Gajim - 2013-08-25

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7239 ([PATCH] Minor UI corrections/suggestions) reopened There are still redundant horizontal and vertical scrollbars for Edit > Preferences > Status > Status Messages. I guess these are the last one to fix.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7436 (Change colour of MUC message highlighting) created phenomenon MUC message highlighting is constant. background analysis There seem to be no option to change MUC message highlighting. Some do not like the default colour (pink). implementation recommendation Add an option to change colour of MUC message highlighting.
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7436 (Change colour of MUC message highlighting) updated Another UI suggestion, which I will not post at #7239: New design for Edit > Preferences > Style > Chat Line Colors Remove "Reset too Default Colors". Remove checkboxes. Add a reset color button and a checkbox to each color. Reorder Chat Line Colors like this: [ ] [Reset] [Color] Contact's nickname [ ] [Reset] [Color] Contact's message [ ] [R[…]
  4. Darlan Maybe: [ ] Contact's nickname [Color]
  5. mmlosh and I got a dupe right away
  6. mmlosh GtkWarning: IA__gtk_widget_event: assertion `WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_EVENT (widget, event)' failed gtk.main() GtkWarning: gdk_window_invalidate_rect_full: assertion `GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed gtk.main() Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 777, in _on_notebook_switch_page old_ctrl.set_control_active(False) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_control_active'
  7. mmlosh this came out of stderr
  8. Darlan No dup, yet. I am waiting for you to send me a message
  9. mmlosh btw: the windows that has a context menu working is the new one
  10. mmlosh *tab
  11. Asterix because you get the muc error (overactive room" ?
  12. Darlan Funly enough, the mmlosh tab is working fine. I have two Asterix tabs.
  13. mmlosh possibly... but only when I haven't caused the error
  14. mmlosh I was using the tab with broken context menu
  15. mmlosh perhaps I need to use the one that has the tab working?
  16. mmlosh oh.. interesting
  17. mmlosh your message arrived at the tab-with-broken-context-menu
  18. mmlosh which is the original tab
  19. Darlan mmlosh, see where there is bigger text
  20. mmlosh what is bigger text?
  21. mmlosh btw: this message arrived at the new tab.. I guess the one I used most recently gets the message?
  22. Darlan When you see history of chat when you join, the text is smaller, so it should be with the newer tab.
  23. mmlosh btw: now the "font notification" broke for this MUC.. the "*" is gone, but it still shows "gajim" in red
  24. mmlosh it does not anymore
  25. mmlosh Darlan, I don't see smaller text.. the messages written by others are gray, though
  26. Darlan Then this is the newer tab, I guess.
  27. mmlosh yes.. that's how I found out
  28. mmlosh and that one had the context menu working
  29. Darlan (mmlosh) (mmlosh) (Asterix duplicated tab)
  30. mmlosh I think there was already an overactive error in the newly created tab...
  31. Asterix each time "the room is currently overactive"
  32. Darlan So the context-menu of the original tab is broken but the context-menu of the new tab is working.
  33. Asterix but I still don't know how to repro
  34. mmlosh could it be, that it happens when the message is delivered correctly, but "message arrived successfully" notification errors?
  35. Darlan Asterix, do you want me to send you configuration files?
  36. Asterix no, just tell me how you do it
  37. mmlosh just quickly sends messages until it happens, that's all
  38. Asterix quickly after you joined the room?
  39. Asterix or just send a lot of messages?
  40. mmlosh I have been here for more than a day
  41. mmlosh not really a lot.. I think it was always under 10 or perhaps 5
  42. mmlosh hmm.. perhaps that's under time usually needed for OTR to initialize? (I do have OTR)
  43. mmlosh I got a dupe with darlan
  44. Asterix I don't see OTR in darlan's logs
  45. Darlan Asterix, I open tab anytime, not necessarily quickly after joining.
  46. mmlosh 5 messages sent quickly after opening the MUC-PM tab
  47. Darlan I do not use OTR
  48. Darlan I enabled OTR plugin
  49. mmlosh I remember the OTR kicks in a couple of seconds after I send the first message
  50. mmlosh if there is any sort of "timer", could it be started by the first message instead of opening the tab?
  51. Darlan Asterix, do you have duplicated tabs?
  52. Asterix yes
  53. Darlan Communicate with me here, when testing this bug, if you may.
  54. Asterix no, I won't pollute the room
  55. Asterix will test at test@ when I'll have time
  56. Darlan Each time a new tab is replicated, the former tab becomes unresponsive. And communication is possible with newer tab.
  57. Asterix once again that's not the problem. you go too far. The problem is just the duplication. It should not duplicate tab
  58. Darlan Also, I need to open roster with right-click on systray because there are "new" messages, in bad tabs, that can't be reset.
