Gajim - 2013-08-30

  1. Maranda notices new icons...
  2. Darlan #7449
  3. bot Darlan: (System default Iconset)
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • GNOME.png attached to Ticket #7449 Screenshot of group chat Gajim
  5. Asterix can some of you test page? (without being logged in of course)
  6. Asterix do you see captcha?
  7. Minos I get « The certificate is not trusted because no issuer chain was provided. »
  8. Minos oh, it’s self-signed
  9. Asterix it's not self-signed
  10. Asterix I don't understand why it says it's self signed
  11. Minos I can’t see the captcha, and I can’t register either :/
  12. Minos “KeyError: 'recaptcha_challenge_field'”
  13. Minos (which could be expected)
  14. Asterix grrr why don't you see the captcha? I do see it :/
  15. Asterix do you block JS?
  16. Asterix even without JS I see some text instead of the normal captcha, so it works even without JS
  17. mrDoctorWho i too can't see captcha
  18. Minos without JS, I see a blank space where the captcha should be, and with JS I see nothing at all
  19. Asterix I don't understand why I see it and not you. Did you put your glasses? :)
  20. Asterix do you see that in the source of your page? <script> var RecaptchaOptions = { theme : 'white' }; </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <noscript> <iframe src="" height="300" width="500" frameborder="0"></iframe><br /> <textarea name="recaptcha_challenge_field" rows="3" cols="40"></textarea> <input type='hidden' name='recaptcha_response_field' value='manual_challenge' /> </noscript>
  21. Minos I think it’s noscript who’s messing with me
  22. asteroid I see the captcha
  23. mrDoctorWho Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@name=user] Source: Line: 3
  24. Link Mauve Asterix, I think it’s because you use a way too old version of Firefox.
  25. Link Mauve The newer ones don’t allow mixed HTTPS and HTTP resources by default.
  26. mrDoctorWho Blocked active data ""
  27. Minos wtf
  28. Asterix Link Mauve: haaa ok (very old = testing version ...)
  29. Link Mauve Very old = Debian version, yeah.
  30. Minos “testing”
  31. Minos ok
  32. Link Mauve Haha, Firefox 17. :D
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  34. asteroid Registration has been finished successfully. You may log in as user aster now. I use xombrero (a privacy oriented browser).
  35. Asterix so if I put the captcha in https it will work better?
  36. Link Mauve Asterix, always use // instead of https?:// in your links, to indicate you want to stay with the same protocol.
  37. Asterix it's not me, it's recaptcha plugin
  38. Link Mauve Fix the plugin, then.
  39. Link Mauve Use something like that: <a href="//recaptcha.example/…"/>
  40. Minos recaptcha is a big plot to put the word “nigger” in every single numerized book
  41. Link Mauve asteroid, it doesn’t seem to prevent leaks of data using plain non-encrypted HTTP on an HTTPS page. :p
  42. Darlan Asterix, problem, I think: /usr/share/gajim/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/gajim.png /usr/share/gajim/icons/hicolor/128x128/apps/gajim-about.png /usr/share/gajim/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/gajim.svg
  43. Asterix putain de bordel !!! I change the plugin code, but nothing change in the page
  44. mathieui cache?
  45. Asterix I removed pyc file
  46. Asterix restarted apache
  47. Asterix it's in a .egg
  48. Asterix I hope I don't have anything special to do?
  49. Asterix maybe it's in captcha python module itself ...
  50. Asterix ha yes it's there
  51. Asterix ok now it's https!
  52. Asterix Minos: do you see it now?
  53. Asterix mrDoctorWho: do you see it now?
  54. mrDoctorWho let me test
  55. mrDoctorWho yup
  56. Asterix haaa
  57. Link Mauve Yes, I see it too.
  58. Asterix cool!
  59. Link Mauve But you should use // instead of hardcoding https://.
  60. Asterix it's in recaptcha python module, they differentiate API_SSL_SERVER="" API_SERVER="" then they have this function: def displayhtml (public_key, use_ssl = False, error = None):
  61. Asterix I'll try with // instead to see
  62. Link Mauve Ok.
  63. Asterix ok it's // now
  64. Asterix it still work for you?
  65. Link Mauve Yes.
  66. Asterix cool
  67. Link Mauve And it should also work for someone in http.
  68. Minos Asterix, yep
  69. Minos it works
  70. Asterix ok thanks
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  72. asteroid i'm with the beta1 and I try to update my plugin : otr : [Errno 2] Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type: '/home/asteroid/.local/share/gajim/plugins_0.16/gotr/potr' may I report it to the author ?
