Gajim - 2013-09-01

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  4. miloss Hi.. I got a connectivity outage and after relogin I was greeted with "certificate self-signed error"
  5. miloss I thought I already added that cert to trusted, but I choose "add to trusted" anyway
  6. miloss sure enough.. I was greeted with a message Certificate Already in File This certificate is already in file /home/mmlosh/.local/share/gajim/cacerts.pem, so it's not added again.
  7. Asterix you can reproduce?
  8. Asterix could you give me a way to reproduce your problem?
  9. miloss it happened after restart too
  10. miloss + there seems to be some s2s problems on
  11. miloss that's why am I joining from this "jabbim" account
  12. miloss perhaps it'll fix itself
  13. miloss Asterix, vorner guesses that your DNSSEC is expired
  14. miloss and his server is set to verify those
  15. Asterix it is expired.
  16. Asterix I'm new to those DNSSEC things and I haven't figured yet how to renew it
  17. miloss oh dear
  18. miloss how did you create it?
  19. Asterix with this tuto:
  20. Asterix I have rollerd running ....
  21. Asterix worked for one of my 3 domains, but not the others, I don't understand why
  22. Maranda Resigning Asterix?
  23. Maranda In Uby Pangoline bind dnssec-tools setup *should set* rolloverd automatically
  24. Asterix yep, it did for one of my 3 domains
  25. Asterix resiging is not enough
  26. Maranda But if it doesn't you can go on with a shell script and crontab sec..
  27. Asterix need new keys it seems
  28. Maranda I'll scavenge mines
  29. Asterix but time to sleep. Will look at that later
  30. Asterix I have to check how to generate new keys, but tomorow
  31. Asterix grrrr re-signing set signedzone "" in krf file, but rollerd complains and would like it to be full path of the fine
  32. Maranda wait
  33. Maranda in /etc/crontab:
  34. Maranda 0 3 5 * * root /etc/bind/
  35. Maranda Script:
  36. Maranda #!/bin/sh cd /etc/bind/primary/ zonesigner -usensec3 -zone rndc reload
  37. Maranda works for me.
  38. Maranda you can add more "zonesigner" commands for the other domains.
  39. Maranda I had it before they changed and added rolloverd stuff to the dnssec-tools package and worked fine so I didn't see a reason to go on and look at rolloverd.
  40. Asterix I didn't have the -usensec3, maybe that was the pb
  41. Asterix or the rndc reload ... I don't even know what rndc is
  42. Maranda rndc is the control utility command for bind
  43. Maranda nothing much.
  44. Asterix then I already did a /etc/init.d/bind9 reload
  45. Maranda best to use rndc rather then the init script
  46. Maranda you *should* have it I think
  47. Asterix ok then it seems to be ok now. not sure what of all I did worked, but seems to be ok now
  48. miloss_ yay
  49. miloss_ confirming, Asterix
  50. Asterix thx Maranda
  51. Asterix and GN guys
  52. Maranda np, yw.
  53. Maranda did set dnssec up ages ago ^^
  54. Maranda too bad that Verisign doesn't do any delegation yet though *coughs*
  55. Maranda but if you use bind it should be setup to use DNSSEC Lookaside Validation by default and I'm added on the ISC DLV so :P