Gajim - 2013-07-31

  1. 0xAFFE Asterix, cool, will try tonight
  2. Asterix Darlan: I don't understand, those bots are offline and you want me to test them??
  3. Asterix ha no, online ...
  4. Asterix ok
  5. Asterix can't you test?
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7273 (UI lockups during network problems) updated I think I have had this issue several times when I used to have WICD plugin enabled. Enable Wicd Support Plugin (requires Wicd Network Manager). Connect to router with gateway Start Gajim. Disconnect from router with gateway Gajim detects that Wicd is disconnected. Gajim disconnect itself automatic[…]
  7. Darlan It was already reported >:-( !!
  8. Darlan Asterix: Please erase my comment at and ticket
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #63 (Set timeout for Wicd Support) created Gajim locks its UI when switching gateways (see ​#2859 ​#7096#comment:17). Enable Wicd Support Plugin (requires Wicd Network Manager). Connect to router with gateway Start Gajim. Disconnect from router with gateway Gajim detects that Wicd is disconnected. Gajim disconnect itself automatically. Connect to router with[…]
  10. Asterix Darlan: why?
  11. Darlan Because I posted about these, before.
  12. Asterix then close as dup then
  13. Darlan Closed. Please delete
  14. Asterix edit it to point to #38 then
  15. dicson ‎Darlan, I not understand.Timeout 1 min,1 day or one year?
  16. Darlan I have already done so at #1 comment of #7273
  17. dicson ‎Darlan, or add timeout option in config?
  18. Darlan dicson: I understand what you mean. I have posted this for record.
  19. Darlan I do not know. It is hard to think of an appropriate period of time.
  20. Darlan Yes. If user wants to use timeout, he should do it in configuration option.
  21. dicson ok
  22. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #63 (Set timeout for Wicd Support) closed duplicate: #38
  23. Asterix dicson: formattings button works correctly, no?
  24. dicson Asterix, You talk about tooltip? I not test
  25. Asterix no, the button itself
  26. Asterix yesterday you told me it doesn't work under gtk3
  27. dicson but
  28. dicson works.I fixed
  29. Asterix ok nice
  30. Asterix so DND and key bindings are the remaining problems
  31. dicson but I think it do not works after reconnect
  32. Asterix going offline -> online and it still works
  33. Asterix key binding seem to work correctly, no?
  34. dicson for buttons? yes
  35. Asterix ha not in message textview. things like ctrl+up don't work
  36. dicson yes. custom signals not work
  37. Asterix ok I think I remember it was because functions were not available through GI ... will test if it works with more recent GObject
  38. dicson or don't use custom signal...
  39. dicson like buttons
  40. Asterix you mean stop using ctrl+Up?
  41. dicson no
  42. dicson Alt+M works fine for example
  43. dicson I do not see problem to bind ctrl+Up for message textview
  44. Asterix with which button?
  45. dicson without GI, GObject
  46. dicson >with which button? ctrl+Up for message textview
  47. Asterix I don't understand ...
  48. dicson I will make patch later
  49. dicson line 783-818. I fixed ctrl+enter
  50. dicson _on_message_textview_mykeypress_event() not work in gtk3
  51. dicson line 821-...
  52. Asterix all bindings are commented in
  53. Asterix Gtk.binding_entry_add_signal() does not exist
  54. dicson all bindings not works(tested some time ago)
  55. Asterix yes
  56. Asterix but maybe they fixed things since then
  57. dicson maybe
  58. Asterix will try
  59. dicson need test again
  60. dicson or don't use custom signal... :-)
  61. Darlan > I am not sure whether this is the correct question.
  62. Asterix dicson: I still don't find a way to create a Gtk.BindingSet. gtk_binding_set_new doesn't seem to be available. I wrote a mail to pygtk ML
  63. dicson Asterix,
  64. dicson ctrl+Up
  65. dicson but
  66. dicson nt into GIArgument. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/test/gajim/src/", line 822, in _on_message_textview_key_press_event self.scroll_messages('up', message_buffer, 'sent') File "/home/test/gajim/src/", line 1464, in scroll_messages Gtk.StateType.NORMAL] IndexError: list index out of range
  67. Asterix yep ok style needs to be changed ... not a big problem
  68. Darlan dicson: If you will have the time, would you like to work, on Friday, on more small corrections to BiDi and LTR?
  69. dicson Darlan, I am work in friday. 8:00-21:00
  70. Darlan ok
  71. Darlan If you would like to initiate another testing session, please let me know and I will try to dedicate time.
  72. dicson ok
  73. dicson hmm. ctrl+up works without error but I can't change textview color
  74. Asterix I'm on it
  75. dicson
  76. Asterix it becomes yellow, but don't go back to the correct color right?
  77. dicson it not go to yellow
  78. dicson and I do not know about go back
  79. Asterix here it does with that: override_background_color(Gtk.StateType.NORMAL,
  80. Asterix here it does with that: Gdk.RGBA.parse(color, 'PaleGoldenrod')
  81. dicson no error, no effect
  82. dicson message light notif do not work too
  83. Asterix strange it works here, but I'm not able to get the old value (the white one in my case)
  84. dicson gtk3 very bad...
