Gajim - 2013-08-28

  1. Maranda Link Mauve, done.
  2. Link Mauve Great. :)
  3. Maranda has broke the component in the process :/
  4. Link Mauve Will that module be compatible with Prosody?
  5. Maranda No
  6. Link Mauve :(
  7. Maranda I didn't make a module it has to be integrated directly in muc.lib
  8. Maranda a module can't be done properly that I can see
  9. Maranda Link Mauve, not that the code can't be ported to Prosody.
  10. Link Mauve You should keep in contact with them, it’d be better for both projects I think.
  11. Maranda will try to.
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14946:aa9047fb19be]: Fix merged accounts.See [574655470339] Fix merged accounts.See [574655470339]
  13. vorner Hello. I discovered that the acronym expander plugin is now part of the main distribution with gajim (at least it got installed in /usr/share/gajim/plugins, so it can't be downloaded one). But it prevents gajim from start with long traceback and this at the end: /usr/share/gajim/plugins/acronyms_expander/acronyms
  14. vorner Should I report it to main gajim or to plugins? Or is it trivial to fix?
  15. dicson vorner, show output please Paste in
  16. vorner Hmm. It run away already. I'll look if I can restore or reproduce…
  17. vorner
  18. vorner That file really didn't exist, but the directory did and contained some python files and such.
  19. vorner I „solved“ my problem by deleting the whole directory, since I don't need the plugin.
  20. dicson vorner, ok. I think acronym expander plugin not in main distribution
  21. dicson I have no idea why you do not have /usr/share/gajim/plugins/acronyms_expander/acronyms
  22. vorner I have no idea either O:-).
  23. dicson maybe gentoo bug
  24. dicson vorner,
  25. vorner Well, I have an ebuild I tweaked myself over the time that pulls the newest mercurial version. So it isn't gentoo bug. But the ebuild uses uses the installation provided by gajim.
  26. dicson vorner, ok. I rename acronyms to I think it is helps
  27. vorner Should I try pulling again?
  28. dicson no. I am not commit nt moment
  29. dicson no. I am not commit at moment
  30. vorner I'd create a ticket, but it seems doesn't have acronyms expander in the list :-|
  31. dicson vorner, it is example plugin
  32. dicson not for use
  33. dicson we do not have what in debian package
  34. vorner I'm starting to get slightly confused O:-)
  35. dicson vorner, done
  36. dicson vorner, I think we need write config dialog for acronyms expander and move this plugin to plugins trac
  37. vorner Thanks, this helped.
  38. dicson vorner, thanks for report!
  39. vorner Also, there might be an inconsistency in on the ftp plugins server. It tells me it wants to install new version of plugin installer. If I click yes, it downloads it and after that, it asks me again… forever, until I click no, after which it stops asking.
  40. vorner It says the server has 0.11.7, but after downloading, I still have 0.11.6
  41. dicson we need up version in hg
  42. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14947:0ec1f7cd1b26]: Rename acronyms file Rename acronyms file
  43. mmlosh well.. I am running the new nigtly
  44. mmlosh it did not work out like I would expect
  45. mmlosh how do I share pictures?
  46. dicson >Paste in >shots in
  47. mmlosh
  48. mmlosh What are the differences between "add this certificate as trusted" and "ignore this error for this certificate"
  49. mmlosh They seem rather similar in the results to me
  50. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14948:cbe40841ba1e]: Set gajim version to 0.16-alpha2 Set gajim version to 0.16-alpha2
  51. vorner mmlosh: I guess the first will alert you when the certificate expires, for example, while the second will ignore all errors?
  52. mmlosh it says ignore this error for _this_ certificate do you say it should be "ignore this error for certificate for _this_ connection?"
  53. mmlosh it says ignore this error for this _certificate_ do you say it should be "ignore this error for certificate for this _connection_?"
