Gajim - 2013-08-27

  1. hi
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7424 (Separate Account List and Account Preferences) updated We can grey account name that are disabled though src/ diff --git a/src/ b/src/ a b class AccountsWindow:  15501550 self.accounts_treeview.set_model(model)  15511551 # column  15521552 renderer = gtk.CellRendererText()  1553  self.accounts_treeview.insert_column_with_attributes(-1, _('Name'),  1554  renderer, text=0)   1553 self.foregr[…]
  3. Asterix dicson: perfect fot the patch, except bgcolor = ... is useless, no?
  4. dicson I edited patch
  5. dicson and do new
  6. Asterix you can commit it if that works for you
  7. dicson add checkbutton to treeview
  8. dicson
  9. Asterix ha checkbutton in treeview ... why not ... but that will make treeview larger ...
  10. dicson but we can remove Enable button
  11. Asterix yes of course ...
  12. dicson I will do patch and we can test
  13. Darlan Please send me a PM
  14. Darlan This Accounts dialog looks like controls of a tank. The screenshot of dicson is nice, nonetheless. Still, I want them to be separated :-P
  15. dicson I vote for one window
  16. Asterix phewww Darlan is back ...
  17. Darlan :-)
  18. dicson every good room should have a troll :-D
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  20. Asterix so we're an excellent room then ;)
  21. Lukc No.
  22. Maranda jumps.
  23. Maranda hops on Darlan's head.
  24. Darlan Similarly to "A programming error has been detected" dialog, would it be proper to make gajim-remote messages such as these: Check if Gajim is running It seems Gajim is not running. So you can't use gajim-remote. To be displayed in a dialog, if is not running in console?
  25. Darlan I think it is useful if user attempt to execute xmpp:groupchat?join from web browser.
  26. vorner How do you know if it runs from console?
  27. Asterix gajim-remote is not a GUI tool but a command line tool
  28. Darlan vorner, I do not know, but this is how the "A programming error has been detected" dialog works. You can look at /src/
  29. Asterix because we know if Gajim is rin from console or not, but we don't know if FF is run from console or not
  30. Asterix anyway gajim-remote has no GTK dependancy
  31. Darlan optional dependency
  32. Asterix still we can't know if ff called it or not
  33. Darlan Asterix, but if a user executes xmpp: from a web browser, while Gajim is not running, how would s/he know that it is not browser problem.
  34. Darlan ?
  35. Darlan ok
  36. dicson patch added ))
  37. Darlan May you make Add/Delete/Rename the same size? Or order them in this way [+] [-] [Rename]?
  38. dicson same size?
  39. Darlan Second suggestion - I think not.
  40. Darlan Or just [Add] [Remove] and user can rename by editing the name at the top of account preferences, as it used to be (... searching for screenshot...)
  41. dicson maybe [+] [-] and rename in second line
  42. Darlan
  43. Darlan Also good
  44. dicson but I am not have glade2 :-(
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  46. Link Mauve Wow, there were only three persons in debian-fr@ ?! :o
  47. Darlan
  48. Darlan Link Mauve, screenshot is from 2007
  49. Link Mauve And I think I started idling there in… 2009?
  50. dicson Darlan, and? need glade 2....
  51. Link Mauve I am on XMPP since… 2005 or something, but didn’t find the MUCs during those early days.
  52. Darlan I guess 3.6.7 or below is gtk2 compatible
  53. dicson Darlan, will try
  54. Asterix Guy stop asking to go back in the past, UI is like that, it's not because you don't like itthat we have to change it ...
  55. dicson Darlan,
  56. Darlan Nice
  57. Maranda hmmm
  58. Maranda isn't sure what did he have to comment about.
  59. Asterix rge enable checkbox in the list instead of on the right
  60. Maranda rge?
  61. Maranda is confused slightly, he was told to comment about this ticket:
  62. Maranda The only thing I'd like accounts wise is that they allowed names with spaces in 'em
  63. Maranda (it's just a render change after all)
  64. Asterix Maranda: Ha .. why commentthere?
  65. Asterix Maranda: the problem is not the cell renderer, it's the config file
  66. Maranda no it's render change if the issue is having space character you can replace those with a filler like url encoding or %s