  59. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7435 (Unresponsive tabs on E2E error) reopened Note: Each time a new tab is replicated, the former tab becomes unresponsive. And communication is possible with newer tab. In order to show roster, user have to open it via right-click on systray because there are "new" messages, in some duplicated tabs, which their state can't be reset.
  60. mmlosh Disagreed
  61. mmlosh I was able to send messages using both tabs
  62. mmlosh well.. at least I think some of them reached the other side
  63. mmlosh + i am running in "detached rooster" mode, so I don't have the issues mentioned in there
  64. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • start_minimized.diff attached to Ticket #7426 Rename show_roster_on_startup with start_minimized
  65. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7426 (Command line argument to start minimized (inside tray)) updated This patch is not working. I need help. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 396, in on_preferences_menuitem_activate gajim.interface.instances['preferences'] = config.PreferencesWindow() File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 187, in __init__ minimize_combobox.set_active(0) AttributeEr[…]
  66. Darlan #7436
  67. Asterix w8 .. upgrading
  68. kcchouette gajim is down ?
  69. Asterix upgrading ...
  70. kcchouette ok
  71. Asterix it's back
  72. Asterix #7436
  73. bot Asterix: (Change colour of MUC message highlighting)
  74. Darlan _ver bot
  75. bot Darlan: Isida-Bot v2.32.-rc0 // Linux (3.2.0-4-amd64-x86_64) / Python 2.7.5+ [Jun 2 2013]
  76. Darlan Asterix, I think string "Please first choose another for your current theme." should be renamed to "Please first choose another *as* your current theme."
  77. Asterix Where is this sentence?
  78. Darlan When I try to remove theme in use.
  79. Asterix MattJ: Hi, which string is the most english one?
  80. MattJ Not sure it really matters
  81. Darlan Third one: Please first choose another theme as your current theme
  82. MattJ But I do like that one, yes (third)
  83. Asterix ok Thanks, will change it
  84. Darlan This is the first time I realise what "another" (theme) means in this string.
  85. Asterix Darlan: I'll add the highlight color to pref window, under the others. What string do you like? "Group chat highlight color"?
  86. Darlan Dןרקבא MUC צקדדשעקד
  87. Darlan oops
  88. Darlan Direct MUC message (hold on, I will look at original string)
  89. Asterix MUC is not userfriendly. I don't think there is a lot of "MUC" un GUI
  90. Darlan The string was "MUC Directed Messages" (ok, I a thinking on another one)
  91. Darlan I need help; my proposals are not good, IMHO. Group chat nickname highlight Group chat word highlight Group chat mention
  92. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14926:b62a55b8ab83]: [Darlan] improve string [Darlan] improve string
  93. Darlan Why changing color of "MUC Directed Messages" in theme configuration does not work?
  94. Asterix read the chat you quoted in the ticket, or read what is printed in bold in this window
  95. Asterix "chatstate tab color"
  96. Darlan oh
  97. Link Mauve Oh, I read “MUC” and “chatstate” together, but it still isn’t about chatstates in MUC for Gajim. :(
  98. Asterix hehe indeed ;)
  99. Asterix "Group chat highlight message"?
  100. Asterix or just "Group chat highlight" as "URL highlight"
  101. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7437 (No connexion when I ignore error of a certificat) created Bug description For an unsigned certificate, gajim displays a window at startup to indicate: "Error Verifying SSL certificate". When I check [ignore this error for this certificate], at the next restart of gajim, it does not connect. Steps to reproduce check [ignore this error for this certificate], and restart gajim Traceba[…]
  102. Darlan Group chat highlight sounds okay
  103. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7437 (No connexio[…] • Ticket #7438 (Can stop or continue a file when my reception is full) created Bug description when we receive a file, it downloads it (it's normal). But when the file is completely downloaded, you can always stop it or continue it (buttons can be click). Steps to reproduce Receive a file… and see. Software vers[…]
  104. Darlan Asterix, since the description of Close button of File Transfers is "Hides the window" I think it would be better to rename Close to Hide.
  105. Darlan _ver darlan
  106. bot Darlan: Error! Remote server not found!
  107. Darlan _ver Darlan
  108. bot Darlan: Gajim 0.15.4-e84a5b5a5dcd // Slackware Linux Slackware 14.0
  109. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14927:3aaa9cd58e85]: add markedmsgcolor option to GUI. Fixes #7436 add markedmsgcolor option to GUI. Fixes #7436 • Ticket #7436 (Change colour of MUC message highlighting) closed fixed: In 3aaa9cd58e85c3417d49d320079509674b5eaabe: add markedmsgcolor option to GUI. Fixes #7436
  110. Asterix I don't agree, the normal button is close to close / hide a window.
  111. Darlan ok
  112. Darlan $ gajim-history-manager --config-path .local/share/gajim/db/ option --config-path not recognized for help use --help
  113. kcchouette What mean Connection with peer cannot be established. ?
