Gajim - 2013-08-16

  1. Maranda erm...
  2. Maranda noticed some odd behaviour by gajim...
  3. Maranda while I was testing some fix on Metronome's pep.
  4. Maranda <!-- Out --> <iq id="284" type="get"> <pubsub xmlns=""> <items node="storage:bookmarks"/> </pubsub> </iq> <!-- In --> <iq id='284' type='result' to=''> <pubsub xmlns=''> <items node='storage:bookmarks'> <item id='test' xmlns=''> <storage xmlns='storage:bookmarks'> <conference jid='' name='Movim' autojoin='1'> <nick>edhelas</nick> </conference> <subscription subid='' xmlns='urn:xmpp:pubsub:subscription:0' node='PlanetLibre' server=''> <title/> </subscription> <subscription subid='' xmlns='urn:xmpp:pubsub:subscription:0' node='Reflets' server=''> <title/> </subscription> </storage> </item> </items> </pubsub> </iq> <!-- Out --> <iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="get" id="995"> <query xmlns="jabber:iq:private"> <storage xmlns="storage:bookmarks" /> </query> </iq>
  5. Maranda why does Gajim requests the bookmarks after from the private storage?
  6. mathieui to get all of them
  7. Maranda mathieui, ok so it's intended? :)
  8. mathieui lots of clients/servers still only support private storage (which is the old storage methode of 0048)
  9. mathieui so I believe this is intended as a fallback, yes
  10. Maranda Okay :)
  11. mathieui as a client developer, you have the choice of selecting either only one method or both ; if you want to hide complexity, then both is the best
  12. mathieui (saves the user lots of pain)
  13. mathieui (but the downside is that they don’t know which method is used, so their bookmarks might be fragmented over both services)
  14. Maranda Sounds sensed, I was just curious as I noticed it firing the stanza as soon as I retrieved bookmarks from pep.
  15. Maranda ^^
  16. Maranda (and I sent it from the xml console so it puzzled me)
  17. mathieui oh, that might be weird, then
  18. mathieui better poke a developer another time
  19. mathieui (I think the XML console is better off without side effects)
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  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7430 (Does not work search contacts in roster) created Seeking a right, but when you open a chat window opens completely different contact. Software versions gentoo Gajim 0.16-alpha2-31a75c4b7a91 GTK+ : 2.24.20 PyGTK : 2.24.0 • Ticket #7295 (gajim crash) updated remove all metacontacts. Gajim still dies
  22. Maranda dicson, the console works nicely now :)
  23. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • TransportSetup edited Copied IRC setup hints from ejabberd (diff) • TransportSetup edited Replaced with (diff) • TransportSetup edited URL does not exist in database. See ​*/ (diff)
  24. Darlan dicson, typo at common/ JIDsfor > JIDs for
  25. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7239 ([PATCH] Minor UI corrections/suggestions) updated JIDsfor > JIDs for. See browser/src/common/ Concerning to scrollbars, there are some horizontal and vertical scrollbars that are always appearing, even when a box is empty. See XML Console, Preferences > Status > Status Messages & Preset Status Messages.
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  27. kparal I'm having troubles with 2-factor auth on Facebook, sometimes it denies the password. and when I use "app password" instead of my own password for logging in, the connection times out. anyone has similar issues? Gajim 0.15.3
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  30. miloss Hello. Are there currently any tools for moving accounts? (Scenario: a server is closing down and I'd like to "move" somewhere else -> getting new JID, copying contacts, not losing history)
  31. Darlan is searching ...
  32. vorner Psi+ has contact manager that can be used to move the contacts. But you still need to ask them for authorization ☹.
  33. miloss gajim can copy contacts as well
  34. miloss sure, I know I'll have to have everyone re-authorize me
  35. miloss The main point - I want the my history to remain searchable
  36. vorner miloss: I don't think gajim is able to mass-request authorisation or move the contacts with preserving all groups and nicks.
  37. miloss (I don't want to break it into "old history" and "new history")
  38. vorner Is the history local in gajim?
  39. miloss yes
  40. miloss I guess I could mass-update the account ID in the DB... uh oh.. :P
  41. vorner I'd know about a work-around. Don't remove the old account, and create a meta-contact from each contact on new and old account.
  42. miloss vorner, it's Edit->Accounts->Account->Administration operations->Synchronize contacts
  43. vorner Gajim IMO merges history across metacontact
  44. miloss oh.. I never played with metacontacts.. if that's true, it shall work I guess
  45. miloss even if the original account dies
  46. vorner Yes, but you should never delete it from gajim, so it'd be there, forever offline.
  47. vorner I think it would work, but it's less than optimal solution.
  48. miloss how do I create a meta contact?