  73. Asterix asteroid: you have this plugin already installed? which version?
  74. asteroid I remove it
  75. asteroid becaus I thank a conflict, so I remove the old one (in plugin and not plugin_0.16)
  76. asteroid I can create de gotr/potr file, but it error later with a file missing
  77. Asterix ha wait
  78. Asterix the problem is in plugin installer ...
  79. Asterix folder should not be '/home/asteroid/.local/share/gajim/plugins_0.16
  80. asteroid no matter, it's a typo
  81. asteroid i've got the S in real
  82. Asterix the problem is not that
  83. Asterix there should not be _0.16
  84. asteroid haaa
  85. asteroid ok
  86. Asterix looking at that
  87. Asterix asteroid: could you try to apply that in your ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/plugin_installer/ diff -r a628e90611e6 plugin_installer/ --- a/plugin_installer/ Wed Aug 28 13:56:09 2013 +0200 +++ b/plugin_installer/ Fri Aug 30 11:16:57 2013 +0200 @@ -609,7 +609,8 @@ base_dir, user_dir = gajim.PLUGINS_DIRS if not os.path.isdir(user_dir): os.mkdir(user_dir) - local_dir = ld = os.path.join(user_dir, remote_dir) + local_dir = ld = os.path.join(user_dir, remote_dir.replace( + self.plugin.server_folder, 'plugins')) if not os.path.isdir(local_dir): os.mkdir(local_dir) local_dir = os.path.split(user_dir)[0]
  88. asteroid same error Asterix
  89. Asterix yep reproduced too. I continue investiguating
  90. asteroid ok
  91. asteroid thx
  92. Asterix ok I see the pb. it's only when there are sub-dirs, so only with gotr. Fixing
  93. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14993:b75c4bed2ff1]: [Sergiy Yegorov] updated ukrainian translation [Sergiy Yegorov] updated ukrainian translation
  94. Asterix asteroid: fix pushed. update plugin installer, then I thing a restart is needed before updating your gotr plugin
  95. asteroid Asterix, can you point me the trac url for please ?
  96. Asterix
  97. asteroid thx
  98. Asterix you're not supposed to need it
  99. Asterix you can update from Gajim itself
  100. asteroid I do not want to re-upgrade gajim for only one file
  101. Asterix no
  102. Asterix it's not gajim
  103. Asterix it's plugin installer plugin
  104. Asterix go in edit -> plugins
  105. Asterix available tab
  106. Asterix you should see an upgrade for plugin installer
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  108. Darlan @All, I have created a wiki page DiscoIconTheme; if you see that some icon IDs are missing, please add these missing IDs.
  109. mkesper Is there any chance to be informed of updates in a MUC if Gajim is not in foreground?
  110. mkesper I tried ACE already but did not find the right knob
  111. asteroid it steel downloading in plugins_0.16 ... I will see if et change after
  112. asteroid non its ok.
  113. asteroid it's not downloading in, but from plugins_0.16. Thx for the fix
  114. Asterix mkesper: notify_on_all_muc_messages in ACE
  115. Asterix yep it downloads from there, but put it in correct plugins folder
  116. mkesper Asterix: hmm, thought so too but seems not to work. Is 0.15.4 on windows.
  117. Asterix mkesper: ho really? I use it everyday and it works. I mean I have the systray icon blinking when there is a new message in a muc
  118. mkesper hmm
  119. mkesper I'll double-check again
  120. Darlan mmlosh, what was your problem with ACE? Now, after last ACE commit, I have an ACE window with minimum width of 4317px.
