Gajim - 2013-08-01

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  2. Darlan >• Ticket #7319 (add support for logind suspend [patch]) updated >Guys, could you please release a new version really really soon? Please wait a little more. There are a few more things to refine in BiDi and, in relation to what has been done already, are fairly easy to do, even though most of the critical parts in BiDi support have been accomplished. All I need is roughly 4 to 10 hours with Dicson to get these little areas to work properly.
  3. Darlan BiDi support for Gajim is going to be a killer feature! I hope it will get more users from Africa, Asia and Middle East.
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7392 (Better BiDi support for LTR/RTL chatters who use Semitic/Latin) updated Replying to Darlan: Insert a direction mark before nickname in accord to what comes after nickname and "after_nick". Send message (in this stage, when pressing a button, Gajim does all the rest of the work by itself since it will set the alignment of message according […]
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  6. pvtlth What is BiDi support?
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14702:ea1feb1fee6c]: Dnd is back Dnd is back
  8. Asterix pvtlth: bidirectionnalt languages
  9. Asterix like hebrew or arab
  10. pvtlth i see :D
  11. Darlan dicson: I am free today for testing. If you like to work more on BiDi, please let me know.
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7401 (Apply table to all tooltip titles) created phenomenon In contrast to Jabber ID and Resource titles, the rest of the titles of tooltip are not ordered as table. background analysis Tooltip looks like this: Mood: mood Activity: activity Tune: song by artist from album Location: Building: building Description: description Countrycode: countrycode Area: area Text: text Region: region Locality: locality Lon: 0 Uri: https:// Postalcode: 0 S[…][…]
  13. Darlan Asterix: There are new strings in 0.16; Why did not you send an email to mailing-list about it?
  14. Asterix because if I do that, this mean we cannot change string anymore for 0.16
  15. Darlan oh
  16. Asterix I'll do that in beta
  17. Darlan ok
  18. Darlan When a room is minimized into roster, why does the context menu displays Maximize instead of Restore?
  19. Asterix because it's the oposite of minimize
  20. Darlan But when you have a window "Minimized" to panel, you un-minimize by using "Restore".
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7402 (LTR Left-to-right bugs) […] • Ticket #7402 (LTR Left-to-right bugs) updated phenomenon Jabber IDs of group chats, that start with RTL characters, look like thisنسمةدافئة instead of نسمةدا[…] • m[…]
  22. Darlan Where is the location of "from calendar import timegm"?
  23. Asterix it's in python itself
  24. Darlan Thanks
  25. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • darlan_rtl_time.png attached to Ticket #7402 AM/PM LTR bug, related to Python, not Gajim
  26. Darlan Task AM/PM deleted! Problems to correct before 0.16 release Problems to correct after 0.16 release (can be before if have time)
  27. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • BiDi edited Deleted AM/PM (diff)
  28. Asterix for groupchat names, see my comment in #7402
  29. Darlan Gajim should add LRM for group chat JIDs that are only being displayed, not selectable by user.
  30. Asterix hm??
  31. Darlan Banner, Room Browser, Tooltip etc.
  32. Darlan I do not know where we have a group chat JID which is selectable (excluding in-chat and Join Room dialogs).
  33. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14703:79d286009241]: fix encoding issue fix encoding issue
  34. Asterix for disco for example it's annoying because what is displayed is the key to find the correct row we want. So if we add a LTR char, it will be added when we want to join the room
  35. Darlan Do not add to Disco, then. Is Browsing MUC dialog = Disco?
  36. Asterix yes
  37. Darlan So if you add LRM, then Gajim will attempt to join to "lrm+name@domain"?
  38. Asterix yes
  39. Asterix in it's current implementation
  40. Asterix I can have 2 columns, one with the real JID, one with the represented one, but you see that it takes memory, slow things down ...
  41. Darlan I understand. Then we can add LRM only to banner.
  42. Asterix some dialogs like: Group Chat "%s" is already in your bookmarks.
  43. Darlan Is it the same issue for banner?
  44. Asterix no
  45. Darlan Great. So we can apply this to banner, I guess.
  46. Darlan I will post this comment in #7402 Due to the followings, LRM can be added only to banner: (chat log)
  47. Darlan I guess we can add LRM to the following dialog, too, which will make a difference to RTL users, since, for LTR users this dialog starts with LTR character (G). Group Chat "%s" is already in your bookmarks.