  49. miloss but agreed, it should work..
  50. Darlan miloss, here are relevant resources:
  51. vorner Dragging one contact onto another, when you have merged accounts turned on.
  52. miloss as simple as that? ok
  53. miloss thanks, Darlan
  54. miloss Darlan, doesn't that do what gajim's "synchronize contacts" would?
  55. Darlan I do not know; it has been a period of months since I tried it, last time. Gajim can't synchronize bookmarks, which you can do with the scripts of mathieui (
  56. Darlan You can also try Offline Bookmarks plugin.
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  58. Darlan kparal, open a ticket.
  59. miloss vorner, I am trying to send you a MUC-PM.. does it work?
  60. kparal Darlan, yes, I was just wondering whether it is known already
  61. Asterix Hi
  62. Asterix no need to keep the old account
  63. Darlan I know. I do not use Facebook, though.
  64. Asterix you can indeed use the sync contact button that will re-ask authorisations
  65. miloss Asterix, so.. create new, sync contacts, group into metacontacts, safely delete old account without losing old history?
  66. Asterix and for history, that will work because Gajim only store the jid you talk to, not the jid you talk from, so no problem
  67. Asterix no need of metacontacts
  68. Asterix nobody uses FB ;)
  69. miloss Asterix, that is awesome and useful.. Was it always working like that? (To be sure that the version I have will do as you say :))
  70. Asterix yep it has always been like that
  71. Asterix no version problem
  72. miloss Oh dear.. I got "The room is currently overactive, please try again later" and a duplicite MUC-PM tab again
  73. miloss My guess is, that it's those error messages creating the dupe tabs
  74. vorner Yes, I've seen that one too.
  75. vorner What does it mean, the room is overactive?
  76. miloss has no idea
  77. Darlan Broken E2E, guess. (not just myself)
  78. miloss is E2E even supposed to work on MUC-PM?
  79. vorner That's not e2e for sure, I have it completely disabled.
  80. kparal Asterix: is there any private info if I attach XML log into a bug report (with all those <challenge> and <response> contents)? can my Facebook password be guessed from it?
  81. Asterix kparal, no idea ...
  82. kparal well, I'm not so sure I want to report a bug, then :)
  83. Asterix just change them before sending the XML
  84. kparal but we want to debug a login issue...
  85. Link Mauve miloss, the overactive message is there because too many people speak at the same time, so Prosody’s mod_muc_limits kicks in, thinking there is flooding occuring or something.
  86. miloss oh
  87. Darlan >[11:28:01] vorner: That's not e2e for sure, I have it completely disabled. What could it be, then?
  88. vorner How would I know?
  89. miloss I remember having trouble really-disabling e2e.. it always found a way to covertly do things
  90. miloss_ yay, this doomed account is back online..
  91. miloss_ but the server is rather weird. it sent me a message claiming it's 215 days old... and triplicates messages into it's MUC
  92. Darlan Please propose better descriptions for: Gajim-history-manager is a tool to manage (do some cleanup) log file of Gajim jabber client.
  93. miloss Asterix, will the contact synchronization + history preserving work, even if the original server does not exist anymore? (the domain name is about to expire)
  94. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14834:4cfaa57d312b]: Update russian translation Update russian translation
  95. Darlan dicson, I think you should not include "?CLI:" in translated strings.
  96. dicson Darlan, I do not know, but
  97. Darlan Fine, if there is no problem.
  98. dicson works fine
  99. Darlan There are a few other strings with with ?XXX: and I removed ?XXX:
  100. Darlan Anyway. ignore my message.
  101. Asterix Darlan, see translation faq
  102. Asterix miloss, yes, we don't keep in logs sender account, so it is never mentionned
  103. miloss Let me re-ask : does "synchronize contacts" work on dead accounts?
  104. Asterix no, you have to be connected with it to use it
  105. miloss oh.. ok.. so I have to hurry
  106. miloss OR.. I'll be able to connect even if the domain dies using the server's IP address?
  107. miloss as long as the server operator does not remove the domain, that is?
  108. Asterix miloss, yep no problem indeed
  109. miloss ok, so there is hope left :ú
  110. miloss thanks
  111. Asterix just set ip in custom host and that should be ok
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  114. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7268 (Disable use_smooth_scrolling does not apply when changing font and when …) updated Awesome! This even applies to /command!! Now, I hate Gajim much less :-))
  115. Darlan Asterix, do I need to restart Gajim after toggling use_smooth_scrolling?
  116. Asterix I think that just closing and re-opening chat windows is enough
  117. Darlan I think scrolling is completely disabled.
  118. Darlan use_smooth_scrolling is now unusable.
  119. dicson yes.not work
  120. Darlan May you add "Clear" menu item to XML Console?
  121. Darlan There is a button already, so why not adding a menu, too, or even replace this button with a menu?
  122. dicson and shortcat to desktop maybe?