  114. Asterix config_path according to code
  115. Asterix hmmm no ...
  116. Asterix strange ...
  117. Asterix kcchouette: that the connection with where you want to connect cannot be done
  118. Asterix -c seems to work
  119. Asterix same for gajim
  120. kcchouette Asterix, I don't arrive to share a file with a Psi user :-/ Here my XML console :
  121. Asterix normal, he is the sender, and he offers you only his local ip 192.168.x.y. So of course you cannot connect to this IP
  122. Asterix or you are the sender?
  123. kcchouette no
  124. kcchouette I must to add this bug at Psi ?
  125. Asterix yes you are the sender
  126. Asterix ha no
  127. Asterix the begining of the stanzas are missing
  128. Asterix no, it's a configuration problem, not a client problem
  129. kcchouette I don't have the begenning. I start the console after the transfer request
  130. Asterix Darlan: I confirm it understand config_path, not config-path
  131. Asterix kcchouette: no problem, the result is the same, the sender (your contact) only offer his local IP.
  132. kcchouette How can I reconfig that ?
  133. Asterix Gajim 0.16 (I don't know for PSI) will improve things as sender and receiver can offer IPs or proxies (if both you and your contact supports jingle file transfer)
  134. Asterix kcchouette: you can't do anything. The sender has to configure its client
  135. Asterix adding his internet IP and configuring his router to forward correct port to the correct local IP or adding proxies (the one of his server or a public one)
  136. kcchouette thanks, Asterix
  137. Darlan Asterix, then I would like to have config_path renamed to config-path, so user can save a click on Shift key.
  138. Asterix already commited ;)
  139. Asterix (it depends on your keyboard mapping)
  140. Darlan Yes, but if we are already using "-" before most of arguments, then why not do the same here?
  141. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14928:cba8934c2688]: handle config-path instead of config_path handle config-path instead of config_path
  142. Darlan :-)
  143. Asterix ‎[16:14] ‎Asterix‎: already commited ;)
  144. Darlan I thought you have done otherwise.
  145. Darlan Asterix, are you using Glade software to edit UI or are you editing .ui files manually?
  146. Asterix I could handle both to not break compatibility ... but I don't think this option is used a lot, and 0. in version means it's not stable ;)
  147. Asterix I use glade, but an old version to edit gtk2 files. The new glade version is only for gtk3
  148. Asterix glade 3.6.7
  149. Darlan Glade 3.8.2
  150. Asterix no idea if 3.8.2 is for gtk2 or gtk3
  151. Darlan This is not good to foist on us gtk3 in this manner, they should provide support for both.
  152. Darlan I think it is gtk2 - I will change theme and see.
  153. Darlan It is gtk2
  154. Darlan Do you think Gajim should have a --version argument which will print versions of Gajim, GTK+, PyGTK, Python?
  155. Asterix we have that in help -> about (not python version)
  156. kcchouette gajim is upgrading ?
  157. Asterix yes .. apache 2.2 to 2.4 ... some config problems
  158. Darlan I know.
  159. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [708:e69475bff1f4]: gotr: make sure no messages are sent in plain when OTR fails, a[…] • Changeset [709:b5419ea8913d]: gotr: make sure no messages are sent in plain when OTR fails, a[…]
  160. Asterix should be quite ok now
  161. Asterix except the language of
  162. Asterix do you also have it in I wonder which language?
  163. Asterix haa better in english :)
  164. Asterix strange that default value of langue in config file is tr ...
  165. Asterix I'm not sure 0.16 will be released one day ...
  166. pvtlth what lang is tr?
  167. Asterix turkish I guess
  168. pvtlth well... :D
  169. Darlan #7439
  170. bot Darlan: (Expand --help)
  171. Darlan I do not know what is `action="store_true"`, too.
  172. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7425 (Update manpage) updated .It Fl v Fl Fl verbose 37 Print xml stanz[…] • Ticket #7425 (Update manp[] • Ticket #7439 (Expand --help) created Here is a prototype for --help which was copied from the ​Whaaw! Media Player (whaawmp) project, which is written by the British translator of Gajim, Jeff Bailes. Since I did not find -h, --help show this help message and exit in […]
  173. Darlan Asterix, did you ask Jeff Bailes to corporate (not incorporate) features of whaawmp to Gajim? (e.g. communicating to Gajim, via DBus, currently played audio/video in whaawmp)
  174. Darlan Since he is a Gajim user, I think it is worth to ask him about it.
  175. Asterix 1/ Not sure he still use Gajim 2/ there is a mpris protocol for that that Gajim already handle.
  176. mmlosh WTF? It seems that gajim got stuck because of flashplayer getting stuck while being fullscreen on another tab
  177. mmlosh It completely refused to redraw itself or it's tray icon.
