Gajim - 2013-08-02

  1. Darlan Asterix: Please remove
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  3. Darlan I see this: ‎אתמול [23:23:52] ‎pvtlth‎: can't find a Source Mage logo I need to put a direction_mark between [DAY] [TIME] to see this: ‎אתמול‎ [23:23:52] ‎pvtlth‎: can't find a Source Mage logo
  4. Darlan I tried to manipulate it at
  5. Darlan >[00:40:40] pvtlth: Asterix: Here's your preview Looking good!
  6. Asterix Darlan: Why should I delete the picture? You mention it in tickets
  7. Asterix a link with a pinguin "other linux" that goes to "Source"
  8. Asterix maybe a mercurial link?
  9. Asterix ha he removed the instructions a pointed ti debian.tar.gz ...
  10. Darlan Asterix: I want it to be removed from BiDi wiki page. I have renamed this file and attached it to ticket #7284 as al-ʻarabīyah_11.gif.
  11. Asterix ok removed
  12. Darlan Thank you. How do I insert a direction_mark between [day] and [time]?
  13. Darlan Asterix: I think you should undo last change of
  14. Darlan Asterix: Please send me a screenshot of "עברית has left"
  15. Darlan Asterix: Alignment of status messages is not working properly for RTL UI.
  16. Darlan They used to work fine.
  17. Darlan This code seems not to be working anymore
  18. Asterix
  19. Asterix not with my latest commit from yesterday
  20. pvtlth Asterix: I didn't delete anything, just commented it out. Do you wish to have the previous content under the new table?
  21. Asterix with some JS, you click on an icon and you see the correcponding instruction, like in
  22. pvtlth yes
  23. pvtlth but not every os or distro has enough description and stuff
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  25. pvtlth Asterix: for the onclick description i will need jquery. is it already in the website or can you put it in?
  26. Asterix it's not on the site, but if it's requires, add it
  27. Asterix pvtlth: there is no hurry, I leave in a few hours, so I won't be able to test your code before 3 weeks
  28. Asterix pvtlth: we don't have anything to download for all distro listed. so no debian.tar.gx or fedora.tar.gz. Only for "other linux" and windows. For the rest it's just some instruction
  29. pvtlth now it all makes more sense to me ;)
  30. Asterix and I think I'll drop the autopackage. I have no idea how to build it, and no one requested it
  31. Darlan Asterix: TrueCrypt and VirtualBox have installation scripts (used for uninstallation, too)
  32. Asterix no idea what you're talking about ..
  33. Darlan executable setup file
  34. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7403 (wrong candidate choosen when doing Jingle FT) created Here are some XML logs: FILE 2013-02-28T12:11:34 676458 ec732d5d48a401229ba6f5dbbe81eafb CertificateHash MIIBjjCB+AIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQQFADAQMQ4wDAYDVQQDEwVnYWppbTAeFw0x MDA4MTEwNjM1NThaFw0xNTA4MTAwNjM1NThaMBAxDjAMBgNVBAMTBWdhamltMIGf MA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDMy3D+PPls+jZSv664zTAUOKfIjXGT 809CzseiOTWMF9qNOYiqB1Y19UPu2dqTCb8Mmgj4Py+9D7vYw/gDJfd7j5tx3X8J vCjsi5jbZqMja1Bvi[…][…]
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  36. pvtlth nothing is going on here without asterix
  37. MattJ asterix makes the world go round
  38. ashka hello there, I'm having some trouble with 0.15.4
  39. ashka when I'm using GPG, it says the key is not trusted, and it pops up every time even if I check to not ask, the main problem being that said keys are trusted
  40. pvtlth what does your gpg key manager say about the key?
  41. ashka that it's trusted
  42. ashka the issue popped a few days ago, it was working fine before
  43. pvtlth did you change something that could've caused the problem?
  44. ashka no, I don't think so
  45. pvtlth when it's a bug in gajim, maybe dicson can help you.
  46. pvtlth dicson? we need your help
  47. pvtlth ashka are you mlp fan?
  48. ashka eyup
  49. pvtlth a friend of mine is too
  50. pvtlth he loves fluttershy 8-)
  51. ashka I like Rainbow Dash :3
  52. ashka might get around trying 0.16 too, see if it solves the problem
  53. ashka I'm on 0.16 now, but it still has the issue
  54. pvtlth then it might be an gpg issue but i'm not sure
  55. ashka pvtlth: maybe I didn't notice gpg updating on last upgrade
  56. dicson ‎pvtlth, I can't help. I do not use gpg and do not know how it is works
  57. pvtlth ashka did you solve the problem?
  58. pvtlth dicson maybe you know the source code of gajim. that was my idea. i don't know python at all
  59. dicson I know source code but not know gpg
  60. pvtlth i didn't know that
  61. pvtlth ashka: tell me about the gpg update. i didn't get that, dashie ;)
  62. ashka I don't remember if I actually updated
  63. pvtlth so what do you mean with "maybe I didn't notice gpg updating on last upgrade"?
  64. ashka well, I'm on debian sid, so aptitude upgrade is usually huge, I don't read all the packages I update, only the major changelogs for them
  65. ashka so maybe I updated gpg but I can't remember
  66. pvtlth i see. but i don't see a problem with the keys. updating gpg should not break keys...