Gajim - 2013-08-07

  1. Darlan No Gajim?
  2. Darlan >‎[00:04:28] ‎dicson‎: remove added i18n.direction_mark befor add u'\u200E' Only RTL UI needs this line: nick_jid += ' ' + u'\u200E' + simple_jid But since it does not work, we can just use "i18n.direction_mark" between nickname * jid
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7396 (Service Discovery: software logo) updated Adding it would assist in marketing XMPP software servers that do have icons. By the way, are you going to add icons for ​Groupwise, (StatusNet?), HoN (Heroes of Newerth), LiveJournal?, ​Meanwhile (IBM Lotus Sametime), MySpace?, ​MXit, Skype, ​Tencent QQ, Twitter, VK transports? P.S. After observing at browser/icons/hicolor/32x32/ca[…]
  4. afics why doesn't gajim ship with the otr plugin per default?
  5. mathieui because the OTR plugin is third-party
  6. vorner And, OTR is, arguably, the bad way to do it.
  7. mathieui shipping with it would mean supporting it officially
  8. mathieui vorner, well, until XTLS is finalized, there isn’t much choice
  9. Link Mauve What is still missing from XTLS?
  10. vorner I didn't say there is. The fact that there isn't anything better doesn't mean OTR isn't bad, though.
  11. mathieui Link Mauve, implementations?
  12. Link Mauve Ah, maybe.
  13. Darlan Since Gajim supports OpenPGP, also under Windows, why is not it listed at ?
  14. mathieui because you have to send them a message to get included, and no one did
  15. afics where can I find information, how gajim's e2e crypto works?
  16. mathieui isn’t it ?
  17. afics i don't know
  18. Zash or ?
  19. afics that's the reason why i asked ^^
  20. mathieui doesn’t know
  21. Darlan mathieui: Please do it, I guess I will be ending up fighting with an EFF delegate, at the end.
  22. afics hey gues
  23. afics *guys
  24. afics please update the ssl cert
  25. afics ab buddy of mine just refused to download gajim o_O
  26. mathieui oh, yes, it expires today
  27. afics *it expired
  28. kcchouette Darlan, Can I ask to add Gajim at prism-break list ?
  29. Darlan Yes, of course :-)
  30. Darlan You do not need my permission, though.
  31. Darlan Though, it would be said "may" (permission) not "can" (am I able to)
  32. kcchouette is it good like that ? « Could Gajim be added as secure IM ? Gajim has a plug-in to use OTR, supports TLS, OpenPGP and end-to-end encryption, also under Windows. Its license is under the GNU GPLv3. »
  33. kcchouette (I add this issue for prism-break ↑)
  34. Darlan hold on
  35. kcchouette (
  36. Darlan kcchouette: Gajim is a full featured, secured and easy to use Jabber/XMPP client. Gajim is based on PyGTK and is available for Linux and Windows operating systems. It is released under the GNU General Public License. (your text)
  37. kcchouette Ok, I add that ;-)
  38. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7319 (add support for logind suspend [patch]) updated I'd have to compile it, /sigh/. If you want to increase the number of beta-testers, I can sincerely recommend using OpenSUSE Build Service to provide packages for most common distributions. I use it for my project and it's great.
  39. afics waaah
  40. afics e2e crypto is flapping
  41. Maranda Darlan, I'll need to make one.
  42. Maranda don't have a 32x32 handy
  43. Darlan I have 2 Maranda tabs...
  44. Maranda e2e broke
  45. Maranda did you get the messages though?
  46. Darlan Yes, and you?
  47. Darlan I guess not
  48. Darlan It will get blurred. SVG is preferable. I will do as you proposed.
  49. Maranda png blurred?
  50. Maranda it shouldn't it's a lossless format.
  51. Maranda and no mod_muc_limits, prevented e2e session info exchange so it failed to decrypt.
  52. Maranda * ‎[13:58:55] Error None: The room is currently overactive, please try again later *
  53. louiz’ Because it is lossless doesn't mean that resizing it doesn't degrade the quality
  54. mathieui quoi
  55. louiz’ "pgn blurred? it shouldn't it's a lossless format.", from Maranda
  56. mathieui right
  57. louiz’ voilà
  58. Maranda louiz’, well I can't see the difference scaling down from 64x64 to 32x32. I know that my eyes are what they're but.. :P
  59. louiz’ It depends on what the image is, of course
  60. Link Mauve It also depends on the algorithm used, and some images scale badly no matter what.
  61. Link Mauve For example, Tango icon set has a 1px border around each part of the image, which is at best halved when the image is halved.
