Gajim - 2013-07-29

  1. Gajim shows me random numbers (JabberID) instead of (Nick)names for my Facebook friends ?! Anyone aware of that problem and has a solution ?
  2. Asterix ‎[23:38] ‎Asterix: plum0: it's a new FB feature. See #7393 ‎[23:38] ‎Asterix: (I hate ppl that leave 2 minutes after they ask a question ...)
  3. Asterix #7393
  4. bot Asterix: (bad username on my roster)
  5. so nothing i can do for now?
  6. Asterix - complain to FB (hahaha) - cry - Stop using FB
  7. Asterix there are lots of solution in fact ;)
  8. stop using FB might be the best ;-) Thanks...
  9. Asterix seriously, no unfortunatly, that's the problem when using non opensource things, we can't act on them
  10. pierreghz I would say “Stop using FB”.
  11. So far I complained and I cried =)
  12. => "Report a bug"
  13. pierreghz Gajim isn’t listed as “supported”, so…
  14. Asterix there is a others link, but I can't click on it, we need a FB account...
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7194 (Info Bar dialogs) updated this message doesn't exist anymore. Send button is grayed For the other dialogs about MUC, those infobar are visible only ig you open the groupchat window. So you won't know you can't join the room until you open it. Those errors are rare enough and important enough to have a dialog.
  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14675:f5c74802fc40]: move formattings button tooltip to the code to make it more precise. Fix[…] • Ticket #7389 (Be insensitive or do not insert text when input box is disabled) updated In f5c74802fc40c00b5ac1e8de860efe7995ae7f4d: […]
  17. Gabriel hi, I have an issue connecting to some MUCs (like — "Group chat does not exist.") but for others (like this one :-) ) everything works fine
  18. Gabriel no idea if this is an issue with my server or with gajim
  19. Gabriel any idea how I could debug this?
  20. Link Mauve Gabriel, have you already used mcabber with this account, and put aliases for groupchats?
  21. Gabriel hmm, I don't remember doing that, but I've had for so long I might have done it a long time ago
  22. Gabriel not for, though
  23. Darlan Run gajim -v 2> Try to join to Run gzip Send
  24. Gabriel this is definitely the first time I try to connect to it
  25. Gabriel thanks
  26. Link Mauve Ok.
  27. vorner It might be the s2s connection times out. It happens to me for sometimes.
  28. Gabriel from my server logs, the s2s connection seems to work
  29. Gabriel I'll be right back
  30. Gabriel <presence from='' to='' type='error' xml:lang='en' id='gajim_muc_69_5532f3'><x xmlns='vcard-temp:x:update'><photo>b3a0328b9476cc713f83de553d3bc060b41a5866</photo></x><c xmlns='' node='' ver='47EPEmSc9oqPGwcrbNtpKcYyJcE=' hash='sha-1'/><x xmlns=''><history maxstanzas='20' since='2013-07-29T08:42:34Z'/></x><error code='404' type='cancel'><remote-server-not-found xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas'/></error></presence>
  31. Gabriel okay, so this is a remote-server-not-found error
  32. Gabriel gajim's error message could be more helpful ("server" rather than "group chat" not found)
  33. Gabriel but I guess the issue is on my server then
  34. soy can I make a feature request here? (unless it's already implemented, since I'm using a slightly outdated version of gajim)
  35. Asterix what do you want?
  36. Asterix what would you like?
  37. soy Asterix: I have noticed that I can still tab autocomplete the nicknames of ignored users in conferences
  38. soy it would be handy if the names of ignored users wouldn't be offered for autocompletion, to avoid bugging them by mistake
  39. Asterix hmm that sounds reasonable indeed
  40. soy it's just a minor usability itch, though bugging people you don't want to talk to intentionally isn't that ethical either
  41. Asterix yes but why would you talk to someone you won't read the answer
  42. soy like I said, it may happen by mistake
  43. Minos you can talk about him
  44. soy during nickname tab completion
  45. soy excluding ignored users from the list of suggestions would keep everyone happy i guess
  46. soy no more highlights by mistake
  47. Minos (likely to insult him, but it’s nice to be able to insult ignored users easier)
  48. pierreghz Asterix, quick question: can I correct a message with 0.15.4 using the input in a MUC/1-to-1 conversation? I don’t see a /correct command and the others don’t seem to be usable for that.