  48. Darlan lrm+"%s"
  49. Darlan In a scenario when we have lrm+"%s": If someone translates this string, can he erase LRM or is it made external to gajim.pot file?
  50. Asterix he can erase it
  51. Asterix or I can put it in %s so he won't see it and can't erase it
  52. Darlan Or, RTL translator will add LRM manually in .po file. What option do you prefer?
  53. Asterix translator won't add it as they have no idea where to put them
  54. Asterix if it should be for everyone, I'll add them in the %s so they will always be there
  55. Darlan Send me a patch, first ;-)
  56. Darlan @Coders, I need help. Here is an attempt to correct RTL Room JID in banner: /src/ - text = '<span %s>%s</span>' % (font_attrs, name) + text = '<span %s>\u200E%s</span>' % (font_attrs, name)
  57. Darlan I want to try it with "&lrm" instead of "u200E". How do I insert &lrm to fit properly into the code?
  58. Darlan
  59. pvtlth this <span> stuff looks like html. if it is, maybe i can help...
  60. Darlan Yes, I guess it is.
  61. Darlan I have missed a semi colon "&lrm;" - I will retry and report.
  62. pvtlth what do you try to do? i don't really know how to help.
  63. Darlan text = '<span %s>&lrm;%s</span>' % (font_attrs, name) Returns "room jid" (fail)
  64. Darlan pvtlth: I try to force this JID: ערבית To look like this: ‎ערבית
  65. Darlan So I attempt to insert an LRM character before Room JID.
  66. pvtlth well... how do you style it? is it somethink with gtk or the "normal" html styling with css?
  67. pvtlth and is it in gajim or where do you want to see it? in gajim you seem to know how to do it.
  68. pvtlth to style html with css is easy (for me :) cause i have some experience with it)
  69. pvtlth i'll explain the html/css thing: if you have something like this <span class="jid"></span> you put this into your css style .jid {direction:ltr;}
  70. pvtlth well... why does gajim thing this is a weblink?
  71. pvtlth or an email adress?
  72. Darlan pvtlth: I solved it with: text = '<span %s>&#x200e;%s</span>' % (font_attrs, name) also: text = '<span %s>&#8206;%s</span>' % (font_attrs, name)
  73. Darlan I guess JID/Email address
  74. pvtlth i have no idea what these &#???; things mean.
  75. Darlan HTML Entity (decimal) HTML Entity (hex)
  76. pvtlth this could help you, too
  77. pvtlth sry it's german but the example might help you
  78. Darlan Would this work? <span direction= ltr %s>
  79. pvtlth i don't think so. try <span style="direction:ltr;">%s</span>
  80. pvtlth miranda guy in gajim support channel...
  81. Darlan Failed text = '<p dir=ltr><span %s>%s</span></p>' % (font_attrs, name) text = '<div dir=ltr><span %s>%s</span></div>' % (font_attrs, name)
  82. Darlan I will try yours <span style="direction:ltr;">%s</span>
  83. pvtlth %s is the jid or wahtever you want, did i get it right?
  84. Darlan pvtlth: Correct.
  85. Darlan Not working, I tried with ":" replaced with "=" and without ";".
  86. Darlan These work for me: text = '<span %s>&#x200e;%s</span>' % (font_attrs, name) also: text = '<span %s>&#8206;%s</span>' % (font_attrs, name)