  85. dicson self.old_message_tv_color = context.get_background_color(state)
  86. dicson old value
  87. Asterix yes but that does not work
  88. Asterix that returns a color (0, 0, 0, 0) which is fully transparent
  89. Asterix I tried all states, only one return a real color: context.get_background_color(Gtk.StateFlags.INSENSITIVE) <Gdk.Color(red=0.783417, green=0.772389, blue=0.744818, alpha=1.000000)>
  90. pvtlth
  91. dicson pvtlth, how change background_color fot textview in gtk3
  92. pvtlth i don't speak gtk3, sry
  93. dicson pvtlth, you are lucky
  94. pvtlth why?
  95. Asterix I asked in pygtk ML monthes ago, no reply. Just posted in stckoverflow ...
  96. pvtlth dicson, i know how to style a website. but i think gtk3 doesn't like css-stylesheets
  97. dicson go back to gtk2
  98. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14697:4278d1e4f3df]: remove useless function remove useless function • Changeset [14698:badca2c87d88]: restore key bindings in textview restore key bindings in textview
  99. Darlan Gtalk Federation Issue
  100. dicson Plugin can\'t be run under Windows - is it correct english string?
  101. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14699:22207cfaa0c4]: modify_fg/bg/font -> override_* modify_fg/bg/font -> override_*
  102. dicson Darlan,
  103. Darlan Yes
  104. dicson is it correct?
  105. dicson
  106. Darlan I think so, yes.
  107. dicson ok.thanks!
  108. Darlan You are welcome!
  109. Darlan Out of curiosity, why did not you made the plugin system to hide plugins that are not working for current OS? -- P.S. I think the plugin system is fine and there is no reason to implement the technique I wrote above.
  110. Darlan If users want certain plugins to work and to have VoIP support - use Linux :-D
  111. dicson not hide. show warning text and make not activatable. see screenshot
  112. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [670:8623f0399002]: Make plugins not activatable under windows(dbus support needed) Make plugins not activatable under windows(dbus support needed)
  113. afics how complete is gajim's jingle support?
  114. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7387 (GUI is laggin while attempting to connect) closed worksforme: There seem to be no lags in advanced versions. If I report on lag in future, it would be in regard to GUI in general. Closing.
  115. Asterix afics: we use it for audio / video and a whiteboard plugin
  116. afics hm
  117. afics video calling doesn't work for me here
  118. afics v15.4
  119. afics one endpoint freezes
  120. Asterix try with 0.16-alpha2
  121. afics Asterix, i will
  122. Asterix afics: keep me informed
  123. afics Asterix,
  124. afics Traceback (most recent call last): File "/toast/pkg/gajim/v0.16-alpha2/1/root/share/gajim/src/", line 5278, in on_voip_call_received_messagedialog_response c = b.get_by_name('autovideosink0') AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_by_name'
  125. Asterix ha ... good to know :/
  126. afics hm
  127. Link Mauve It means you don’t have a bin2 pipeline item.
  128. Link Mauve What is it, again? ^^'
  129. afics Link Mauve, are you talking to me?
  130. afics Link Mauve, to let you know, catalyst is my secondary nick
  131. Link Mauve Yes, looking at the code that fails.
  132. Link Mauve Oh, hello~! o/
  133. Asterix it's supposed to be the outgoing video. the idea is to get the sink to set its xwindow_xid
  134. Link Mauve If I understand that code correctly, it is fairly linked to X11, right?
  135. Link Mauve About xids and stuff.
  136. afics x is pain
  137. Asterix yes
  138. Link Mauve afics, I guess you could first try to disable the video_see_self option in the ACE.
  139. Asterix we create a drawing area in chat contral. get its xid and pass it to gstreamer
  140. Asterix yep indeed
  141. Link Mauve Asterix, is that why it doesn’t work under Windows, and I guess Wayland either?
  142. Asterix under win, no. I don't have a farsight / python-farsight built for win
  143. Asterix Wayland, maybe ... I don't know it
  144. Link Mauve I have yet to try Jingle A/V under Wayland, its support was fairly young in the GTK+ version I had.
  145. Link Mauve Now with 3.9 it should be way more solid.
  146. afics Link Mauve, change the option
  147. Link Mauve Does it work now?
  148. afics hm, i see some parts in the chat window where the other partie's video should be I think
  149. afics but now video
  150. afics with the option turned on
  151. afics same
  152. afics but an extra window where i can see myself
  153. Link Mauve Do you have another traceback?
  154. afics nope
  155. afics the current scenario is gajim <-> gajim
  156. Asterix there is a tb when setting see_self_video to False. Fixes it locally
  157. Asterix afics: same machine? same network? over the internet?
  158. afics same network
  159. afics different machines
  160. Asterix ok
  161. afics if i try jtisi <-> gajim; jitsi tells me it receives some invalid jingle messages
  162. Asterix in pref window -> audio/video, all is at default?
  163. afics yes
  164. Asterix could you try video test in video input?
  165. Link Mauve Asterix, shouldn’t the traceback be when see_self_video is set to True instead?
  166. afics Asterix, yes, I'll come back in about 20 minutes
  167. afics is having dinner
  168. Asterix Link Mauve: not this one:
  169. Asterix bon apetit
  170. Link Mauve Ok.
  171. Asterix and see_self_video has a gui checkbox in pref window ;)
  172. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14700:17b1e19e4f6f]: don't try to get xid of a non-existing window don't try to get xid of a non-existing window
  173. afics i'm back
  174. afics and all notebooks along with my family members are gone .__.
