Gajim - 2013-08-11

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  2. Darlan keywords : pvtlth rss atom feed
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7309 (An ability to be informed about a release of the new version of Gajim) updated Component changed I think it would be good to continue to update the Gajim entry on Freecode and to make the Gajim web feed of Freecode available on []. Related: #7203
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  5. dicson >Darlan: I implement this. but what do not works with most of the rooms
  6. dicson Darlan, we can't invite to gajim@confere... if we not in this room <message from='' to='' id='76' type='error'> <error type='cancel'> <service-unavailable xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/> </error>
  7. dicson Darlan, I think we need close ticket.
  8. Darlan Is it not possible due to the way the standards are engineered? Can we, instead, join to a room and then send invitation after we are inside room?
  9. dicson yes
  10. Darlan yes to both questions?
  11. dicson Some servers allow it, but there is a dependence on the configuration of rooms
  12. Darlan Then, would you like to make Gajim to join to room and then send invitation?
  13. dicson you can't do this in Psi
  14. dicson Darlan, I think it is bad idea
  15. dicson do it from menu
  16. dicson i can send patch
  17. dicson but it os not work
  18. dicson but it is not work
  19. Darlan Please do, for record :-)
  20. Darlan And close ticket #4455 if you like. I will post log of this chat, between you and I, and I will ask Nyco, when he joins to this chat, what he thinks of it.
  21. dicson done
  22. dicson Darlan, maybe it is possible ( but Gajim not support this
  23. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • attached to Ticket #4455 • Ticket #4455 (Invite to a MUC in my bookmarks) closed wontfix
  24. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #4455 (Invite to a MUC in my bookmarks) reopened maybe it is possible (​ but Gajim not support this at moment • attached to Ticket #7267 Please segregate uri, too
  25. Darlan dicson, I want to insert direction_mark in default subscription request message (example of RTL nickname and first/last name)
  26. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14727:545ee062fdcf]: [Darlan]distinguish console-printed strings in translation files. Fixes … [Dar[…] • Ticket #7267 (Request to segregate identical strings) updated Owner changed In 545ee062fdcfeacaea8349611e09c8e0b3a3fe6f: [Darlan]distinguis[…]
  27. Darlan Thanks :)
  28. Darlan File is @
  29. Darlan Also remove all contacts in this group from your roster > Also remove all contacts in this group from my roster
  30. Darlan Does anyone here want to segregate the Account Preferences from Account List? (e.g. like Psi does) mrDoctorWho, are you familiar with .ui files of Glade/GTK?
  31. mrDoctorWho ofcourse
  32. mrDoctorWho i think you too should be
  33. mrDoctorWho it's easy by graphical UI designer — Glade
  34. Darlan GtkBuilder, apparently.
  35. Darlan May you guide me, or you want to do the hard work?
  36. mrDoctorWho Darlan: gtkbuilder is just type of xml markup for gtk
  37. Darlan Yes,so I figured by looking on preferences inside glade editor.
  38. mrDoctorWho i hate work with glade, because my cpu is slow and i can't working fast
  39. Darlan That's why you are using Psi, then, eh?
  40. mrDoctorWho Darlan: i using psi because there are exists some features that i like
  41. Darlan I have slow CPU, too, but enough for glade, I guess.
  42. Darlan I like Psi more than Gajim, but I invest more on Gajim due to its UI looks easier and it is displaying avatars by default.
  43. Darlan I think we should incorporate the Personal Information editor into Personal Information tab (similarly to Privacy List located under Privacy tab in Psi) and make a new tab called Security for OpenPGP.
  44. mrDoctorWho i like gajim because i can edit it while it work and i should not compile it, because it's python
  45. Darlan That's another reason. Psi takes over 20 minutes to be compiled on my machine.
  46. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • account_local.xml attached to Ticket #7239 gpg row of Local account (lines 1278 - 1315) • account_jid.xml attached to Ticket #7239 gpg row of JID account (lines 970 - 1011)
  47. Darlan mrDoctorWho, Do you want to imitate the Account List of Psi? I guess we have over 2 weeks to propose final changes.
  48. mrDoctorWho Darlan: i want make search like psi, but i think that gajim developers will not accept it
  49. Darlan What is this search feature of psi?
  50. Darlan JID search on server?
  51. mrDoctorWho searching contacts in roster
  52. mrDoctorWho when click on contact name, search tab clearing and hide
  53. Darlan We can search while typing, but Gajim requires the user to clear search manually.
  54. Darlan Why do not you open a ticket for it?
  55. mrDoctorWho i'm lazy man
  56. Darlan Do it, or else... I will troll you! :P
  57. mrDoctorWho i used to that developers of any python project won't accept my additions
  58. Darlan Please do try.
  59. Darlan I think your idea is good.
  60. dicson Darlan, try this for you 'modify account' problem
  61. dicson
  62. Darlan mrDoctorWho, I open a ticket of your wish.
  63. Darlan dicson, Nice!
  64. dicson need change title
  65. Darlan #7423
  66. bot Darlan: (Auto clear/hide search when open a chat)
  67. Darlan dicson, Preferences for %(JID)s (or) Preferences of ACCOUNT
  68. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7423 (Auto clear/hide search when open a chat) created phenomenon User must manually clear roster search row even after a contact has been selected. implementation recommendation Auto clear/hide roster search row after a chat window with contact is opened.
  69. Darlan # patch -p1 < 80f472a3.diff patching file src/ patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line Hunk #1 succeeded at 3357 with fuzz 1.
  70. Darlan not working
  71. dicson
  72. dicson title changed
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  74. Darlan
  75. Darlan I resized dialog manually (looks better)
  76. dicson Darlan, dlg.window.resize(1, 1) add this line
  77. dicson need fix for zeroconf account too
  78. dicson ticket num for this problem? Darlan
  79. Darlan gpg of zeroconf
  80. Darlan The separation of Account List from Account Preferences was discussed only here.
  81. dicson :-|
  82. Darlan I will open a ticket, shortly.
  83. Darlan > [16:23:57] dicson: Darlan, dlg.window.resize(1, 1) add this line This is annoying, I see the original size for a fraction of a second and then I get this dialog resized.
  84. Darlan I have opened a ticket
  85. dicson ok
  86. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7424 (Separate Account List and Account Preferences) created phenomenon In order to know if an account is enabled or disabled, via Accounts dialog, user needs to select an account. background analysis List of accounts and preferences of account are positioned in the same dialog. implementation recommendation Separate Account List and Account Preferences. Make a table for Account List (dialog title: Accounts) Name Server Enable[…]
  87. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • gajim_preferences_of_account_mist-redmond.png attached to Ticket #7424 Example realisation after applying a patch by dicson
  88. Darlan What about? + dlg.window.resize(1, 1)
  89. dicson fixed
  90. dicson see patch in ticket
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  93. Darlan Nk, Do you want to update manpage of gajim and gajim-remote?
  94. Nk no, i don;t want
  95. Darlan ok, I will do it, but I want someone to help me if I make mistakes.
  96. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7425 (Update manpage) created phenomenon Users reading manpage. background analysis Current manpages of gajim and gajim remote are almost 8 years old. implementation recommendation Clean your room!
  97. Darlan Coolmax, may you provide screnshots of Gajim featured with the fancy themes of Windows for posting on (this is not urgent)