  178. Link Mauve Maybe an audio driver issue?
  179. mmlosh I actually killed the plugin-container before observing that gajim is not responding
  180. mmlosh killing firefox restored it's operation
  181. mmlosh audio? hmm.. Thanks for the tip.. I'll try running aplay next time this happends
  182. Link Mauve I’ve already got my ALSA driver stuck, but it hasn’t happened since I switched to OSS.
  183. mmlosh Well.. Right now I am running ALSA(kernel)-jack-pulseaudio-ALSA(userspace)
  184. mmlosh alsa as in alsa - the soundcard side, or alsa the userspace side? (or how exactly is it divided, if at all)
  185. Link Mauve Wow, what a complicated setup. :D
  186. Link Mauve I only used to use ALSA, both the kernel- and user-side.
  187. mmlosh I did that because of a stupid series that has an annoying 15kHz noise in the background
  188. mmlosh and the first sw equalizer I found was jack-based
  189. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7439 (Expand --help) updated I do not know what is action="store_true", too […] • Ticket […] • Ticket[…] • Ticket[…] • Ticket[…] • Ticket[…]
  190. Link Mauve mmlosh, I use mpv’s equalizer, it is built-in.
  191. Link Mauve I think mplayer had one too, since both are based on ffmpeg.
  192. Link Mauve mpv -af equalizer=0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:-12 your_serie.webm
  193. pvtlth asterix just asking: can i implement jquery into the download page?
  194. mmlosh Link Mauve, thanks for the tip.. is it interactive in any way?
  195. Link Mauve I don’t think so, perhaps in slave mode, but I use mpv directly.
  196. mmlosh (PS: I am currently using freqtweak, which also has the advantage of seeing the frequencies located in the signal, allowing me to figure out what is that annoying thing)
  197. Asterix pvtlth: isn't it possible only with javascript? it's just showing / hidding some div
  198. pvtlth yes, but jquery makes things much more easy and jquery IS just javascript
  199. Link Mauve pvtlth, it’s very heavy for such a small task.
  200. pvtlth ok so i'll try it without
  201. Asterix I agree jquery simplify things, but as Link Mauve said, having to d/l that just for show/hide sounds a bit annoying to me ...
  202. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7426 (Command line argument to start minimized (inside tray)) updated Widget name are not correct. it's a minor thing. But I won't change this option name. Changing option name also mean an upgrade script to upgrade users' config so they are not disappointed.
  203. Darlan It seems that Whaaw! Media Player does not support MPRIS protocol. Quod Libet is able to communicate to Gajim its currently played song even when its JEP-118 plugin is not enabled.
  204. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7438 (Can stop or continue a file when my reception is full) closed worksforme: it works correctly in 0.16 pre-release
  205. Darlan Asterix, I have an important question. Why is the Programming Error Dialog no longer appearing? I think it has to appear when there is a duplicated tab, for example.
  206. Asterix it is supposed to appear only if you don't run Gajim from console. If you run it from console, no need of this window, error is printed in console
  207. Darlan There is a bug with it, then. After updating to 0.15 (or 0.14?) I have never saw it again. I used to see it, from time to time, when I was sing 0.13.4.
  208. Darlan May you fix the programming error problem before you fix the duplicated tab problem?
  209. Asterix Darlan: I think I'm old enough to handle my TODO list, but of course patches are handles more quickly ...
  210. Asterix I don't think you see how much you request from the devs
  211. Asterix I'm not saying what you do is useless, far from that
  212. Asterix finding bugs and reporting them is important
  213. Asterix but it's a lot of work and time for the devs to handle them
  214. Darlan I know.
  215. Darlan I indeed notice how much I ask, that is way I ask, not determine. This was not a matter of priorities but a very useful mean to me to catch other problems, if there are.
  216. pvtlth asterix another question: in the source code of the download page most print-commands end with a "\n". why?
  217. Asterix only to make HTML more beautiful... completly useless except for that
  218. pvtlth so i don't have to do it as well?
  219. Asterix beautiful and readable
  220. Asterix not realy needed indeed, we won't look at html ...
  221. pvtlth i think i'll do it because i may need to read / debug the html code later :D
  222. Asterix :D
  223. pvtlth you said something about dropping autopackage few weeks ago. do u want it in the download page or not?
  224. Asterix no, no need to have it
  225. pvtlth got it
  226. Asterix the guy who did this autopackage is gone for a LOOOOONNNNG time
  227. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14933:371b4cb440d3]: get gtkexcepthook back (Thanks demandimport once again …) get gtkexcepthook back (Thanks demandimport once again …)
  228. Asterix Darlan: ^^
  229. Darlan Is this the programming error?
  230. Asterix yes
  231. Darlan Awesome!
  232. Darlan I try to understand how command-line output but I guess that it is overcomplicated to a simpler output of gajim and gajim-history-manager.
