Gajim - 2013-08-23

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  2. Darlan Thanks
  3. dicson thanks for report
  4. Darlan :-)
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  6. azerttyu ciao
  7. Darlan Have fun, azerttyu :-)
  8. azerttyu maybe i've a pb with connection to irc chan with spectrum gateway
  9. azerttyu i do some test to know is gajim or spectrum part
  10. b_b hop
  11. Darlan hip
  12. b_b bon toujours pas de trace de fix pour le smooth scroll :)
  13. b_b prend son mal en patience
  14. Darlan You have conveyed to trac a patch for smooth scroll?
  15. Darlan I do not speak French. Am I correct?
  16. b_b ha sorry i forgot that we dont speak fr here ;)
  17. b_b don't have a patch but i knox which commit made the bug
  18. b_b and there is ticket for it
  19. b_b
  20. Darlan Bring all the rest of the French users from the Jabber France channel, except Asterix, and tell them to boycott Gajim until this bug is fixed :-P
  21. Darlan Last time I visited there, everyone used Gajim.
  22. b_b huhu
  23. dicson Darlan, can you test patch for smooth scroll?
  24. dicson I don't know how test scroll when changing font and when resizing chat
  25. dicson I can't see problem when I changing font and when resizing chat
  26. dicson
  27. Darlan ok
  28. Darlan test smooth
  29. Darlan test smooth
  30. Darlan dicson, your patch is working when sending a message. Smooth scrolling does not apply to /command neither to changing in font size. I think your patch is good.
  31. Darlan b_b, your thoughts?
  32. Darlan dicson, your patch does not work with direct messages. Scrolling is always not smooth.
  33. Darlan dicson, your patch does work with PM messages.
  34. b_b first look at the code seems ok, but i haven't tested it
  35. Darlan Please do test.
  36. b_b Erreur None : The room is currently overactive, please try again later
  37. b_b over active ^^
  38. Darlan I have 2 b_b tabs :-/
  39. b_b me too
  40. Darlan I guess you, too
  41. Darlan Yep
  42. b_b and an error
  43. Darlan Yes, me too
  44. dicson Darlan, direct messages?
  45. Darlan I will close window and rejoin
  46. dicson wtf direct messages
  47. Darlan damn tabs
  48. Darlan dicson, I think b_b means to PM
  49. b_b we can't pm in this chan
  50. b_b for now
  51. b_b got errors every time i try
  52. dicson >‎[17:49:33] ‎Darlan‎: dicson, your patch does not work with direct messages. Scrolling is always not smooth. wtf direct messages
  53. b_b seems ok to pm with dicson
  54. Darlan dicson, direct message = a message sent to a contact in roster.
  55. b_b 'm trying again with Darlan
  56. b_b no way :p
  57. dicson Darlan, I do commit and close ticket?
  58. Darlan dicson, if you do, I will add this comment: smooth scrolling does not work with direct/regular messages.
  59. b_b have to go for some minutes, see u soon
  60. dicson
  61. dicson Darlan, I think this ^ will work with direct/regular messages.
  62. dicson do you use one window mode or not?
  63. b_b bakc
  64. Darlan test1
  65. Darlan test2
  66. Darlan dicson, this patch is good.
  67. b_b no way to talk you in private Darlan :)
  68. Darlan hehe
  69. b_b but cool to hear that the patch is good
  70. Darlan I am no the only one who causes to double tab.
  71. b_b have to wait to the update of tomorrow to see smoot scroll back :)
  72. Darlan b_b, do you use Debian?
  73. b_b nope, ubuntu
  74. b_b debian inside
  75. b_b but ubuntu
  76. Darlan Use Salix OS
  77. b_b ha, don't knox this distrib
  78. b_b ha, don't know this distrib
  79. Darlan It is Slackware for lazy people. Fast, easy on resources and easy to use.
  80. b_b seems cool
  81. Darlan If you have a package that i not available in on of the thee repositories (Salix, Slackware, SlackBuilds) than you can search for it in ArchLinux repository and port (or request to port) package PKGBUILD into SLKBUILD of Salix OS.
  82. b_b ha seems better than ppa form ubuntu :p
  83. b_b but i'm kind off attached to ubuntu, it's the first lin distro i've tried when i've switched from ms
  84. b_b The room is currently overactive, please try again later
  85. Darlan Me too
  86. b_b ^^
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  88. Darlan b_b, I use this script to build Gajim from the available daily snapshot
  89. b_b i'm using the unstable/main amd64 Packages
  90. b_b updated every night i think
  91. Darlan I need to enhance it to use HG directly so I won't leech ~6 MB every time I make an update.
  92. b_b hehe
  93. dicson I use mercurial and works without scripts and Packages
  94. Darlan Also, I won't have to wait for tomorrow to enjoy the recent changes.
  95. Darlan Yes, we can just download and run without installing.
  96. dicson Darlan, yes. problem only with translation ;-)
  97. Darlan hehe, I want to write this comment but I thought that this might be considered as trolling.
  98. Darlan It would be nice to make a screenshot of Gajim roster with anime avatars under Windows. I thought about it after looking at Do you know of a resource with free (LGPL, CC etc.) anime graphics?
  99. Link Mauve You don’t like Asterix?
  100. Darlan I love Asterix. My intention is to make Gajim introduction page attractive to newcomers.
  101. kcchouette nice idea, Darlan
  102. b_b Darlan
  103. b_b not the most sexiest gifs, but gpl :p
  104. Darlan b_b, I meant to Japanease anime art, not animated images.
  105. b_b ha sorry
  106. b_b think you can't find it on deviantart
  107. b_b think you can find it on deviantart
  108. b_b prefer calvin & hobbes :p
  109. Darlan Great idea, b_b.
  110. b_b there are some here too :
  111. b_b
  112. Darlan Yes, but some are copyrighted. Why there is a naked cartoon there?
  113. b_b that's the problem of commons, i'm not sure there is a lot of "admins" to watch what is posted
  114. dicson Darlan, I tryed >Strings Copy _Link Address and Copy _Location are available in GTK+.
  115. dicson not work
  116. Darlan Did you try the other string Copy _Link Address?
  117. dicson Darlan, <object class="GtkImageMenuItem" id="copy_link_location_menuitem"> - <property name="label" translatable="yes">_Copy Link Location</property> + <property name="label" translatable="yes">Copy _Location</property>
  118. dicson Darlan, wontfix?
  119. Darlan The About entry of Gajim uses the one of GTK, how did you set the About menu item entry?
  120. dicson we do not set About menu item entry
  121. Darlan I know, you are importing it from GTK. so I figured if it is possible to save some bytes by doing the same with Copy _Link Address. If not, then leave as wontfix.
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  123. b_b hop ++
  124. mmlosh_condemned oh.. what is this? I cannot make this account invisible.. the status option is grayed out
  125. mmlosh_condemned I never actually used it, so it could have been always like that.. (but this server is condemned anyway..)