  121. Asterix Darlan: it's why I restarted. I had that too, no more after restart
  122. Darlan This should not happen at all.
  123. Asterix I can't repro anymore
  124. Darlan Value column is the cause to this problem
  125. Asterix I know
  126. Darlan Use filter field and you get it again
  127. Darlan slaps mmlosh
  128. Asterix ha yes perfect, will try to see what I can do
  129. mmlosh what?
  130. Asterix I think I'll have to revert what I did mmlosh ...
  131. mmlosh what did you do?
  132. Darlan What was wrong with Value column?
  133. Asterix #7446
  134. bot Asterix: (ACE colum "Value" seems to have a width limit)
  135. mmlosh I cannot make it any wider
  136. Asterix mmlosh: type somthing in search filed
  137. Darlan mmlosh, Use filer.
  138. mmlosh so?
  139. mmlosh it won't make Value wider
  140. Asterix the window grows to 4000px
  141. mmlosh not for me
  142. mkesper Asterix: ahhh blinking systray icons is useless in Win7 and up. You usually don't see them at all. :(
  143. Asterix mkesper: what do you expect?
  144. mkesper Asterix: notification balloon as if I get a direct message?
  145. Asterix mmlosh: arg you always hide your Gajim version ... so which version do you have?
  146. mmlosh 0.15.4-61620d0da17a
  147. mkesper Asterix, or let the task window icon flash
  148. Asterix mkesper: that's too intrusive ... but you should be able to configure that with triggers plugin I think. Currently you have sound + blinking icon + updated window title (you see it in talsk bar
  149. Asterix mmlosh: too old, you don't have the fix
  150. Darlan Asterix, maybe this commit is working well with gtk3, so maybe there is no need to undo it for gtk3.
  151. mmlosh aah
  152. mkesper has a look at triggers plugin
  153. Asterix mmlosh: 0.15.4 ...
  154. Asterix mkesper: I never tested it with groupchat messages, so you'll tell me if it works :)
  155. mkesper I'll tell you so. This is a mess on Win7 and up, anyways.
  156. Asterix mmlosh: Darlan: I don't have time now to look at that. Could you reopen the7446 ticket plz?
  157. Asterix mkesper: blinking doesn't work?
  158. mmlosh Asterix, so I should /not/ update if I want my ACE to work?
  159. mkesper strange, now it does
  160. Asterix mmlosh: it still works, just the window that becomes very wide when you use filter
  161. Asterix mkesper: haaaa :)
  162. Darlan mkesper, Asterix I have trayicon_blink=False and I see tray icon is changing when using notify_on_all_muc_messages=True.
  163. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7446 (ACE colum "Value" seems to have a […] • Ticket #7446 (ACE colum "Value" seems to have a width limit) updated In case these commits will be revoked. This ticket is t o be examined with and to be reopened for GTK+3, in future, and check whether we can, again, commit 9f09e59[…]
  164. Darlan dicson, When will you commit your Accounts patch?
  165. mkesper Asterix, can the MUC notification depend on the jabber server somehow?
  166. Asterix no, not possible ... maybe you can configure per-room things in triggers plugins, but not tested ...
  167. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • twitter.png attached to Ticket #7396 Herein attached a proposed Twitter icon from Gwibber project ​ (there are also two StatusNet? icons which I, personally, would like to have by default)
  168. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7396 (Service Discovery: software/transport logo) updated Last patch, by dicson, matches "gajim-agent-facebook" with "" - without patch, there is no match. Both, Gajim and patch of dicson, do not match "". Note: Should gajim detect whole, as the last patch does, or should it detect a part of it? (e.g. or etc.)
  169. mkesper where can I change nick-comletion from , to : ?
  170. mkesper oops completion
  171. mkesper What's the hg address for ?
  172. mkesper Ok, found it in the wiki:
  173. mkesper Although github does that one much better...
  174. mkesper Any hints on installing snarl plugin? I don't see it, though snarl is installed
  175. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7378 (Service Discovery: more categories) updated Instead of placing offline or broken services under Others, put them in Contain errors or Broken / Offline category whereas each item would have a gtk-dialog-warning or gtk-dialog-questionor gtk-delete or gtk-stop or gtk-no icon (Stock Item icons), instead of any other, otherwise. Contain errors or Broken / Offline category is to be collapsed, by default.