  233. Darlan Would _('test'), suffice?
  234. Darlan Would _('text'), suffice?
  235. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14934:da80e2a35d06]: hide useless scrollbar. Fixes #[] • Ticket #7239 ([PAT[…] • Ticket #7425 (Update manpage) updated I try to find an excuse to make these levels ordered in this way: DEBUG - description INFO - description W[…]
  236. pocek Hi
  237. pvtlth Hi
  238. pocek Does gajim support audio conferences with more than 2 users?
  239. pvtlth Asterix: I'm not sure what you wanted to do with SourceMage. Do we drop it, too?
  240. Asterix > Would _('test'), suffice? yes
  241. Asterix > Does gajim support audio conferences with more than 2 users? no, is there a server supporting that?
  242. pocek I guess not
  243. pocek "Audio / video *conferences*" point on is a bit misleading
  244. Asterix pvtlth: hmm no, why would you drop it? it's the same as mandriva ok most linux distro
  245. pvtlth asterix thank you, i wasn't sure.
  246. Asterix pocek: how would you call that? A/V chats?
  247. pocek Asterix: I think so
  248. pocek Do you guys/gals know any open source solution to make audio conferences? I don't need video, doesn't have to be XMPP-based...
  249. Link Mauve pocek, mumble.
  250. Link Mauve I think Jitsi and Muji do that too, and those are XMPP-based.
  251. pocek cool, thanks
  252. pvtlth asterix: download page nearly done. just a little javascript triggering to do. where can i upload it? i guess you want to translate it before it replaces the existing page.
  253. Darlan Linphone supports audio conference with over 3 contacts.
  254. Darlan One can utilize a conference session by using a conference contact = contact that is able to conglomerate several contacts into one conversation. Ekiga is suggesting the use such contacts <>
  255. Link Mauve pvtlth, is it working without any JS too?
  256. Darlan I think this task can be made also with CSS.
  257. Darlan Asterix, I have two dicson tabs even though he has E2E disabled.
  258. Darlan mmlosh, ^
  259. kcchouette Where can I publish traceback ?
  260. Darlan kcchouette,
  261. pvtlth Link Mauve: Yes, it is. First of all everythink is shown. After the page is done loading JavaScript just hides things and shows them again.
  262. kcchouette ok, and I link here, Darlan ?
  263. mmlosh Darlan, was that just "perhaps it could happen even without E2E" ?
  264. Darlan I think so
  265. Darlan Apparently, mmlosh.
  266. mmlosh k
  267. Asterix Darlan: I don't think E2E has any importance ..
  268. Asterix there is no E2E in logs
  269. Asterix pvtlth: if it's not easy for you to put it somewhere I can put it on my server without any problem
  270. Darlan That was an assertion by Maranda, so I kept on mentioning it as a probable reason.
  271. Asterix kcchouette: yep link here and we'll see if it's a bug that can be fixed quickly or needs a ticket
  272. pvtlth asterix: i have access to a test webspace. but there we can't translate it into all the languages.
  273. Asterix not a problem, translation will come later
  274. Asterix I can only translate in french, I don't speak all languages :)
  275. Darlan heehe
  276. kcchouette Asterix, the paste failed to charge a /view/* :-(
  277. pvtlth i can translate it into german ;)
  278. Link Mauve kcchouette, you can also paste it directly here, since there is a mod_pastebin.
  279. Asterix kcchouette: hm? you just copy / paste there and press create ...
  280. Asterix yes right
  281. kcchouette yes
  282. kcchouette but after, I have : Not Found The requested URL /view/738d6c72 was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.6 (Debian) Server at Port 80
  283. kcchouette
  284. pvtlth asterix: i can't find a free sourcemage logo
  285. Asterix kcchouette: right, my apache server upgrade broke
  286. Asterix pvtlth: then we'll just create an icon with the name
  287. pvtlth could you do that? size: 100x100 px :D
  288. Asterix dicson: badzipfile with emoticons_pack?
  289. Asterix pvtlth: I'm not a graphist at all, but writing sourcemage in gimp should be doable, yes.
  290. dicson Asterix, need test
  291. pvtlth atserix: i can do this, too :D
  292. dicson Asterix, I download normal zip
  293. dicson 0.15 - normal zip
  294. Asterix dicson: you saw the tb?
  295. pvtlth asterix: i have an image. you don't need to create one
  296. Asterix pvtlth: perfect, thanks
  297. pvtlth np
  298. Asterix kcchouette: could you remove and re-install the emoticons pack plugin?
  299. dicson Asterix, I download in browser
  300. Asterix kcchouette:
  301. Asterix before that ...
  302. dicson no tb
  303. Asterix could you save ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/emoticons_pack/
  304. dicson I will try reinstall plugin
  305. kcchouette Asterix, I don't publish my Traceback for that, but thanks ;-)
  306. Asterix kcchouette: you publish it for trying to fix it, and it seems you have a problem with the emoticon pack plugin
  307. kcchouette Ok
  308. Asterix so I'd like to understand why. Is your zip file badly downloaded? Or a bug somewhere?
  309. kcchouette I re-install it after eating
  310. dicson works for me
  311. Asterix kcchouette: ok bon appétit
  312. Asterix ok repaired
  313. pvtlth Aterix: Here's the download page preview:
  314. Asterix I like it :)
  315. dicson nice
  316. Asterix maybe source and Mercurial could go in 2 other icons
  317. pvtlth test it with and without javascript, please.
