Gajim - 2013-08-03

  1. hkar.prince هاي
  2. hkar.prince :HI:
  3. hkar.prince :-|
  4. hkar.prince #test
  5. hkar.prince _test
  6. bot hkar.prince: Passed!
  7. hkar.prince _join
  8. hkar.prince .test
  9. hkar.prince #join
  10. hkar.prince .join
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  13. Darlan The bot can send PM messages :-)
  14. Darlan Python coders, I need a small help, please.
  15. mrDoctorWhо. Darlan: what help do you need?
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  17. Darlan mrDoctorWhо.: I need to check what is the used direction_mark in initial line of message.
  18. Darlan In this commit BiDi support has been added to Gajim, this means that when a message starts with an Arabic character, message will be aligned from right-to-left, otherwise (e.g. English), message will appear from left-to-right.
  19. mrDoctorWhо. you need this symbol?
  20. Darlan direction_mark symbol (invisible character)
  21. mrDoctorWhо. def paragraph_direction_mark(text): """ Determine paragraph writing direction according to Returns either Unicode LTR mark or RTL mark. """ for char in text: bidi = unicodedata.bidirectional(char) if bidi == 'L': return u'\u200E' elif bidi == 'AL' or bidi == 'R': return u'\u200F'
  22. mrDoctorWhо. ha, nice feature
  23. mrDoctorWhо. (in server)
  24. Darlan I want to replace this line: format_ += day_str + ' ' with this line: format_ += day_str + DIRECTION_MARK + ' ' Whereas DIRECTION_MARK be the direction_mark used in start of line.
  25. mrDoctorWhо. do you need just insert this mark at start of line or what? Sorry, i can't understand you well.
  26. Darlan
  27. Darlan This mark (LRM or RLM) is already set by commit
  28. Darlan In order to have [day] [time] aligned properly for both sides, I need to copy the mark in used at start of a line and insert it between [day] [time].
  29. mrDoctorWhо. aha, got it. But where is the problem?
  30. Darlan See [day [time] of messages start from right
  31. Darlan In order to not break the [day] [time] or [time] [day] we need to insert between them the same direction mark used at start of a line.
  32. mrDoctorWhо. Darlan: can you give me any arabic char?
  33. Darlan You are using Psi, which is not supporting BiDi, yet. العربية
  34. Darlan العربية
  35. mrDoctorWhо. yes, but i can join from gajim
  36. Darlan You need 0.16 or hg
  37. mrDoctorWhо. i have hg ver
  38. Darlan good :-)
  39. r.k. Darlan, give me an example
  40. Darlan العربية
  41. r.k. how it should looks
  42. Darlan What do you mean? It should appear from right-to-left, like this: ‏[17:20:57] ‏Darlan‏: العربية
  43. Darlan Test العربية
  44. Darlan العربية Test
  45. Darlan Hello, this is an Arabic text العربية to test
  46. Darlan שלום, הרי טקסט בשפה ערבית العربية לבחינה
  47. Darlan r.k.: Please join to test@ channel
  48. Darlan r.k.: Please update of your hg version
  49. Darlan mrDoctorWhо.: This is the current line: format_ = direction_mark + before_str + name + direction_mark + \ after_str + ' '
  50. Darlan I need to copy that direction_mark, of that line, to [day] [time]
  51. mrDoctorWhо. wait
  52. Darlan ok
  53. Darlan mrDoctorWhо.: I tried but it is not working
  54. Darlan Link Mauve, mathieui: Do you think you can help?
  55. mrDoctorWhо. Darlan: test it
  56. mrDoctorWhо. , הרי טקסט בשפה ערבית
  57. mrDoctorWhо. its
  58. mrDoctorWhо. textview*
  59. Darlan mrDoctorWhо.: This seems to work! I need to observe more.
  60. mrDoctorWhо. i dont know, but in my version history loosing
  61. dicson mrDoctorWhо., :-)
  62. mrDoctorWhо. Darlan: is it ok for you?
  63. mrDoctorWhо. but i didn't change anything to make it broken
  64. Darlan mrDoctorWhо.: Yes, it is working, but I still wonder if this task can be achieved with lesser code.
  65. mrDoctorWhо. Darlan: no way. Its the most simplest
  66. Darlan ok
  67. mrDoctorWhо. 4 lines changed
  68. mrDoctorWhо. ~20 symbols
  69. Darlan mrDoctorWhо.
  70. mrDoctorWhо. oops
  71. mrDoctorWhо. remove + print "1",before_str and others
  72. mrDoctorWhо. it was for debug
  73. Darlan Good, thanks!
  74. Darlan mrDoctorWhо.
  75. mrDoctorWhо. yes, i see
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  78. hkar.prince :HI:
  79. hkar.prince :-D
  80. hkar.prince :-|
  81. hkar.prince HI