  176. pvtlth where do the daily plugin installer updates come from?
  177. Darlan pvtlth, (you can see it in plugin installer configuration).
  178. pvtlth maybe i asked the wrong question. why are there plugin installer updates every day?
  179. Darlan Because of bugs and miscellaneous problems, I assume. I hope they will stop these updates after 0.16 final.
  180. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7412 (RTL Right-to-left bugs) updated Here is a patch (not working) I figured by myself, after mrDoctorWho advised me to use message.split("/me"). src/ a b   12891289 # We don't have tim for outgoing messages…  12901290 tim = time.localtime()  12911291 current_print_time = gajim.config.get('print_time')  1292  direction_mark = i18n.paragraph_direction_mark(unicode(text))   1292 if text[…]
  181. Darlan Python devs: Yallah, yallah, assist me!
  182. Darlan Python devs: Jallah, jallah, assist me!
  183. Maranda Yallah... ...hallaY?
  184. Darlan Jallah = Come on or Forward (Arabic)
  185. Maranda hmm
  186. Darlan okay .me is almost fixed :-)
  187. Darlan lumirayz has provided me with this patch: if text.startswith('/me '): direction_mark = i18n.paragraph_direction_mark(unicode(text[3:])) else: direction_mark = i18n.paragraph_direction_mark(unicode(text))
  188. Darlan It is working but I need a direction_mark before /me itself. I get: ‏[09:09:56 PM] * Darlan ניסיון I need: ‏[09:09:56 PM] * ‏Darlan ניסיון
  189. Darlan Perhaps we need to move the second direction_mark, back, to the timestamp.
  190. Darlan Marks are at <mark>[09:11:39 PM] <mark>lumirayz<mark>: I will do this: <mark>[09:11:39 PM]<mark> lumirayz<mark>:
  191. Darlan Solved!
  192. Darlan direction_marks are at same places,still
  193. Darlan Maranda, did you see the last patch I posted in trac?
  194. Maranda Not yet
  195. Maranda is cooking atm
  196. Darlan Bon Appetit :-)
  197. Darlan When you do see it, please tell me if this is a preferable way to ignore nicknames when determining direction_mark.
  198. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14994:ad3fa8260e5d]: [Darlan] Fix changelog [Darlan] Fix changelog
  199. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7453 (Do not render Last Message Correction) created Bug description Gajim renders, with HTML, last message correction. Steps to reproduce Send message one two three. Correct it (Utilise XEP-0308). Hover cursor on message was corrected icon. Software versions OS version: Salix OS 14.0.1 (Slackware 14.0 based) GTK version: 2.24.10 PyGTK version: 2.24.0
  200. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7453 (Do not render Last Message Correction) updated Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/test/gajim/src/common/", line 93, in raise_event if handler(*args, **kwargs): File "/home/test/gajim/src/common/", line 2057, in _nec_message_outgoing correction_msg=obj.correction_msg, callback=cb) File "/home/test/gajim/src/common/", line 350, in _prepare_message attention, correction_msg, callback)[…][…]
  201. pvtlth how do i disable these terribly annoying status messages in muc
  202. Darlan pvtlth, I think via bookmark manager. See: Print status.
  203. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #6898 (Port or Control Remotely IHU (plugin request)) closed wontfix
  204. pvtlth Darlan, where do i find that bookmark manager?
  205. Darlan Actions > Join Group Chat... > Manage Bookmarks...
  206. pvtlth thx
  207. pvtlth how do i change the default value?
  208. dicson pvtlth, ACE
  209. pvtlth what's this?
  210. dicson print_status_in_muc
  211. pvtlth ahhh
  212. dicson
  213. pvtlth just found it. i had some translation problems with your english hints and my german gajim
  214. pvtlth gajim-remote is active by default. isn't this a big security hole?