  318. Asterix like "Other linux distribution" with a penguin icon" and "Source code" with a mercurial icon?
  319. pvtlth would be an idea.
  320. dicson >without javascript, click on icon don't work
  321. Asterix it's ok without JS
  322. Asterix indeed a link to a html tag could be nice
  323. dicson pvtlth, good job!
  324. pvtlth dicson: thank you :D
  325. pvtlth asterix: what do u mean with link to a html tag?
  326. Asterix the same thing as current d/l page
  327. Asterix when you click on a distro in the menu
  328. Asterix
  329. Asterix the #suse part
  330. pvtlth aahh, now i understood. i can only do one thing, the javascript or the html tag. both are not possible at the same time i think.
  331. Asterix hmmm sad, but I understand ..
  332. Asterix anyway, except Link Mauve, everybody has JS ;)
  333. Darlan pvtlth, very nice!
  334. pvtlth thanks
  335. Darlan I have JS disabled most of the time, too.
  336. dicson Darlan, +1
  337. bot dicson: You changes Darlan's karma to +1. Next time to change across: 01:00:00
  338. Darlan :D
  339. pvtlth what is this?
  340. dicson iceweasel + no script
  341. Link Mauve Asterix, anybody a little aware of what happens on the web will disable JS, you know. :p
  342. Asterix then I'm not aware of that then :)
  343. Darlan pvtlth, the openSUSE page OBS has auto recognition of operating systems by matching user-agent.
  344. pvtlth darlan: i don't know how to implement this
  345. kcchouette merci Asterix
  346. Darlan You can look at OBS,
  347. pvtlth do we really need this?
  348. kcchouette this ( is beautiful
  349. Darlan I think only for Windows
  350. pvtlth ?
  351. Darlan Generally, no. You do whatever you think is proper.
  352. dicson Darlan, don't detect my debian
  353. Darlan This is client-side that does a match, I think.
  354. pvtlth i think it's too difficult to debug
  355. Darlan ok, never mind, then.
  356. pvtlth np
  357. Darlan Awesome work, nonetheless :-)
  358. pvtlth asterix: is the "other linux" and "source" two different things or is it one?
  359. Asterix Arg, Darlan, once again, = static pages!
  360. Asterix so no OS recognitino
  361. Darlan ok
  362. Asterix it's the same
  363. pvtlth ok thanks
  364. pvtlth but then i can't get the same amount of icons in the two rows...
  365. Darlan Concerning to Javascript, 10 years ago, Mozilla used to be very harsh on JS, but after they received more of their Google bribes they started to cherish it with PowerPoint-like JS presentations and other fancy tricks, and they have also brought this goddamn super-dynamic CSS3.
  366. kcchouette :-(
  367. dicson kcchouette, traceback?
  368. kcchouette what ?
  369. dicson >‎[22:58:40] ‎kcchouette‎: :-( plugin not work?
  370. pvtlth what text do you want to have in the "other linux / source" description box?
  371. kcchouette dicson, no, it's for >‎[20:57:27] ‎Darlan‎: Concerning to Javascript, 10 years ago, Mozilla used to be very harsh on JS, …
  372. dicson kcchouette, ok
  373. pvtlth asterix: what text do you want to have in the "other linux / source" description box?
  374. Darlan They have terrorized our privacy, yet, I do admit, that it is better than Adobe Flash, as long as I can use web pages the same with or without JS.
  375. Asterix pvtlth: the one in d/l page under source
  376. pvtlth ok
  377. kcchouette ok, I have a «_ssl.c:489: The handshake operation timed out» with the download of plug-in
  378. Asterix The tarball version of Gajim is ...
  379. Asterix kcchouette: ha ...
  380. Asterix it works for me ...
  381. Asterix kcchouette: how do you d/l a plugin?
  382. kcchouette Asterix, in edit > plug-in
  383. Asterix and then?
  384. kcchouette available
  385. kcchouette I check the checkbox
  386. kcchouette and click on the button install/update
  387. Asterix which one?
  388. pvtlth asterix: where does this text end? or do i put in everything under source?
  389. kcchouette of emoticon pack
  390. dicson maybe disable TLS can help?