  175. afics somebody available for testing? xD
  176. Asterix I'm testing with myself and I can repro
  177. Asterix the first time I accept the video it's ok
  178. Asterix but not the next times
  179. afics i never receive video
  180. Asterix I guess bin2 is a name that changes ...
  181. afics i can see mysqlf, but thats it
  182. afics xD
  183. afics *myself
  184. Asterix not that bad ;)
  185. mathieui indeed
  186. afics hehe
  187. Asterix indeed those bin number changes all the time
  188. Asterix how could I find the one I want? :/
  189. Link Mauve I guess you get its name when you create it.
  190. Link Mauve You can give it a name during gst_bin_new, as in
  191. Asterix excapt it's farstream that creats it, no?
  192. Asterix we do it this way: bin = gst.parse_bin_from_description(pipeline, True)
  193. Link Mauve Then maybe pass that bin around.
  194. Asterix or ... bin.set_name('blabla')
  195. Link Mauve Yeah.
  196. Asterix easier: b = content.src_bin
  197. Asterix arf il est parti afics ...
  198. Link Mauve With a remote-server-not-found. ^^'
  199. Asterix yep ... own server I guess
  200. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14701:cf7a9b63343d]: better way to set outgoing video in chat window better way to set outgoing video in chat window
  201. dicson Darlan, about wicd. if wicd change status to WIRELESS or WIRED plugin do reconnect. if wicd change to over status - plugin do disconnect. where we need to pause?
  202. dicson maybe we don't need do disconnect?
  203. Darlan I think we need to add timeout for WIRELESS and WIRED.
  204. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [671:fd6905d366da]: Make plugins not activatable under windows(dbus support needed) Make plugins not activatable under windows(dbus support needed)
  205. dicson but gajim do reconnect automaticaly.I think
  206. dicson Darlan, ok. I will write test version
  207. Darlan ok
  208. Darlan Wicd is not important, for now, I think. How many users here use Wicd Network Manager?
  209. kparal hello guys. does somebody else also have the problem of seeing just numbers instead of people names with a facebook account?
  210. Asterix kparal: yes all FB users I guess
  211. kparal Asterix: hi. is that problem in Gajim or Facebook?
  212. Asterix #7393
  213. bot Asterix: (bad username on my roster)
  214. Asterix it's in FB
  215. kparal it's a very recent change
  216. kparal does that affect also other clients?
  217. kparal just read through those xmls
  218. kparal interesting, so I'll have to live with it, it seems
  219. kparal facebook doesn't have a bug tracker, of course
  220. Zash They don't?
  221. Zash
  222. kparal oh, nice
  223. kparal is it reported?
  224. kparal it seems it is:
  225. kparal since January, this doesn't seem like the bug I experience
  226. Zash No, that's different
  227. Asterix I don't know if it's the same with other clients ... would be nice if someone can test
  228. Zash Asterix: It is
  229. kparal trying pidgin
  230. kcchouette you can to send a email :
  231. kcchouette you can too send a email :
  232. kparal actually pidgin doesn't seem to be affected
  233. kparal if you log in, you get the names, and gajim refreshes into numbers after a while (probably an update from the server). pidgin still displays the names
  234. Asterix would be interesting to see the XML to see if they also get the IQs with name=''
  235. kparal ah, so pidgin is also not immune. a new person joined in, and I see only his number
  236. kparal so yeah, it probably affects everyone
  237. kparal although pidgin seems to be behaving a bit better overall
  238. Asterix I guess it ignores the iqs with name=""
  239. Asterix could you enable XML console to see if you get them?
  240. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #38 (Add timeout for Wicd support) updated Proposed solution: While Gajim attempts to reconnect and no connection/handshake is being made for X time, Gajim will prompt user whether they want Gajim to keep to attempt to connect.
  241. kparal yes, sometimes name=''
  242. kparal pidgin received it as well
  243. kparal but it doesn't seem to replace the name
  244. kparal so the original name it received when connecting (that usually works) stays put
  245. Darlan Woot! Python script to backup roster. Thank you kparal!
  246. kparal Darlan: how did you find out, right now? :)
  247. Darlan Does it also backup bookmarks?
  248. kparal no, just roster
  249. Darlan Yes, I was trolling your vCard ;-)
  250. Darlan oh :-(
  251. Darlan mathieui has made a bookmarks backup script based on python.
  252. Darlan kparal:
  253. mathieui (no idea if this still works)
  254. Darlan An updated one (not sure if it still works)
  255. Darlan I guess they should work; Why would not they?
  256. Darlan I guess they should work; Why would not them?