  215. Darlan +1
  216. Darlan pvtlth, open a ticket.
  217. pvtlth i hope these connections are strong encrypted and with a customizable login
  218. pvtlth Darlan, just a minute
  219. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7454 (gajim-remote is active by default) created Bug description The summary is quite self-explaining. The remote_control in the ACE is active by default. Steps to reproduce Go to ACE and l[…] • gajim-critical-sec-hole-gajim-remote-active-by-defa[…]
  220. pvtlth Ticket created.
  221. pvtlth just changed this and is going to restart gajim...
  222. pvtlth how powerful is gajim-remote? what can you do with it?
  223. Darlan See $ man gajim-remote
  224. pvtlth ok
  225. pvtlth looks like almost full access. what about executing code on other peoples machines?
  226. pvtlth and how is the connection encrypted?
  227. Darlan See: /help sh /help exec
  228. Darlan I do not know about encryption
  229. pvtlth Darlan, is it just local or could i control your gajim?
  230. Darlan I do not know
  231. pvtlth ok i see
  232. Darlan pvtlth, may you save a few images of your roster, chat dialog and other part of Gajim, to be published on
  233. pvtlth Darlan, why?
  234. Darlan Making better impression on new visitors.
  235. Darlan This can wait.
  236. pvtlth tell me what you need in detail and you'll get it (i'll pixelate all personal infos, of course)
  237. Darlan Maybe I will make a test account for screenshot purposes.
  238. pvtlth and everything is in German
  239. Darlan ok
  240. Darlan pvtlth, one XMPP client can control another XMPP client, usually when two clients are connected to same account, regardless to gajim-remote.
  241. pvtlth what does this mean? i don't understand.
  242. Darlan In Psi, this ability is disabled by default.
  243. pvtlth what can you do with my laptop when i connect to your jabber account?
  244. Darlan I think nothing
  245. pvtlth ok
  246. Darlan But if I have left my XMPP client opened at work, I can set its status to offline or forward unread messages by using Execute command... menu of contact.
  247. Darlan I guess you already know that.
  248. pvtlth nope
  249. pvtlth so executing commands in gajim is about controlling another gajim and not executing stuff on a command line?
  250. Darlan Add an account: א password: 0000
  251. Darlan pvtlth, I think so. Please login to above account to check.
  252. pvtlth k
  253. pvtlth i'll ignore the ssl error
  254. Darlan Click on my contact and Execute command...
  255. pvtlth why is the jid the wrong way round?
  256. Darlan Because of RTL letter
  257. pvtlth what lang is it then?
  258. Darlan Damn, it is all in german
  259. Darlan Jebrew
  260. Darlan Hebrew
  261. pvtlth and i can't read yours
  262. pvtlth funny
  263. Darlan I logoff and come back
  264. Darlan pvtlth, ...
  265. pvtlth Darlan i have disconnected you
  266. Darlan hehe
  267. pvtlth you see
  268. Darlan Your command list is in German
  269. pvtlth i'm sorry
  270. Darlan Mine was in Hebrew, that's why I logged off to relogin in English
  271. pvtlth i don't restart gajim again. i'm going to bed soon
  272. Darlan Now you are free for chat
  273. Darlan Good night, then.
  274. pvtlth what does א mean or what is it?
  275. Darlan First letter in Hebraic alphabet.
  276. pvtlth i see. what have you done with my gajim? it blinks like "new message" but i don't see any
  277. Darlan I do not know. Which version do you use?
  278. pvtlth 0.15.4
  279. Darlan I sent you a message to that account.
  280. pvtlth i can't open it
  281. pvtlth if i doubleclick this account gajim jumps to the only private tab, but it's the wrong person to chat
  282. Darlan I guess it is fixed in testing version. Perhaps it is because Gajim started a new session due to a server error.
  283. pvtlth sending single messages to it seems to work
  284. Darlan I got it
  285. pvtlth but i didn't get yours
  286. pvtlth good night ladies
  287. Darlan #7435
  288. bot Darlan: (Un/responsive duplicated tabs)
  289. Darlan Good night, pvtlth.
  290. pvtlth thanks