  391. Asterix yep
  392. Darlan pvtlth, I think you can do this: If JS is disabled, you replace the menu icons "javascript:show_os_description(9);" with another menu icons with html tag.
  393. dicson kcchouette, you can try to disable TLS in plugin installer config
  394. pvtlth darlan: it only works the other way round. i can just change things WITH javascript and not without.
  395. kcchouette Now I have a « The read operation timed out »
  396. dicson hm
  397. Darlan okay, here is my last proposal: By default, page mas menu icons with html tags (e.g. #suse) If JS is enabled, you replace the default menu with the JS one.
  398. Darlan Is this feasible?
  399. pvtlth i'll see. i'm not sure but i'll try
  400. Asterix Darlan: static pages ...
  401. pvtlth asterix: static javascript in static pages is no problem i think
  402. Asterix I don't have any problem d/ling plugins with TLS ...
  403. Asterix indeed no problem, but detecting JS and modifying pages doesn't sound a static page
  404. Asterix or ...
  405. Darlan We will see results by pvtlth and see.
  406. Asterix first page has html tags, and with JS you change it to js link ...
  407. Asterix but that sounds too complicated. current behaviour is ok
  408. dicson kcchouette, Can you download and open this:
  409. Darlan I think you are not detecting JS, but triggering JS elements when JS is enabled.
  410. Darlan Asterix, agreed.
  411. dicson kcchouette, Can you download and open this: ?
  412. kcchouette dicson, yes
  413. dicson kcchouette, I have no idea
  414. pvtlth darlan: wait for results :D
  415. Darlan I will
  416. Asterix Darlan: 'blabl' + _('translated blabla')
  417. Asterix _() is a funtion, this can't be inside a string
  418. pvtlth Asterix: I have put all the rest into the "other Linux / source" description box but not the old releases.
  419. pvtlth I found out: It is possible to change the html link stuff. I'll try to implement
  420. Darlan #7439
  421. bot Darlan: (Expand --help)
  422. Asterix pvtlth: great. And you also added a mercurial icon?
  423. pvtlth of course
  424. Asterix yep for old releases, I don't know yet what to do with that ...
  425. pvtlth just leave it at the bottom of the page. doesn't matter
  426. Asterix Darlan: I know how to read you know, I get a mail for all ticket change, no need to post here each time you add a comment
  427. Darlan dicson just sent me a tip :-)
  428. Darlan Asterix, concerning to duplicated tabs: 1/ Today was the first time I have had this problem against dicson, after tens of PM sessions with him. 2/ Context menu works for me with both tabs, for the first time.
  429. pvtlth New download page preview: Cangelog: + other Linux / source in menu
  430. pvtlth :D test it, i didn't overwrite the old version
  431. pvtlth does it work?
  432. pvtlth no answer...
  433. Darlan Works well, IMHO.
  434. Darlan Can JS detection process be faster?
  435. pvtlth what do u mean? does the link thing with and without javascript work?
  436. Asterix pvtlth: I think it would be nice to have JS executed before image loading ...
  437. Asterix if possible ...
  438. pvtlth why?
  439. Asterix or maybe hide all textbox by default
  440. Darlan Yes, this is what I meant!
  441. Asterix because currently all is shown until we get all images (a few seconds) and then all is hidden
  442. Darlan pvtlth, I indeed work, but on one page reload I could notice with me eyes that links are still with tags and I needed to wait for images to load until they are converted to JS links
  443. pvtlth asterix: all textboxes are shown by default for those who don't use javascript. javascript hides them after the page is loaded
  444. pvtlth darlan i don't understand what you are talking about, sry
  445. Darlan Asterix would explain it better than I.
  446. Asterix pvtlth: is it possible to execute JS before loading images?
  447. pvtlth i don't know.
  448. Asterix what darlan mean is that until all images are loaded, if we click on windows, we have the tag link instead of the JS one
  449. pvtlth that's the way the javascript works. i don't know how to fix this.
  450. Darlan I suggest to use the previous preview, then submit a patch for current page and then we wait for a solution of executing JS before loading images.
  451. Darlan If it is possible.
  452. Asterix
  453. pvtlth i can undo the javaschript link change feature, but then you can't click on the icons without javascript
  454. pvtlth ahhh, found something... let's see if it can help us :D
  455. Asterix
  456. Asterix or maybe, as script is at the end, just put the code outside of onload event?
  457. pvtlth i don't know if this will be executed at all. will test
  458. pvtlth try this one http://localhost/gajim-website/downloads5.php
  459. Asterix hehe
  460. Asterix localhost ...
  461. pvtlth sorry
  462. Asterix haaaa
  463. Asterix perfect!
  464. pvtlth
  465. pvtlth maybe you can't reproduce this error because the images are chached
  466. pvtlth *cached
  467. Asterix I do ctrl+shift+R
  468. Darlan hash for html tags are missing
  469. Darlan hash = #
  470. Asterix and I see things hidden before images are loaded
  471. Darlan oops, never mind
  472. pvtlth darlan which one is missing? i am sure to put them everywhere
  473. Darlan debian
  474. Asterix freebsd
  475. Darlan freebsd
  476. Darlan yep
  477. pvtlth yes i just found both
  478. pvtlth uploading...