  123. Asterix As always ... Patches welcome, there is only 24 hours in a day
  124. Darlan hehe
  125. Darlan I did too much thinking since and after the day dicson has applied BiDi support for status messages.
  126. dicson Darlan, not sure
  127. dicson Darlan, I'm sorry about what has been done
  128. Darlan I needed to invest some thinking in order to come up with this
  129. Darlan dicson, you have made a proper bidi support for Gajim. I think the noly part where we are not agreeing on is the timestamp order, which is currently set as a mirror/table, according to my view with the patch of mrDoctorWho
  130. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7268 (Disable use_smooth_scrolling does not apply when changing font and when …) reopened
  131. dicson a huge number of tags in the code - it is not normal
  132. Asterix which tags?
  133. dicson trl ltr pdf ...
  134. Asterix pdf? I'm not sure I knkow what you're talking about ...
  135. Darlan Another control character
  136. dicson Asterix, Darlan need this tag :-)
  138. Darlan I think it is used once, but I have clarified that we do not need this control character for the rest of the cases because in order to cause a problem in rest of cases, we need to have and RTL user who uses RTL name and RTL username in JID - such fictitious user, is not worth attention.
  139. Darlan I think only here
  140. Asterix I have a modification to do in plugin_installer plugin, but that will break compatibility. It will work only with hg/0.16 version ...
  141. dicson it is not problem if we do it in gtk brunch
  142. Asterix hm?
  143. dicson break compatibility
  144. Darlan dicson, patch with LRE & PDF characters is not applied, yet.
  145. dicson Darlan, I know
  146. Darlan So do not complain :-P
  147. Darlan I am not sure, but I think we can leave this "LRE PDF" patch until RTL users would respond.
  148. dicson I'm not complaining. I explain the reasons why I never will not embed tags
  149. Asterix dicson, shoudn't we remove all "self.description=''" in plusins as it's duplicate of manifest file?
  150. dicson it is needed for translation
  151. Asterix ha ok
  152. dicson I do not know another way. need thinking
  153. Asterix description need to be updated as we use HTML now :)
  154. dicson no
  155. dicson we use HTML only for gtk3
  156. Asterix so links should be <a href='xxx'>blabla</a>
  157. Asterix no
  158. Asterix I just commited it to fix #64
  159. dicson :-/
  160. dicson ok
  161. dicson but if user update plugins and not update gajim?
  162. dicson <a href='xxx'>blabla</a> ....
  163. Asterix yes ...
  164. Asterix or ...
  165. Asterix we set min_gajim_version to 0.16 to all
  166. dicson as variant
  167. dicson plugins only for 0.16
  168. Asterix plugins upadate only for 0.16 ...
  169. Asterix those who already have plugins will still work
  170. dicson but no way get plugins in 0.15.4
  171. Asterix yep ...
  172. Asterix I thik it's better to see <a> instead of not having plugin ..
  173. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [679:49c7beb2dc5e]: use HtmlTextView instead of ConversationTextView to show […] • Ticket #64 (Do not use Chat message font for descriptions) closed fixed: In 49c7beb2dc5edb3925b2563e59d8725eeffa6e97[…]
  174. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14835:5c0725aba284]: add ability to handle urls in htmltextview. add ability to handle urls in htmltextview. • Changeset [14836:bcd52c44b0f7]: ability to show HTML in plugin descriptions ability to show HTML in plugin descriptions
  175. dicson and this patch for trying(show) feature. we need remove same code and old_tv from glade
  176. dicson old_tv.destroy() - sounds starange :-)
  177. dicson I vote for adding HTML in gtk3 :-)
  178. dicson or modify manifests only in gtk3
  179. Asterix or have a plugin branch for each Gajim branch, like we already do for gtk3 branch ...
  180. Asterix one for 0.15, one for 0.16, ...
  181. dicson need fix emoticons_pack
  182. Asterix if we have one plugin branch per gajim branch, we can continue fix plugin bugs for those who still use gajim 0.15 without saying them "update to 0.16 to continue having updates"
  183. dicson yes
  184. dicson need fix plugin installer
  185. dicson TypeError: display_html() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)
  186. Asterix it's already fixed
  187. Asterix I'll setup server to have plugins_0.15 plugins_0.16 folders
  188. Asterix on ftp
  189. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [680:96f0f1e579c6]: Emoticons pack. compatibility with latest hg Emoticons pack. compatibility with latest hg