  54. mmlosh that cyan WMP-like play button on the corrected message looks disturbing in my environment
  55. mmlosh I opened preferences
  56. mmlosh and unchecked and then re-checked "Display status messages of contacts in rooster"
  57. mmlosh now it looks even more wrong
  58. mmlosh no contacts displayed. All "merged accounts" lines have a green icon
  59. mmlosh Why is View->History using different icon than the "view history" button from the "tool buttons under the text box where I type"
  60. mmlosh I am getting no icon there and "gajim.gtkgui_helpers Icon not found: document-open-recent" in the stderr
  61. mmlosh I am getting no icon in View->History and "gajim.gtkgui_helpers Icon not found: document-open-recent" in the stderr
  62. vorner mmlosh: I'm not a gajim developer, but I guess you saturated anybody's ability to process the problems ;-)
  63. dicson mmlosh, show stderr
  64. mmlosh oh, right... I guess I should have written them into a file and release them bit by bit
  65. mmlosh dicson: gajim.gtkgui_helpers Icon not found: document-open-recent
  66. vorner Or dump to the trac I think. That way they could be eaten bit by bit.
  67. mmlosh /usr/share/gajim/src/ GtkWarning: gtk_tree_model_filter_iter_has_child: assertion `filter->priv->stamp == iter->stamp' failed self.modelfilter.iter_has_child(iters[0]) 10:20:09 (E) gajim.gtkgui_helpers Icon not found: document-open-recent this is all I got (new gajim startup, toggled "merge accounts" off and on again)
  68. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [710:9f858eb63313]: Split long line Split long line • Changeset [711:9bb38e6a99e9]: Try update Plugin Installer manifest file in ftp(version 0.11.7 at moment) Try update Plugin Installer manifest file in ftp(version 0.11.7 at moment)
  69. mmlosh Well.. my first question (not a bug) for dicson is the difference between checking option 1 v.s. option 2 I'll try to put the rest on the trac
  70. dicson mmlosh, I only add title for this dialog. I do not know about checking option 1 v.s. option 2
  71. mmlosh In the previous version I used, only the bottom option was there
  72. mmlosh (and it said the cert is for another domain, which was not the case)
  73. mmlosh dicson, any idea who might know the answer?
  74. dicson mmlosh, Asterix
  75. mmlosh thanks
  76. dicson mmlosh,
  77. mmlosh this is not the "insecure connection" case
  78. mmlosh this one is "Secure connection, if you trust this self-signed cert"
  79. mmlosh Did I break trac?
  80. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7443 (Merged accounts don't merge their headers) created see the attachment • gajim-upgrade-did-not-work-well.png attached to Ticket #7443 I expected one "Merged accounts" line as before
  81. mmlosh hmm.. I do not see the ticket caption when I open it
  82. dicson mmlosh, fixed in hg
  83. mmlosh I thought nigtly are hg
  84. mmlosh sometimes I am seeing no contacts at all
  85. mmlosh now it says "merged accounts", but in fact they show separately
  86. mmlosh ah, I see. The fix arrived into HG just after 61620d0da17a which went into nightly
  87. dicson yep
  88. vorner Hmm. Now switching between merged and not-merged feels much faster than before.
  89. dicson vorner, I think gajim installer problem fixed
  90. vorner The one with plugin installer? Do I need to update whole gajim for it or the plugin installer only?
  91. vorner The second didn't help.
  92. dicson vorner, now you can see 0.16 in available
  93. dicson 0.11.6 sorry
  94. vorner There's still 0.11.7. Or do I need to restart gajim?
  95. dicson :-/
  96. dicson 0.11.6 installed?
  97. Darlan mmlosh, you can set GTK+ theme with LXAppearance, if you want.
  98. vorner It shows so.
  99. mmlosh Darlan, I am not sure how that should help
  100. Darlan It does not. This is a respond to your screenshot
  101. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7443 […] • Ticket #7444 (View->History has different icon than "browse the chat history" in chat) created The one in the main menu is giving me (E)[…] • Ticket #7445 (gajim-message_corrected.png looks rather disturbing in my environment) created The cyan Windows-Media-Player-like play ico[…]
  102. mmlosh and those are the other two graphical issues I have noticed
  103. mmlosh that's all of my post-upgrade complaining
  104. dicson mmlosh, You have no icon only in View->History?
  105. mmlosh yes
  106. mmlosh the one under the text box shows up properly
  107. dicson strange
  108. mmlosh indeed
  109. dicson maybe you theme do not have document-open-recent with small size(16)
  110. dicson yes
  111. dicson can repro
  112. mmlosh yes, that is easily possible.