  87. Asterix '<span %s>%s</span>' % (font_attrs, '&#x200e;' + name). is better so translators won't see it
  88. Darlan Asterix: Specifically, Room JID is not translatable, correct?
  89. Asterix translate a JID ??
  90. Darlan Yes. I mean, your proposal makes no difference i this case, correct?
  91. Asterix no difference except for translators that won't see this LTR char
  92. Darlan Your last string does work.
  93. Darlan I do not recall Room JID is in PO file
  94. Darlan oh well..
  95. Darlan Asterix: I restart, use RTL UI and confirm it works. brb
  96. Asterix ho oups
  97. Asterix nothing is in po file here, right
  98. Darlan Asterix: Works!
  99. Darlan I guess your string is better, eh?
  100. Darlan Now Maranda will be happier when he trolls RTL chat rooms :-P
  101. Darlan text = '<span %s>%s</span>' % (font_attrs, '&#x200e;' + name)
  102. Darlan Your string is more understandable.
  103. Darlan Asterix: This is working, too. text = '<span %s>%s</span>' % (font_attrs, u"\u200E" + name)
  104. Asterix ok. Maybe nicer
  105. Darlan Why do Gajim keeps several identical messages? [05:16:58 PM] Darlan: Great. So we can apply this to banner, I guess. [05:16:58 PM] Darlan: Great. So we can apply this to banner, I guess. [05:16:58 PM] Darlan: Great. So we can apply this to banner, I guess. [05:16:58 PM] Darlan: Great. So we can apply this to banner, I guess.
  106. Asterix each time you join, Gajim request last logs using the last second of the last message. So you always get the last message
  107. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14704:43bfc5f1f92d]: always present room JID LTR. Fixes #7402 always present room JID LTR. Fixes #7402 • Ticket #7402 (LTR Left-to-right bugs) closed fixed: In 43bfc5f1f92da82213c26a3d6b1150638d5311a8: always present room JID LTR. Fixes #7402
  108. Darlan Asterix: Why does not Gajim make a comparison in order not to store a message which already was stored?
  109. pvtlth darlan did it work?
  110. Darlan What did not work?
  111. Darlan oh, yes :-)
  112. Darlan did*
  113. pvtlth is there another html style problem?
  114. pvtlth i'm a webdesigner, feel free to ask whenever you want ;)
  115. Darlan There used to be but dicson solved it in another manner.
  116. Darlan pvtlth: Thank you for your offer!
  117. Darlan Asterix: Milestone of #7402 is 0.16?
  118. pvtlth Darlan: np it's my hobby :D
  119. Asterix Darlan: because it takes a lot of time to search for a message each time we want to store one
  120. Asterix not yet it's not in 0.16 branch
  121. Asterix but will go
  122. Darlan ok }x3
  123. pvtlth Is there something like "The Gajim Web Crew"?
  124. Asterix not really
  125. Asterix there is a repository with the source code
  126. pvtlth ok
  127. Asterix but you'r really welcome if you want to help improving the website
  128. pvtlth yes, why not. but i didn't see something that has to be fixed as quick as possible :)
  129. Asterix #7329
  130. bot Asterix: (Compact download page)
  131. pvtlth i can't access i just get an error in firefox
  132. Darlan Add an Exception or use a WebKit based web browser
  133. pvtlth just restarted it now it works
  134. Darlan pvtlth: In regard to #7329 see also
  135. pvtlth what is the problem or what is my task? i dont undersand it
  136. pvtlth maybe my english is too bad
  137. Darlan Make a fancy download page without a big index of Operating Systems; Similar to the one of
  138. Darlan This is the current Download page
  139. Darlan I guess we need something like this
  140. Darlan This a modification I made
  141. Darlan pvtlth:
  142. pvtlth So my task is looking for the gajim links for each OS and put them on a html page
  143. Darlan In a way that you click on an OS icon and then you get the relevant links for it.
  144. Darlan Extract this archive and open download-copy.html
  145. pvtlth done. tell me something about this file
  146. Darlan 1. Make it to look better i \n a way that would fit to the general style of 2. Adjust it in a way that would be translatable like the rest of the website
  147. Darlan 1. Make it to look better in a way that would fit to the general style of 2. Adjust it in a way that would be translatable like the rest of the website
  148. pvtlth yes... first task is easy i think. but i don't understand the translation system
  149. Darlan Me too. Ask Asterix.
  150. pvtlth Asterix: How does the website translation system work? And how do i implement it on the new download page?
  151. pvtlth Asterix: I need to know what to write in php so the download page script knows what translation to choose and where to get it
  152. pvtlth does xmpp or gajim support a kind of wake-up-call? i wanna wake up asterix :D
  153. Darlan I think there is going to be an attention/nudge button
  154. Asterix for translation, just do print _('string')
  155. Asterix gettext parse php files and get those strings to put them in a pot file
  156. Asterix that's all, no need to handle anything else
  157. pvtlth i'll try it and you help me debug it, asterix
  158. Asterix sure
  159. pvtlth where can i test it? download the full website and test it at home or can i upload it somewhere?