  62. Link Mauve So you need to have different versions for each size.
  63. עברית dicson: Patch not working for RTL UI. ‎[04:43:12 PM] ‎אבא ‎ערבית has joined the group chat ‎[04:43:33 PM] ‎אבא ‎ערבית has left ‏[16:50:30] ‏אבא ‎ערבית עזב/ה את החדר ‏[16:50:44] ‏אבא ‎ערבית נכנס/ה אל החדר
  64. עברית What you have done before was correct, but since status messages start from the Right and there are already RLM in the middle of messages, any LRM mark will be invalidated.
  65. עברית I think I have a solution which is too messy, IMHO, and so I do not want it to be used. If I put and LRE character before JID, I get this: ‏[16:50:30] ‏אבא ‪‎ערבית עזב/ה את החדר Now I put a PDF character after JID to correct the rest of line: ‏[16:50:30] ‏אבא ‪‎ערבית‬ עזב/ה את החדר
  66. עברית This is too messy, I prefer it not to be used, at all. Users who use RTL username in JID, which is strange, should use another Jabber client.
  67. dicson עברית, I do not plan to make changes to bidi. Maybe Asterix chooses to do so
  68. עברית I will make a patch that work and I will let you and Asterix to decide whether or not to submit it.
  69. dicson עברית, wait answer from Asterix
  70. עברית No worries, it is less than 5 minutes.
  71. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • bad_jid_only_for_rtl_widget.png attached to Ticket #7284 JID is always displayed badly in RTL GUI with the patch of dicson and nick_jid_groupchat_fix.diff, because: (1) status message line of RTL GUI will always start from the right (2) We can't add an LRM character before JID because address will be lrm+jid which is incorrect. See ​
  72. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • attached to Ticket #7284 This is a patch that works for RTL users, too. Always put a direction_mark after nickname (betw[…] • fix_jid_for_ltr_and_rtl_too.png attached to Ticket #7284 Proper result of patch nick_jid_g[…]
  73. Darlan I prefer to use patch that put direction_mark after nickname (=between nickname and jid) - I have posted a correct fix for history/record purposes.
  74. Darlan When Gajim will become Jujim, this fix will be relevant :-P
  75. Darlan If Gajim will become Jujim, this fix will be relevant :-P
  76. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7417 (WARNING **: Error creating GUPnP context: Failed to find IP of interface …) created Bug description WARNIN[…] • mich-gajim.txt.gz attached to Ticket #7417[] • mich-gajim.txt attached to Ticket #7417[] • Ticket #7417 (WARNING **: Error creating GUPnP context: Fai[…]
  77. Darlan There is only one BiDi bug left. Determining direction in accord to message itself even when nickname of different direction is used in start of message.
  78. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7418 (Incorrect status in MUC roster (multiple resources)) created Bug description I am logged in to my jabber server from two resources: Work and Home. I use auto-away. Both clients are gajim 0.15.3 (one is Fedora 17 and the other one is Fedora 19). From both resources, I am also logged in to a particular MUC under the same nickname. The problem is, that in the MUC roster I am visible as Not available even though i am Available in the Wo[…][…]
  79. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7404 (Incorrect nicknames in chat history) updated Not all of us, including myself, are interested in SQLite to be used as history log database. This is also bringing us back to ticket #1604. Gajim is a great messenger and VoIP application, yet I know quite a few people who have dropped Gajim due to Gajim managing its history logs in an SQLite database.
  80. hey, i can not make video call yet :(
  81. i there more works on video/voice call in gajim?
  82. Darlan What exactly is the problem?
  83. how i can make video call using gajim?
  84. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • attached to Ticket #7401
  85. Darlan User can change application time by using: $ TZ='America/Los_Angeles' gajim
  86. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14721:aee3ebfc95bf]: [Darlan] Pep information in tooltip as table. Fixes #7401 [Darlan] Pep information in tooltip as table. Fixes #7401 • Ticket #7401 (Apply table to all tooltip titles) closed fixed: In aee3ebfc95bf3ff8bcb83fb0706637e02cf70c2b: [Darlan] Pep information in tooltip as table. Fixes #7401
  87. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14722:e1e2ad25b6a0]: Update russian translation Update russian translation