  67. Maranda space characters***
  68. Maranda it's a render change**
  69. Maranda brb :P
  70. Maranda Asterix and wasn't related to the issue there.
  71. Maranda (in the ticket)
  72. Asterix heu ... we can have spaces in group names, no renderer is not the problem
  73. Asterix no it's not related sure
  74. Maranda if the problem is that account file names (?) can't / shouldn't have space in their names you can just sub the spaces with filler and or url encode the names, so when the list of account is rendered it should just either replace the fillers with spaces or urldecode the filename. (that's why I consider that _render change_)
  75. Maranda if the problem is that account file names (?) can't / shouldn't have space in their names you can just sub the spaces with a filler and or url encode the names, so when the list of account is rendered it should just either replace the fillers with spaces or urldecode the filename. (that's why I consider that _render change_)
  76. Asterix yep we could do that urlencode / urldecode for ex
  77. Asterix the several tabs problem is now clearly identified. A patch is starting to grow in my head ...
  78. Asterix problem is supposed to be fixed now. tests welcome!
  79. Maranda needs to fix his left leg instead, "patches welcome".
  80. Asterix you want an axe?
  81. Maranda I wish it was as easy to fix as piece of code, stupid biology damn it.
  82. Maranda I want to fix it not chop it :D!
  83. Asterix Darlan: several tabs bug should be fixed. If you can test, don't hesitate!
  84. Darlan I just saw it. I will download two newly changed files and test now.
  85. Asterix you don't use hg version?
  86. Darlan Maranda, in a few minutes we will check if e2e is a problem.
  87. Darlan Asterix, I download snapshots; I need to enhance my build script to use HG directly.
  88. Maranda The problem is simple
  89. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14942:11e7eac368a0]: don't create a new session when we get an error message in a pm. Fixes … don't creat[…] • Ticket #7435 (Un/responsive duplicated tabs) closed fixed: In 11e7eac368a04d561e17f66f9bf90b2dc261d3e1: don't create a new session when we get a[…]
  90. Maranda mod_muc_limits is blocking the session negotiation message stanza
  91. Maranda arr
  92. Asterix Maranda: yep probably ...
  93. Maranda needed to go out :'-(
  94. Asterix I'll increese the limit, once the several tab is clearly fixed
  95. Asterix it's with this error message that bug orrures
  96. Darlan Asterix, I sent you a message: [18:57:14] Darlan: ping [18:57:14] Error: The room is currently overactive, please try again later