  160. Asterix it's easier to test it locally
  161. pvtlth of course
  162. Asterix once you'll have something usable we'll be able to test it on
  163. Asterix note that I'll be offline for the next 3 weeks
  164. pvtlth when does your offlineness start?
  165. Asterix tomorow at about 4pm
  166. pvtlth is there another admin to help me?
  167. Asterix that know the website ... no I don't think so ...
  168. pvtlth where can i download the full website?
  169. Asterix I'll try to come in the room from time to time, but with my 3G connexion .. when available
  170. Asterix hg clone
  171. pvtlth well...
  172. pvtlth my pc doesn't understand the hg command and my internet is s o s l o w l y ...
  173. Asterix install mercurial
  174. Asterix I don't know which distrib you use, but under debian it's apt-gt install mercurial
  175. pvtlth already started it
  176. Asterix ok :)
  177. pvtlth to improve my english: is it slow or slowly in my post before?
  178. Asterix I'd say slow
  179. pvtlth thx
  180. pvtlth does gajim support the attention thing?
  181. Asterix yes
  182. Asterix /attention in a chat
  183. Asterix not in a muc
  184. pvtlth too bad
  185. Asterix but if I don't reply it's just that I'm not in from of my computer
  186. Asterix in the same time I prepare dinner, I prepare mu luggage, I fill my car ...
  187. Asterix and I don't thinkXEP224 mention MUC
  188. Asterix highliting a user un a muc is done by mentionning his nike
  189. Asterix pvtlth: like that
  190. pvtlth /help attention just says Command does not exist
  191. Asterix which Gajim do you use?
  192. Asterix which Gajim version do you use?
  193. pvtlth my local xamp (NOT xmpp) server complains about many errors...
  194. Asterix which errors?
  195. pvtlth and translations don't work
  196. pvtlth Notice: Undefined index: line in /opt/lampp/htdocs/gajim-website/ on line 211 Notice: Undefined index: features in /opt/lampp/htdocs/gajim-website/ on line 211 Notice: Undefined index: news in /opt/lampp/htdocs/gajim-website/ on line 211 Notice: Undefined index: MyOutput in /opt/lampp/htdocs/gajim-website/ on line 211
  197. pvtlth this is the index.php
  198. pvtlth but downloads.php doesn't complain and doesn't translate
  199. Asterix to have the translation you have to build them and have the locales built on your system
  200. Asterix I suggest you don't care about translation for the moment
  201. Asterix just put the strings that need to be translated between _('string') and that will work
  202. pvtlth echo _('string'); # will print string right?
  203. pvtlth or should i use print instead of echo?
  204. Asterix I think print id needed, but I'm not sure
  205. pvtlth Asterix: An important question: where are the files stored that the user can download? Do my links point to the OS repo or are the installers somewhere on your server?
  206. Asterix and yes print _("string") will just print it
  207. Asterix the _ function is the translation function
  208. Asterix the files are in downloads/0.16/xxx.tar.gx for example
  209. Asterix those files are not in the mercurial repository
  210. pvtlth and the /0.16/ is in a variable so you can update it for every release
  211. Asterix yep
  212. Asterix but in fact only tarball and .exe are linked
  213. Asterix so there are only 2 links in the page I think
  214. Asterix (4 currently because there are the pre-releases)
  215. pvtlth so xxx is a var too?
  216. pvtlth the os names are in xxx
  217. pvtlth I have to complain about missing traslations on the download page. there are english sentences between german ones :D
  218. Asterix it means the german translation is not complete
  219. pvtlth yes, that's it
  220. kcchouette and where are the missing translation in french, Asterix ?
  221. pvtlth Asterix: do you wish a special order of the OS Icons? Alphabetical or the way they're now?
  222. Asterix french translation is complete
  223. Asterix arf ... I don't know for the order ... alphabetically sounds good
  224. Asterix debian will be in the begining and windows at the end, sounds good ;)
  225. Lukc No.
  226. Lukc I can’t agree with Debian being first sounding any good. :|
  227. pvtlth when you guys give me a list ordered by OS user count...