  113. mmlosh icons/Humanity/actions/24/document-open-recent.svg icons/Humanity/actions/48/document-open-recent.svg icons/Humanity/actions/22/document-open-recent.svg Indeed, no 16 in Humanity
  114. Darlan It seems that got some cleanups. I want to see these Farsi Muslim channels with titles such as this: In the name of Allah @}->-- Welcome to Our perfect in Best chat Room
  115. Darlan :-)
  116. Darlan mmlosh, what icon do you see for "Recently used" in Open file dialog?
  117. mmlosh Oh.. I thought I nuked that thing out
  118. mmlosh but it's there, using the same icon as the "history" that works
  119. Darlan Please be specific.
  120. mmlosh Darlan, it's using the same document-open-recent
  121. mmlosh not sure how do I determine which size
  122. mmlosh it looks just like the icon in gajim's chat window
  123. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7444 (View->History has different icon than "browse the chat history" in chat) updated See: ticket/6893.
  124. Darlan mmlosh, I think, you can change message correction icon by making a shortcut with filename /actions/16/gajim-message_corrected.png
  125. mmlosh hmm.. that could work, thanks for the tip
  126. mmlosh btw: I think I am not getting audio notification on muc highlights
  127. Darlan mmlosh, I think you are correct in regard to that ticket and I will post a comment on that.
  128. mmlosh ok
  129. mmlosh now the audio notification worked
  130. mmlosh I guess just set them to too quitet and did not notice..
  131. mmlosh I guess I just set them to too quitet and did not notice..
  132. dicson vorner, we have wrong server script for plugins. need wait Asterix
  133. dicson wow
  134. dicson Asterix, At morning we have wrong plugin installer in 0.15 plugins. I update files, but is wrong now. I know about all 0.15 plugins
  135. dicson Asterix, At morning we have wrong plugin installer in 0.15 plugins. I update files, but is wrong now. I not know about all 0.15 plugins
  136. Asterix oups ...
  137. Asterix really?
  138. dicson short_name: plugin_installer version: 0.11.7
  139. dicson in
  140. Asterix yes, what's wrong?
  141. dicson 0.11.6 needed
  142. Asterix it's the plugin version in 0.15 branch
  143. dicson hm
  144. vorner Asterix: If I try to download, I still have 0.11.6, so it asks me again to download.
  145. Asterix dicson: hmm no you're right
  146. dicson >At morning we have wrong plugin installer in 0.15 plugins 0.11.7
  147. dicson after my last not needed commits we have normal file in ftp ( 0.11.6)
  148. Asterix fixed
  149. Asterix about that, what about this idea:
  150. dicson ok
  151. Asterix we have only one plugin installer version, but it detects itself which Gajim version we run and choose the correct folder itself
  152. Asterix I mean ... one version of which folder to choose
  153. Asterix because now all 0.15 users will d/l plugins from 0.16 folder :/
  154. Asterix and 0.15 users don't gave min_gajim_version / max_gajim_version implemented
  155. dicson hmm
  156. dicson >now all 0.15 user only ho download 0.11.7 or no?
  157. Asterix yes but in 0.11.7 there is: self.ftp.cwd('plugins_0.16')
  158. vorner Am I considered .15 or .16, if I checkout from mercurial?
  159. dicson >now all 0.15 user only who download 0.11.7 or no?
  160. dicson vorner, you have 0.11.6 now?
  161. Asterix mercurial = 0.16
  162. vorner dicson: It shows 0.11.6 to be installed here. And it shows 0.11.7 available, but it stays 0.11.6 after I let it upgrade.
  163. Asterix I nee to update manifest ...
  164. Asterix ok manifest file updqated
  165. vorner Ah, now I have 0.11.6 available.
  166. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7445 (gajim-message_corrected.png looks rather disturbing in my environment) updated I think you can change it by adding a shortcut with filename you_theme_name/actions/16/gajim-message_corrected.png On another note, I do not see any reason to have special IDs for the followings: /usr/share/gajim/icons/hicolor/16x16/actions/gajim-message_corrected.png /usr/share/gajim/icons/hicolor/16x16/actions/gajim-rece[…]
  167. Asterix yep
  168. dicson vorner, you can update plugin installer after update gajim
  169. Asterix I don't know how to make 0.15 users switch to 0.16 folder :/
  170. Asterix it looks in 0.15 branch, so it will never switch
  171. Asterix I think plugin installer need to have itself the code to choose the folder
  172. dicson wrong server script?
