Gajim - 2013-09-02

  1. asteroid haaa, connected :)
  2. asteroid hello. There is some frenche translation issue/missing in 16-beta1, and a strange behaviour at connection. 0 contact are shown as connected. I need to relaunch gajim to see the connected. Maybe it's a server issue
  3. asteroid Aide > keyboard shortcut (au lieu de "raccourcis claviers") clic-droit sur un contact > gérer le contact > Autorisation > (all is in english under this) Aide > Fonctionnalités >OpenPGP message encryption (and the begeginning of the description is not in french)
  4. asteroid édition > plugin > the "available" tab should be "Disponibles", and under this tab the header of the columns. in the Préférences windows, général tab : - the 3rd entry is "Display extra information ..." instead of "Afficher des informations supplémentaires des contacts dans le roster (humeur, activité, ...) - the last line "show icon when your messages ..." should be "Montrer l'icône quand vos messages sont reçus" in Style tab : "Group chat highlight" in Audio/Vidéo tab : "view own vidéo source" instead of "Voir la vidéo source" or "voir sa propre vidéo"
  5. asteroid and for time, that all
  6. mkesper What's the best way of preconfiguring Gajim for multiple users?
  7. vorner Gajim for multiple users? Shouldn't each user have their own account on the computer?
  8. mkesper vorner, every one gets her own account, my question is about deployment of configuration options
  9. vorner Would putting configuration to /etc/skel work?
  10. mkesper vorner, this is windows, unfortunately
  11. 0xAFFE mkesper, you could modify your default profile
  12. mkesper aha
  13. 0xAFFE mkesper, but if I think and think, I think it would be, to extend the login script and check if %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Gajim exists and if not bootstrap your config
  14. 0xAFFE mkesper, do you have some sort of centralized authentication managment like ad?
  15. mkesper 0xAFFE: I think I'll do it once after installation
  16. 0xAFFE if yes, this should be fairly easy
  17. mkesper 0xAFFE, we do use AD, yes
  18. mkesper 0xAFFE, but gajim will be installed only for a small group of people
  19. 0xAFFE mkesper, if these people work on different workstations, you need to put more brain into it, if not, it should be easy
  20. mkesper 0xAFFE, only one workstation per user would be boring. ;)
  21. Maranda looks for Darlan
  22. Darlan dicson, where is Gajim's Bot?
  23. pvtlth Darlan, walking the dog, meeting his girlfriend, whatever you want :P
  24. Darlan :-)
  25. Darlan Asterix, did ask the Ruslan Makhmatkhanov, if he knows how to correct the errors in new manpages? Reference: August 2013, on gajim-devel mailing-list <>.
  26. Darlan Windows users, we need your help to test VoIP <>. Please post ideas and suggestions.
  27. Asterix Hi dicson, I'm thinking that we should maybe only commit things in 0.16 and gtk3 branches. 0.16 for fixes only (without string changes of course !!) and in GTK3 for new development. default should not contain anything, it will be a copy of gtk3 branch when it will be ready, what do you think?
  28. dicson close default?
  29. Asterix not close ... just leave it as is until we merge gtk3 branch to it
  30. dicson ok
  31. dicson but it is not a perfect solution
  32. Asterix what's the problem?
  33. Asterix it's just to prevent to commit in default and transplant everywhere after ...
  34. dicson default for me - brunch for test. If my commit correct - you transplant it to 0.16
  35. dicson but you can revert... ok
  36. Asterix dicson: as you prefer ...