  190. Asterix I create the 0.15 branch in plugins
  191. Asterix 0.16 will be default and gtk3 for gajim_gtk3
  192. Asterix sounds ok?
  193. Asterix dicson: you really want that? -homepage: -min_gajim_version: 0.16.9 +homepage:
  194. dicson oops
  195. dicson yes. Emoticons pack works fine in 0.15.4
  196. Maranda old_crt.destroy() would sound stranger :D
  197. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [681:1f76c58d924e]: EmoticonsPackPlugin. Quick fix for last commit EmoticonsPackPlugin?. Quick fix for last commit • Changeset [682:ae19ac920b66]: vreate branch for gajim 0.15.* vreate branch for gajim 0.15.*
  198. Asterix dicson, ok but homepage?
  199. Asterix there is now 0.15 branch
  200. Asterix and plugin installer is fixed
  201. dicson I try rebase..
  202. dicson homepage not exits at moment
  203. Asterix ok
  204. Asterix hg rebase -b your_commit -d tip
  205. dicson I use tortoise but tortoise show error
  206. Asterix ha ...
  207. Asterix we can now update description in default branch to use html. I wait your commit and I do it if you want
  208. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [683[…] • Changeset [684[…] • Changeset [685[…]
  209. Asterix you must not have non committed modif
  210. dicson hm.. rebase in console works fine..
  211. Asterix tortoise -> trash!
  212. dicson hm
  213. dicson oh oh
  214. Maranda w00t?
  215. Maranda I like TortoiseHg :P
  216. dicson :'-(
  217. dicson tortoise, geany -> must have! :-)
  218. Asterix we should really find a solution to have description in only one place ...
  219. Asterix but I have no idea ....
  220. dicson and I do not know how we can translate HTML
  221. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • C[…] • C[…] • C[…]
  222. Maranda "translate HTML"?
  223. Maranda as in locales? or...?
  224. Maranda if locales there's a i18n thing which uses CSS and JS to make out translations without using dynamic pages
  225. dicson UrlShortener have wrong description now :-/
  226. dicson >but I have no idea .... gettext supports config files?
  227. dicson we need past desc from manifest to .pot file
  228. dicson
  229. Asterix ho cool
  230. Asterix I'm updteing all descriptions in both manifest and plugin
  231. Darlan Asterix, why did not you ask, yet, on mailing list to translate plugins? I figure you know that for plugins you do not need to wait for a release of a new Gajim series.
  232. Asterix I didn't indeed ..
  233. Asterix dicson should explain me how to make pot file before :)
  234. Darlan :-)
  235. Darlan I think I have a script for it from dicson.
  236. Darlan No, I don't have it.
  237. dicson need fix plugin befor translate
  238. dicson I am not xml guru
  239. dicson xml.sax._exceptions.SAXParseException: <unknown>:3:37: not well-formed (invalid token)
  240. Asterix yep I know
  241. Asterix I have it fixed
  242. dicson how?
  243. Asterix <> -> &lt;&gt;
  244. Asterix will commit new descriptions
  245. Asterix I have still onw to fix
  246. dicson description: Plugin that allows users to shorten a long in messages. - error :-/
  247. Asterix wait ... I have all of them fixed ...
  248. dicson problem only in url_short
  249. dicson ini2po example :-/
  250. dicson maybe need new script ...
  251. Asterix dicson, pushed. Should be ok, no?
  252. Asterix indeed ... we need to translate only description ...
  253. dicson self.description = _(self.description) works fine. we can do this in plugin system core
  254. Asterix that works but gettext won't detect it
  255. Asterix gettet detects _("blabla")
  256. Asterix not _(variable)
  257. dicson works fine
  258. dicson I remove self.description = - npt translatable
  259. dicson insert self.description = _(self.description) -- I see text in russian
  260. Asterix you see it because it's already in po file. but the gettext command wont put the string in pot file becuse it won't read ini file
  261. dicson yes
  262. dicson need script
  263. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [689:e7bf628fb579]: fix plugin descriptions to use HTML fix plugin descriptions to use HTML
  264. Asterix current gettext + custom ini2po?
  265. dicson yes
  266. dicson or + custom py file
  267. dicson put all desc from manifest to one .py file
  268. Asterix yep, that's maybe a simple solution that would work well
  269. Asterix Jef, have you been able to look at #7403
  270. Asterix &7403
  271. Asterix #7403
  272. bot Asterix: (wrong candidate choosen when doing Jingle FT)
  273. dicson Darlan, :-)
  274. dicson I create new pot
  275. Darlan Hard to phrase
  276. Darlan Does anybody know how to apply "/me" in this patch?
  277. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14837:44be8fd80494]: translate plugins descriptions translate plugins descriptions
  278. Asterix will be much less available next week, CU
  279. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [690:d07af03598aa]: Remove descriptions from plugins Remove descriptions from plugins