  173. Asterix no, script is ok, I did that to make 0.15 users to switch to 0.16 folder, but all 0.15 users are now in 0.16 folders
  174. Asterix :/
  175. dicson hm
  176. dicson >0.15 users to switch to 0.16 folder it is not needed
  177. Asterix no, I meen 0.15 users that switch to Gajim 0.16. Those users need to ... (phone)
  178. Asterix ... need to switch to 0.16 folder, which will currently not happen
  179. dicson vorner, you use 0.16 but you gajim version is wrong(0.15.4). I hope it is fixed in latest hg
  180. Asterix dicson: yep but his plugin installer is 0.11.6, so it still looks in 0.15 folder.
  181. vorner OK. I'll update eventually. I don't want to restart gajim yet another time today O:-)
  182. Asterix vorner: no hurry
  183. Asterix dicson: you see the problem?
  184. dicson update installer to 0.11.7? yes
  185. Asterix dicson: ween need to have something like : if gajim.version.startswith('0.15'), folder = plugins_0.15 elif gajim.version.startswith('0.15'), folder = plugins_0.16 else folder = plugins_0.16 <- latest here
  186. dicson agree
  187. Asterix ok and we put that in all branches. I do? you do?
  188. dicson now - you. or I am later
  189. dicson I have no time at moment
  190. Asterix ok no problem, I do that
  191. mmlosh what are the differences between those checkbox-options here:
  192. mmlosh obviously, both will accept this cert as correct for
  193. Asterix you can choose to not be warnewd each time fingerprint change
  194. mmlosh well.. then the bottom option should say "Ignore this error for this DOMAIN/server?"
  195. mmlosh since, you know, "this certificate" is also bound to that one firgerprint
  196. mmlosh since, you know, "this certificate" is also bound to that one fingerprint
  197. Asterix yep maybe ...
  198. Asterix will check in the code if it's really that
  199. mmlosh thanks
  200. mmlosh I was also puzzled for a while why is the cert fingerprint info located in "option 1" instead of being located between "Do you still want to connect" and "option1". Now I understand that it makes the dialog generic to all errors. But it's at the cost of looking weird and confusing
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  202. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [718:1202d5cdfec3]: plugin installer: don't use HtmlTextView in 0.15 branch plugin installer: don't use HtmlTextView? in 0.15 branch • Changeset [719:ba6e049646ee]: wrong layout: fix HTML in desctiption wrong layout: fix HTML in desctiption
  203. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7344 (Gajim Python Main Script Error OperationalError: no such table: …) updated what is this ? can u give link new version ?
  204. Asterix plugin installer should be ok in all branches now to check correct folder
  205. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [720:7b8684f6e284]: typo typo • Changeset [721:a628e90611e6]: typo typo
  206. Darlan Asterix: What is the reason for plugin installer: don't use HtmlTextView? in 0.15 branch?
  207. dicson Darlan, gajim 0.15.4 do not support HtmlTextView
  208. Darlan ok, so this change is only for 0.15.x. Thanks.
  209. Asterix Darlan: this is not in 0.15:
  210. Darlan The removal of HtmlTextView is only on 0.15. default, 0.16 and gtk3 use HtmlTextView, I assume, correct?
  211. Asterix yes sure
  212. Darlan :-)
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  214. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • attached to Ticket #7445
  215. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7421 (Elementary icon theme for non-UNIX systems) updated You can use latest GNOME icon theme which is far better than the default of GTK. This way, Windows users would have a fancy bookmark icon instead of a plus, and a fancy history icon.
  216. kcchouette Who make the .exe of Gajim ?
  217. Asterix I do
  218. kcchouette You use Nullsoft ?
  219. Asterix dicson: ok to commit your pixbuf patch, sounds good
  220. Darlan :-)
  221. Darlan wait
  222. Darlan Asterix, Does it matter if they are shortcuts or original?
  223. Asterix kcchouette: yes
  224. Asterix Darlan: I don't understand
  225. Darlan gtk-ok may be a shortcut of another icon ID; Would this matter in any sense?
  226. kcchouette Asterix, I think inno setup is better to create a .exe. You can add easily an icon, etc… (I you want to try it)
  227. Asterix Darlan: you mean using gtk stock instead?
  228. Asterix kcchouette: we used to use it a long time ago IIRC
  229. dicson Asterix, ok
  230. Darlan No, never mind, a mistake of mine.
  231. Asterix but we were not able to do all what we do we do currently IIRC
  232. kcchouette ok :-/
  233. Darlan >you mean using gtk stock instead? I guess for Internet icon, at least. I do not want a user that has a theme that lacks of extra IDs to not have an own internet icon. But I assume you understand better than me and can handle it well already.