  228. Asterix I didn't said first ...
  229. Asterix Arch will be before
  230. pvtlth What OS do you guys use? i'm using openSUSE
  231. kcchouette Debian for me
  232. Darlan Salix OS
  233. pvtlth salix - never heard of that
  234. Darlan An awesome Slackware based distro.
  235. Lukc I use CRUX.
  236. Lukc I know, never heard of that either.
  237. Darlan I guess Windows should be the first, should not it? What OS most Gajim users use? and which type of users need their OS to be listed at a Download page the most?
  238. Darlan Lukc: I have heard of CRUX; never used it, though.
  239. Lukc I see.
  240. Asterix sorry but I can't see win in first ... too hard for me ...
  241. pvtlth windows won't be the last because of zenwalk
  242. Asterix alphabetically sounds the more logical
  243. pvtlth i'll put the links and logos and stuff into a <table>. do you want each OS in its own row or multiple links in a row?
  244. Asterix something like that sounds nice: all logos in the begining (like that or like that: then some javascript that shows the corresponding instructions
  245. pvtlth This is the alphabetical order: AgiliaLinux (MOPSLinux), Archlinux, Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Mandriva, openSUSE, PLD, Slackware, SourceMage, Ubuntu, Windows, Zenwalk
  246. pvtlth the second link seems to be broken
  247. Asterix
  248. Asterix it add the ) in the link
  249. pvtlth thx
  250. pvtlth Status update: I'm downloading the OS logos
  251. kcchouette I think that windows must be in first
  252. pvtlth Always the same discussion...
  253. kcchouette yes, but it's the first popular os, and we can't ignore it
  254. kcchouette (and windows user must see their os in first, they are mostly noob)
  255. pvtlth Asterix: where do i use $download_folder and where $last_version ?
  256. Darlan Asterix dicson, I want to correct a problem with digits Please replace this line - format_ = direction_mark + before_str + name + after_str + ' ' With this line + format_ = direction_mark + before_str + name + direction_mark + after_str + ' '
  257. Asterix pvtlth: those variables are used in this php file, line 147 for ex
  258. pvtlth Asterix: Whats the linux file extension? *.tar.gz or what?
  259. pvtlth thx
  260. Asterix yep
  261. pvtlth thx again
  262. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7376 (Can't talk to a JID) updated No at all. (holidays :-/) • Ticket #7400 (bad display when correct a "/me") updated Priority, Severity changed
  263. Asterix pvtlth: no, thanks to you for your work!
  264. pvtlth say this when I'm done with it :D thx
  265. pvtlth what OS is PLD? can't find any logos
  266. Asterix
  267. Asterix the bird?
  268. Asterix up left
  269. pvtlth thanks. i was looking on wikimedia for copyright free logos
  270. Asterix if their logo isn't copyright free, it's not a good linux distrib!
  271. kcchouette
  272. pvtlth thank you
  273. pvtlth can't find a Source Mage logo
  274. pvtlth m y i n t e r n e t is v e r y s l o w . . .
  275. pvtlth annoying slow
  276. pvtlth source mage is bullshit because they don't have a free to use logo
  277. Asterix then just write text. If their distro can't provide a logo ...
  278. Asterix or we remove it from the list?
  279. pvtlth why not
  280. pvtlth Asterix: do i put source mage into my download page or not?
  281. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ti[…] • Changeset [14705:00342dab35c6]: fix more bidi [] • Changeset [14713:c738a135a60a]: fix more bidi [] • Ticket #7389 (Be insensitive or do not insert te[…] • Ticket #7398 (Feature request: skip nicknames of […]
  282. pvtlth Asterix: I'll put it in, we can remove it later
  283. pvtlth Asterix: Job done. Where can i upload it for you?
  284. pvtlth Asterix: just uploading it to a test server
  285. pvtlth i wanna have FAST internet! uploading 10mb takes soooooo long!
  286. pvtlth Asterix: Here's your preview
  287. pvtlth Asterix: the links don't work yet cause it's not on
  288. pvtlth good bye everyone (S) :-[