  97. Darlan Same error for Maranda.
  98. Darlan No duplicated tabs, yet.
  99. Maranda throttled.
  100. Darlan is waiting for someone to send a PM.
  101. Maranda overactive.
  102. Maranda 1
  103. Maranda 2
  104. Maranda 4
  105. Maranda 5
  106. Maranda 6
  107. Maranda 7
  108. Maranda hm
  109. Maranda Asterix, are you running the latest version of mod_muc_limits?
  110. Darlan thanks pvtlth (I tried to send you a message back)
  111. pvtlth i get an error too
  112. Asterix Maranda: maybe not ...
  113. Darlan me too
  114. Asterix there were fixes?
  115. pvtlth but i got your text
  116. Darlan Good :-)
  117. Asterix Maranda: no diff so it's the latest, yes
  118. Asterix so it seems to be ok then, right?
  119. Asterix I can increasu limits?
  120. Darlan Tabs are now ok, though.
  121. Maranda Asterix, I think you have too many bad boys sending chat states :P
  122. Asterix they are blocked in this case ...
  123. Asterix limits sould be increased
  124. Asterix but that's mayby only for new occupants ...
  125. Maranda yes it's chat states triggering muc_limits
  126. Maranda just verified.
  127. Asterix i've increased limit to 1/s
  128. Asterix I'm not convinced chatstates in MUC is an excellent idea ..
  129. Asterix that's a lot of traffic ...
  130. Link Mauve It is.
  131. Link Mauve (an excellent idea)
  132. Link Mauve At least from an usability point of view.
  133. Link Mauve It’s very appreciable to know when someone is going to speak.
  134. Darlan chatstates = is typing/pause/etc.?
  135. Asterix yes
  136. Darlan I have never seen chatstates in MUC with Gajim.
  137. Link Mauve Asterix, try poezio to see how it can be useful.
  138. Link Mauve Darlan, normal, it’s not implemented in Gajim. :p
  139. Asterix if all occupants supports that, it probably multiply traffic by 5 at least
  140. Asterix Darlan: Gajim don't do that for the moment
  141. Darlan Yep. I did see chatstates with other clients.
  142. Link Mauve Asterix, the traffic is already very low with XMPP.
  143. Link Mauve And you should remove presence support from Gajim, it also produces quite a lot of traffic. :p
  144. Maranda You can make mod_muc_limits ignore message stanzas which don't have a body but I don't advise that.
  145. Link Mauve That would still be better, people usually don’t want to have their message throttled just because they sent a chatstate before.
  146. Link Mauve mod_muc_limits is much better than what is used on, there you can’t even speak after a chatstate, you have to wait some seconds. :/
  147. Maranda Link Mauve, just don't let dummies know you have that door unguarded... :P
  148. Maranda or the rats will flown in, though.
  149. Link Mauve They already can use presence or iq, if they want.
  150. Asterix > And you should remove presence support from Gajim, it also produces quite a lot of traffic. :p right, let's be offline :)
  151. Maranda iq yes, presence not
  152. Link Mauve Are those throttled too?
  153. Asterix Maranda: that option is not in the wiki page :/
  154. Asterix This module limits the following events: Room joins Nick changes Status changes Messages (including private messages)
  155. Maranda muc_limits ignores only unavailable presences and... if someone directs an unavailable presence to a room while not in, it'll be bounced anyways.
  156. Asterix " The limit is for the room as a whole, not individual occupants in the room" even for pm??
  157. Asterix so no more than 1 msg / s including all pms???
  158. Maranda status changes are presences Asterix :), Nick changes sorta...
  159. Maranda well status/nick changes are all presences
  160. Asterix yep it's to show Link Mauve that presences are throttled :)
  161. Link Mauve Yes, I’ve just read that module.
  162. Asterix if it's 1/s all pm included that IMHO too low!
  163. Maranda lemme grab my settings for it...
  164. Link Mauve Asterix, anyway, I don’t think mod_muc_limits should prevent you from implementing MUC chatstates.
  165. Link Mauve As an user it’s very handy, but there are far too few clients supporting it.
  166. Asterix Link Mauve: it doesn't for sure
  167. Maranda muc_event_rate = 0.7 muc_burst_factor = 13
  168. Asterix I dit 1 / 10
  169. Asterix let's see if it's better with those settings
  170. Asterix and my messages are not counted
  171. Maranda 1/10 means you can send 10 stanzas in 1 second
  172. Asterix as I have an affiliation
  173. Maranda so 0.7/13 is higher
  174. Asterix 10 in 1 second but only for bursts, not always
  175. Asterix has to go, BBL
  176. Maranda yes but it's still too low
  177. Link Mauve A good thing you could do is to make the trusted users member.
  178. Link Mauve And Gajim should handle an error of type wait, and retry.
  179. Maranda 's light bulb turns on bbiab.
  180. Darlan I get a bunch of errors from Maranda.
  181. Maranda adds a bunch of per room config, to muc_limits in Metronome.
  182. mmlosh I got a decrypt errors from MUC/Darlan
  183. mmlosh 12 pieces
  184. Darlan mmlosh, do you have dangling duplicated tabs?
  185. Darlan mmlosh, do you have dangling Darlan tabs?
  186. pvtlth i got these decrypt errors, too, few days ago
  187. mmlosh I didn't open the conversation, I was away
  188. mmlosh I am being bombarded with focus-stealing decrypt errors again
  189. mmlosh I got no tabs, only an envelope icon at your name (since I didn't click on it)
  190. mmlosh stop it!
  191. mmlosh I cannot type
  192. Darlan I closed your tab
  193. mmlosh aha
  194. mmlosh 12 more error message boxes
  195. pvtlth looks like a bug :3
  196. mmlosh I got only one sentence in the PM (duplicate tab error test)
  197. mmlosh and I think I had E2E init messages before that sentence
  198. pvtlth btw i'm missing a "bug" emoticon
  199. mmlosh but I am not sure and I have already closed the tab
  200. mmlosh :P
  201. Darlan The duplicated tab has been fixed today
  202. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14943:5912786d1485]: [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation
  203. Darlan thanks
  204. Asterix Link Mauve: then that's a bit useless, spammers sends 1000 messages (with gajim-remote) and they just wait that Gajim sends them ...