  234. Darlan Out of these, what is the standard ID? *applications-internet* (original file), gnome-globe, *package_network*, redhat-internet, *stock_internet*, xfce-internet. I guess gnome, redhat and xfce are surely not.
  235. Darlan Never mind, I guess, this is arbitrary; sometimes, the standard ID is a shortcut: gtk-spell-check (shortcut), stock_spellcheck (shortcut), tools-check-spelling (original).
  236. dicson Darlan, we try applications-internet.if not exists - use gajim-earth
  237. Darlan I see.
  238. dicson is it not enough?
  239. Darlan By the way, gtk.STOCK_HOME is also available
  240. Darlan Bad I would not like it as a geolocation indicator, yet it may be proper.
  241. Darlan But I would not like it as a geolocation indicator, yet it may be proper.
  242. dicson Darlan, I am not understand what you want
  243. Darlan I just noted that gtk.STOCK_HOME exists.
  244. Darlan Where can I find gtk-no & gtk-yes? I have seen these in gtk-demo, but I do not find them under /usr/share/icons/
  245. dicson in GTK
  246. Darlan >is it not enough? I think so, because, I assume, most users would have applications-internet for main desktop menu. We can default to package_network, stock_internet if others would report on a issue, but this is unlikely, in my humble opinion.
  247. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14980:ca637ebb4176]: Replacing some of the icons. Fixes #7445 Replacing some of the icons. Fixes #7445 • Ticket #7445 (gajim-message_corrected.png looks rather disturbing in my environment) closed fixed: In ca637ebb4176b14416af0e6450c119fabb8a9209: Replacing some of the icons. Fixes #7445
  248. Darlan > in GTK I guess these, then: /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/gtk/gtk-no.png /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/gtk/gtk-yes.png
  249. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7445 (gajim-message_corrected.png looks rather disturbing in my environment) updated I would like to write an unimportant comment concerning to Geographical Location icon. Maybe we should, in future, instead of defaulting to gajim-earth, we should default to gtk-home / go-home, as it is featured in ​Stock Items of GTK+, and it might be a better indication for Geographical Location. On the other hand, most, if not al[…]
  250. Darlan >> in GTK >I guess these, then: >/usr/share/gtk-doc/html/gtk/gtk-no.png >/usr/share/gtk-doc/html/gtk/gtk-yes.png Nope; Maybe stock icons are inside a binary file? (this is not likely)
  251. dicson Darlan, maybe
  252. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7396 (Service Discovery: software logo) updated There are icons available in default stock items Replace gajim-agent-error.png with ​GTK_STOCK_DIALOG_ERROR (gtk-dialog-error or dialog-error). Replace gajim-agent-disc.png with ​GTK_STOCK_HARDDISK (gtk-harddisk or drive-harddisk). Make an alternative for gajim-agent-rss.png (application-rss+xml or application-atom+xml). Make an alternative for gajim-agent-jud.png (x-o[…]
  253. dicson Darlan, do not get carried :-)
  254. Darlan dicson, your patch is not good, because missing/received message icons will never default to gajim-receipt_missing or gajim-receipt_received because gtk-no & gtk-yes are always available in stock.
