole translation
  100. pvtlth np
  101. pvtlth Asterix, it says "If you want newer version of Gajim, you can also use this PPA" - what is PPA?
  102. miloss I am looking what changed betwen those OTR versions.. - <property name="label" translatable="yes">Your fingerprint: + <property name="label">Your fingerprint: I makes me wonder why is "Your fingerprint" no longer marked translatable
  103. miloss Ah..
  104. miloss I think I got it now - it's a default text of the label which will be changed on load using a similar-but-with-parameter string above
  105. Darlan pvtlth, it is a so called personal repository of Ubuntu; in my humble opinion this PPA reference should be replaced with the official Gajim debian repository.
  106. pvtlth Darlan, thx, maybe there is a official german word (i'll ask google)
  107. Darlan Use Seeks, it retrieves results from several search providers and, sometimes, even those that are filtered to your IP
  108. Asterix done
  109. Darlan Thank you!
  110. pvtlth Asterix, i won't translate all the changelog on index.php
  111. pvtlth Asterix, translation done. is it possible to test it before updating it on the website?
  112. Asterix pvtlth: yes, I'll commit it and it will be viewable on
  113. pvtlth where can i upload it?
  114. Asterix pvtlth: send it to me (mail for ex)
  115. pvtlth mail adress?
  116. dicson pvtlth,
  117. pvtlth what's this?
  118. Asterix a ML to send translation
  119. Asterix but I have it already
  120. pvtlth yes, i already sent it to asterix
  121. Darlan mailto:a@a.a (Copy Email/JID) xmpp:a@a.a (Copy Location)
  122. Darlan To be fixed after 0.16
  123. pvtlth I just designed a new iconset for gajim. anyone interested?
  124. dicson pvtlth, you can add it to
  125. pvtlth dicson, attach it or is there a upload button?
  126. dicson edit wiki page
  127. pvtlth k
  128. pvtlth how do i attach something to a new wiki page?
  129. dicson file?
  130. pvtlth i found it
  131. pvtlth done
  132. pvtlth enjoy
  133. pvtlth does anyone know a easy-to-use jabber bot?