  205. Link Mauve Asterix, no, I mean, for legitimate users and OTR, like it was the case now.
  206. Asterix mmlosh: you use a 1 years old Gajim ...
  207. Asterix who are legitimate users?
  208. mmlosh Asterix, that is likely
  209. mmlosh and I am aware that using random nightly builds for long time periods has negative consequences
  210. Asterix :)
  211. Darlan Asterix, is the tab issue occurs with Gajim 0.15.4, too?
  212. Asterix yes probably
  213. Darlan I ask after reading "you use a 1 years old Gajim ..."
  214. Darlan ok
  215. Asterix we didn't saw it because there was no muc_limits :)
  216. mmlosh is 0.15.1-3a718170c531 really THAT old?
  217. Asterix if someone has still limits issues (with normal chat), don't hesitate to tell met
  218. Darlan What does muc_limits do?
  219. mmlosh the overactive error, Darlan
  220. Asterix I'll make speakers members, should help a lot
  221. Asterix mmlosh: yes I just checked
  222. Asterix 28 aug 2012
  223. mmlosh what is the recommended build I should update to?
  224. mmlosh I mean - one with working jingle and FT :)
  225. Asterix mmlosh: yes it limits messages and presences in muc / pm
  226. Asterix I'd say latest nightly, and preferable tomorow's nightly
  227. mmlosh ok, can you please remind me when it arrives at the nightly ppa?
  228. Asterix ppa?
  229. Asterix never
  230. mmlosh oh
  231. Asterix no ubuntu built
  232. Asterix only debian built
  233. mmlosh ah, sry
  234. mmlosh I don't really see the difference between PPA and 3rd party repository
  235. Asterix build starts at 4am, so a 4:10 it's ok
  236. Asterix ppa is launchpad, beurk ;)
  237. mmlosh ah, right.
  238. mmlosh 4am as CEST? or UTC? Whatever, just tomorrow I guess
  239. Asterix CEST yes
  240. Darlan What is beurk?
  241. mathieui Darlan, “ewwww”
  242. mathieui “yuck”
  243. Darlan Yep
  244. Asterix I think we're quite ok for string freeze and beta release
  245. Asterix there are remaining problems, specially for las message correction, but that won't change strings
  246. mmlosh oh, last message correction.. receive only, or even sending?
  247. mathieui mmlosh, C-↑ load the message to be corrected, instead of the previous behavior which was to load a message to re-send
  248. mmlosh oh, last message correction.. receive only, or even sending? Like this?
  249. mmlosh oh, right... I don't have that feature yet
  250. mathieui :D
  251. mathieui like this.
  252. mathieui But you can’t see that
  253. mmlosh yup, can't
  254. mmlosh is surprised, that Ctrl is needed
  255. pvtlth too
  256. mmlosh I remember it working just with "up"
  257. mmlosh was that for failed "/dev/zero text text" - like messages that failed to send?
  258. mmlosh was that _only_ for failed "/dev/zero text text" - like messages that failed to send?
  259. mmlosh btw: so that's why people are sending messages multiple times with minor corrections :D
  260. pvtlth i guess Ctrl is needed for multi line messages
  261. mmlosh but I would be mostly using that with the text field empty, no lines
  262. Asterix ctrl+↑+↑ to have previous behaviour
  263. Asterix yep indeed, it's for multiline
  264. mmlosh not in this version (again) i guess :P
  265. mathieui Right, I don’t use gajim except for testing things, so I don’t remember the shortcuts well :p
  266. Asterix nice that Gajim is your reference ;) (at least one of them :) )
  267. pvtlth where do i get the arrow up char?
  268. pvtlth ↑ found
  269. mmlosh ↑↑↑
  270. mmlosh I have that at AltGR+shift+u
  271. pvtlth me too
  272. pvtlth linux user, mh?