  255. dicson Darlan, you right
  256. Darlan dicson, do not bother, I will try to make a patch by following your patch.
  257. Asterix getting gtk-no will get it from stock?? I'm not sure
  258. Asterix stock and icons are different things I think
  259. Darlan dicson, gtk-spell-check, too.
  260. dicson hmm
  261. Darlan Asterix, look at "Stock item and Icon Browser" of pygtk-demo.
  262. Asterix I don't have time now
  263. Darlan ok
  264. Darlan there is this list you referred to
  265. dicson Darlan, you right. I change theme without gtk-spell-check icon and it is works
  266. Darlan dicson, according to applications-internet (good) document-send (good)
  267. dicson document-open-recent
  268. Darlan Also listed.
  269. Darlan Re: Stock Items Deprecation
  270. Darlan I guess we should use stock item until a final decision or when we notice missing icons.
  271. Darlan Anyway, I assume gtk-no/yes/spell-check would still be available for some period.
  272. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7411 (Animated tray icon (alternative method)) updated I understand iconset of Gajim are standard independent. I want to mention that according to [Icon Naming Specification ​]: Animated images used to represent loading web sites, or other background processing which may be less suited to more verbose progress reporting in the user interface[…][…]
  273. MattJ Asterix, I'm looking to implement one-time password (OTP) authentication in Prosody - but need a client to implement it too :)
  274. MattJ I already have it working with Yubikey, which simply uses the PLAIN mechanism
  275. MattJ Works great with Gajim, which prompts you for your password each time if you don't choose to save it
  276. MattJ But now I want to implement
  277. MattJ It's a slightly modified form of SCRAM
  278. MatthL +1gazillion
  279. MattJ How hard do you think this would be?
  280. MattJ It needs to prompt the user to input their OTP during authentication, and include this in the last stage of the SCRAM auth
  281. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #6828 (Icons are too small) reopened • Ticket #6828 (Icons are too small) closed invalid: For all iconsets, available sizes are 16x16, 32x32, 48x48. If one wants bigger sizes, s/he should add them to iconsets.
  282. Asterix MattJ: that doesn't sound so impossible. We already interrupt SCRAM process to ask passwork to user currently
  283. MattJ Oh, excellent :)
  284. Asterix Darlan: that becomes impossible to follow all the comments you do ...
  285. Asterix I hope dircon follows more than I do ...
  286. Darlan I use keywords when I can to try to make it less difficult. Now, I do not find a complete SVG version of woop iconset
  287. Asterix Darlan: there is a svg in the tar.gz
  288. Darlan Only two icons
  289. Asterix I guess they are all inside source.svg, no? didn't opened it
  290. Darlan I think there is a sound bug, I do not always hear sounds and mmlosh has pointed out earlier today.
  291. Darlan I am checking, again.
  292. mmlosh I think the conditions might be "tab with MUC selected", but me working on another desktop
  293. mmlosh this time the highlight worked, since I was on a different gajim conversation tab
  294. mmlosh I'll stay on this one this time and will see.. Darlan please highlight me
  295. Darlan Asterix, there are only two SVG icons.
  296. Darlan mmlosh,
  297. mmlosh nope, it worked this time
  298. Darlan I heard sound, this time.
  299. Darlan highlight me in seconds
  300. Darlan highlight me in 2 seconds, please
  301. dicson Darlan,
  302. Darlan again
  303. dicson Darlan,
  304. Darlan I heard sound
  305. dicson fixed ))
  306. Darlan hehee
  307. Asterix test@ ??
  308. Darlan Sorry, I forgot.
  309. Darlan Is Gvorcek Spajreh (gotham48) in this chat room?
  310. Darlan Asterix, is it correct that if GTK drop Stock Items, then you will need to define icons for About, Help, Add etc.?
  311. Darlan In GTK+3
  312. Asterix no idea. Currently in GTK3 there is such an icon
  313. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14981:1907db5f8cde]: typo typo
  314. mmlosh 3 unable to decrypt MUC-PM errors from Darlan :/
  315. Darlan hm, I just closed your tab.
  316. Darlan At least there are no dangling tabs and you can type.
  317. mmlosh It could easily be me using outdated OTR plugin?
  318. Darlan I do not have otr plugin enabled
  319. mmlosh oops again
  320. mmlosh I have no idea why am I subconsciously trying to drag otr in
  321. mmlosh I think I ran into a width problem with ACE
  322. mmlosh as if the "Value" column has a maximal width set
  323. mmlosh I dragged the border between "Pref name" and "Value" to the left and then tried dragging the border between "Value" and "Type" to the right But found out it won't let me make the Value column larger
  324. mmlosh (now tracked as #7446)
  325. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7446 (ACE colum "Value" seems to have a width limit) created I cannot make "Value" wider than the initial width, which is very annoying. • Ticket #7446 (ACE colum "Value" seems to have a width limit) updated Summary changed