Gajim - 2013-08-21

  1. Maranda I find that the OTR plugin is a little unpolite to automatically re-activate OTR encryption when I explicitly tell it not to use OTR.
  2. Maranda It could be a little smarter rather then having to disable the plugin.
  3. Maranda automatically starting is fine but when someone tells it to END it means so.
  4. b_b hi there
  5. b_b anyone got a problem with smooth scroll and dev version on ubuntu ?
  6. b_b Gajim 0.15.4-a57123e648b (here is my version)
  7. b_b gajim-nightly: Installé : 20130821-1
  8. b_b i've also tried to change the advanced option for smooth scroll but it doesn't change at all
  9. azerttyu if it's to scoll manually, i show same behaviour
  10. azerttyu at send or reception message, scroll auto is smooth
  11. b_b ho azerttyu you are here too :p
  12. b_b are you on the same version as me ?
  13. azerttyu i check
  14. azerttyu b_b, always here
  15. azerttyu except when my prosody crash :)
  16. azerttyu Installé : 20130821-1
  17. Zash so, always
  18. azerttyu but i've not relaunch my instance
  19. azerttyu since some days
  20. b_b hehe Zash
  21. azerttyu gajim said 0.15.4-a31ac13665a4
  22. azerttyu Zash, except squeeze upgrade :)
  23. b_b maybe this commit
  24. b_b
  25. b_b hum
  26. b_b ejected for one link ?
  27. b_b wtf
  28. b_b ok that's it
  29. b_b there is no more smooth scrolling if the last line is showed
  30. b_b if i scroll a bit up and post a line, smooth scroll is there
  31. b_b so it's c5adc76cf1b01c4f1634cbbef720846b0c8e5ef3 changeset that breaks it
  32. b_b lol
  33. b_b nice to see that a bot kick if a word is long as a git rev ^^
  34. azerttyu eheh
  35. azerttyu a bot don't like to see other bot message
  36. Zash Not just that you're talking too fast?
  37. azerttyu do you like c5adc76cf1b01c4f1634cbbef720846b0c8e5ef3 i
  38. Zash wat
  39. b_b
  40. azerttyu eheh
  41. b_b i'm not the only one
  42. Zash whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat what what
  43. azerttyu eheh
  44. b_b lol
  45. Zash i say
  46. b_b kick !
  47. b_b ^^
  48. azerttyu no waza here
  49. Lukc What is this? A bot that kicks commit ids? >,,<          
  50. azerttyu then you can confirm this ticket b_b
  51. Lukc (damn, it ignores non-breaking spaces :’()
  52. azerttyu Lukc, no kick with word too long
  53. Lukc azerttyu, same shit.
  54. b_b sad i can't say that my hollydays to Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­o­tamatea­turi­pukaka­piki­maungah­oronuku­pokai­whenuaki­tanatahu were great ^^
  55. b_b ho i can :p
  56. azerttyu eheh
  57. azerttyu strange bot
  58. darlan What did I miss?