  273. mmlosh yes, I won't be able to live with being forced to have multiple keyboard layouts and switch and switch and switch
  274. mmlosh and be unable to write ǧ as simply as ˇ followed by g
  275. pvtlth doesn't like spam
  276. mmlosh heh.. it said my JID when it informed about the status change of mmlosh
  277. pvtlth only for you. it told me only mine
  278. mmlosh it feels a bit wrong, seeing my JID in the message part of the anonymous MUC
  279. mmlosh of course. I know
  280. pvtlth ↑↑↑↑↑
  281. pvtlth */*-+-+-+
  282. pvtlth sorry
  283. Darlan In certificate warning dialog, while connecting to an account, I suggest to use View Certificate (View cert...) Reject (Cancel) Accept (OK). Your thoughts, please.
  284. Darlan Asterix, patch seems to work well. I trolled various of users today and my chat dialog is good :-) mmlosh got a little upset because of errors from my end, I guess.
  285. mmlosh Darlan, I forgive you
  286. mmlosh I wanted to tell you what was happening
  287. Darlan Thanks :-)
  288. mmlosh but you kept interrupting me
  289. Darlan I thought so.
  290. mmlosh and you were doing it every 1-3 letters typed
  291. Darlan I was not active, in real world, it was my client.
  292. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14944:f46b67dbc11e]: [Darlan] Set title for ssl error dialogs [Darlan] Set title for ssl error dialogs
  293. Darlan Thanks again :-)
  294. Darlan Next time I will really make patches for adding titles.
  295. Darlan Is it just me or Merge Account feature does not work properly.
  296. Darlan ?
  297. dicson Darlan, Merged account print twice in roster?
  298. Darlan I have more accounts, so I see it more times.
  299. dicson Darlan, yes.I can repro
  300. Darlan It keeps on changing if I enable/disable other accounts; I can disable an account and see more Merged Accounts lines.
  301. Darlan Service Discovery for
  302. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14945:61620d0da17a]: Add account name to SSL Certificate Verification dialog title Add account name to SSL Certificate Verification dialog title
  303. Darlan Service Discovery for (double display bug)
  304. Darlan I can't reproduce disco bug.
  305. dicson Merged accounts broken in (7ab29352bc8d) don't redraw several time the contacts when redrawing the full roster. See #7125
  306. Darlan #7125
  307. bot Darlan: (Gajim is unusable with large roster)
  308. Asterix my fault then
  309. dicson Asterix, works fine
  310. Asterix that sound strange because there is already a call to before_fill and after fill arround that, so setting improve_speed doesn't use usefull ...
  311. dicson yes
  312. Maranda Asterix, is there a way to enable timestamps in the console?
  313. Asterix in XML console?
  314. Maranda yes
  315. Asterix not, which is annoying I agree
  316. Maranda maybe they could be added on the in/out comments
  317. Asterix yep
  318. Maranda wonders if when message correction is called to server should replace the old message with the new one in the room history.
  319. Asterix thinks Maranda thinks too much
  320. Lukc thinks Asterix doesn’t think enough.
  321. Asterix ho !
  322. Link Mauve Maranda, I think it should.
  323. Maranda wonders if when message correction is called the server should replace the old message with the new one in the room history.
  324. MatthL I would prefer to see the old one in strike through and the correction below
  325. Asterix that sound hard to implement. there is no ID saved in history, so hard to know which message should be replaced
  326. Asterix dicson: if your patch fixes merged account, then commit it, no pb, same thing for accounts window, you can commit your patch
  327. Maranda <message id='3016' type='groupchat' to='' from=''> <body>Hm well offline won&apos;t be so worrying</body> <delay stamp='2013-08-27T20:44:23Z' xmlns='urn:xmpp:delay'/> <x stamp='20130827T20:44:23' xmlns='jabber:x:delay'/> </message> <message id='3017' type='groupchat' to='' from=''> <body>but in muc history it&apos;ll dupe</body> <delay stamp='2013-08-27T20:44:31Z' xmlns='urn:xmpp:delay'/> <x stamp='20130827T20:44:31' xmlns='jabber:x:delay'/> </message>
  328. Maranda hmmm?
  329. Maranda there's not? Or are you talking about Gajim?
  330. Asterix I'm talking about Gajim
  331. Maranda Ok :)
  332. Link Mauve Are there still clients that only understand jabber:x:delay?
  333. Maranda possibly.
  334. Maranda not sure though
  335. Maranda (it's one of those few compats which I keept)