  479. pvtlth try it again
  480. Asterix good
  481. Asterix one more thing ...
  482. pvtlth yes?
  483. Asterix the 3rd line: If your distribution doesn't have the latest version you are advised to use the autopackage or the source tarball should be changed to If your distribution doesn't have the latest version you are advised to use the source tarball
  484. Asterix but source tarball link is not ok
  485. pvtlth what is wrong?
  486. Asterix should be rhe same link as other linux / source
  487. Asterix #source and not #tarball
  488. Asterix and it's not changed to JS link
  489. pvtlth #tarball fixed
  490. Darlan I have JS disabled and I still have JS buttons instead of tags
  491. Asterix Darlan: not me if I disable JS
  492. Darlan ok, as long as you are ok, ignore me.
  493. Darlan is challenging... > [22:22:30] Asterix: Darlan: static pages ... > [22:24:08] Darlan: We will see results by pvtlth and see. :-P
  494. pvtlth fixed 3rd line JS link
  495. pvtlth any questions?
  496. Darlan At least, I was a little helpful today ;-)
  497. Darlan pvtlth, AWESOME WORK!
  498. Asterix pvtlth: excellent!
  499. pvtlth thank you. but without your help i would've been lost
  500. pvtlth i will put the downloads5.php and the os/distro images into a zip file. where can i upload it?
  501. Darlan compact download ticket page
  502. Darlan is searching...
  503. Darlan #7329
  504. bot Darlan: (Compact download page)
  505. pvtlth doesn't understand...
  506. Darlan Upload it to that ticket and close it.
  507. pvtlth ok
  508. pvtlth how do i do this?
  509. Darlan Do you have an account at trac?
  510. kcchouette Please don't forget to check your html page :
  511. pvtlth darlan: no, i just tried to register but i get an error message: Trac detected an internal error: KeyError: 'recaptcha_challenge_field'
  512. pvtlth kcchouette: there are too many errors in things i didn't edit.
  513. kcchouette
  514. kcchouette ↑ yes, 89 errors :-(
  515. Darlan pvtlth, I have registered an account for you, did you get username and password in PM?
  516. pvtlth no, gajim told me it could not decrypt it
  517. Darlan pvtlth, got it?
  518. kcchouette Can I open a ticket to ask if you can respect standard of web ?
  519. pvtlth yes thanks
  520. Darlan no problem
  521. kcchouette ok
  522. Darlan Three pvtlth tabs
  523. Asterix no don't close the ticket
  524. Asterix it will be closed once installed on
  525. Asterix kcchouette: patch welcome :)
  526. kcchouette I don't know web developpement :-(
  527. pvtlth i didn't close it
  528. pvtlth asterix did you get the zipfile?
  529. Asterix "Usage" is not translatable?
  530. dicson Darlan, ?
  531. Asterix yep it's on the ticket. Thanks a lot man!
  532. Darlan Yes?
  533. pvtlth bye guys
  534. Darlan pvtlth, Thank you.
  535. kcchouette Is gajim-website open source ?
  536. Darlan Good night ;-o
  537. pvtlth :D
  538. Asterix kcchouette: sure.
  539. Darlan I think so, kcchouette, look in
  540. Darlan pff
  541. Darlan ...
  542. kcchouette ok :-)
  543. dicson Darlan, Usage and Options is not translatable?
  544. Asterix :)
  545. kcchouette thanks
  546. Darlan I will fix it it
  547. dicson :-)
  548. Darlan Thanks for credit, dicson, even though you have done all of his work.
  549. Darlan Asterix, dicson (not translatable) $ fakeroot gajim-history-manager You must not launch gajim-history-manager as root, it is INSECURE
  550. Darlan $ cat $(which gajim-history-manager)
  551. Darlan cat $(which gajim-history-manager)
  552. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket[…] • attached [] • Changeset [14935:6528ecfbf8c1]: [Darlan] Expand --[] • Ticket #7440 (Respect Web Standards) created Bug description Try to validate at ​[…]
  553. Asterix not translatable because this string is in bash, not in python
  554. dicson typo in last commit.
  555. dicson nautilus have translatable usage
  556. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14936:ded33bd80e52]: All strings translatable in -help All strings translatable in -help
  557. Darlan for history-manager: Set configuration directory or Set logs directory?
  558. Darlan
  559. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • DevDebian edited s/nd/and (diff)