  49. soy well, people rather use ignore as self defense, not as punishment :)
  50. pierreghz soy, it can be used as punishment but that belongs to a room where the subject isn’t software.
  51. Asterix pierreghz: no, only in 0.16
  52. pierreghz OK, thanks :D
  53. soy pierreghz: true, hence I hope my feature request is seen as purely technical
  54. pierreghz It should be, shouldn’t it?
  55. Asterix technically it's of course doable, but do users really want that?
  56. pierreghz Make it optional if users don’t want it?
  57. pierreghz To me it sounds like a good idea.
  58. Asterix yes, the problem is that we have so much options ...
  59. pierreghz That’s a problem?
  60. Asterix to find the correct one when there are too much ... a little yes
  61. soy Asterix: i don't think there's a need for an additional option
  62. soy want to be able to tab complete a nickname - make sure that nickname is not ignored
  63. soy well, this looks like common sense to me
  64. pierreghz !xep 0280
  65. bot pierreghz: XEP-0280: Message Carbons See:
  66. pierreghz OK, I’ll try the Mercurial version to get message correction :D
  67. soy Asterix: if you want to avoid adding an option, yet make it possible to keep both behaviors, maybe require two tab hits to complete ignored users?
  68. soy though, this is technical, i have no idea if this is trivial to implement
  69. vorner I think having many options (in ACE) is a good thing. It's better than not have option for the thing I want.
  70. Asterix pierreghz: there is a 0.16-alpha2 to be tested
  71. Asterix soy: will look how it's doable ...
  72. pierreghz Asterix, isn’t the Mercurial version a snapshot of the latest version?
  73. pierreghz Gajim 0.15.4-f5c74802fc40, oh… No.
  74. Asterix soy: open a ticket for that so we'll have a trace
  75. Asterix pierreghz: not exactly, bu t near for the moment. but trunk in hg will soon have the gtk3 port, not fully fonctional
  76. soy aw, it requires registration
  77. soy is there anonymous login?
  78. Asterix no ... because of SPAM unfortunatly :/
  79. pierreghz Asterix, OK! Well… I’ll get that branch if I can modify the PKGBUILD without breaking everything! :D If I can’t well, I’ll just do it by hand, looks fairly easy to build.
  80. Asterix pierreghz: ok as you wish
  81. pierreghz :)
  82. Darlan soy: Anonymous logins:
  83. Darlan I sent 3 lines, not 4.
  84. Asterix Darlan: no, anonymous for trac
  85. Darlan oh
  86. soy Asterix: done, see if it looks good enough
  87. Asterix ok thanks
  88. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7398 (Feature request: skip nicknames of ignored users when tab completing them …) created The title says it all. Nicknames of ignored users shouldn't be offered as options when tab completing in conferences, to avoid highlighting ignored users by mistake, if their names share a common prefix with other users that aren't ignored.
  89. vorner Hello. Gajim (compiled from master few hours ago) just crashed for me, with: Gtk:ERROR:gtktreemodelfilter.c:2380:gtk_tree_model_filter_get_path: assertion failed: (i < level->array->len) Aborted
  90. vorner Then once again upon login, but I don't have the error output from that.
  91. vorner And it didn't produce core :-(
  92. Darlan I wonder if this is the transport issue. vorner, do you use transport and is /Edit/Show Offline Contacts (Ctrl+O) enabled?
  93. vorner I have transports, but offline contacts are not showed. It happened when I noticed my „local“ account is offline, right-clicked it and went online.
  94. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14676:e5fe671be26b]: fix using generator.[] • Changeset [14677:cd400898c3d5]: remove call to depre[] • Changeset [14678:d2893efd67be]: remove old line[] • Changeset [14679:ad3746bde4b1]: GObject -> GLib[] • Changeset [14680:8683c53f409f]:[…]
  95. Asterix less and less warnings!
  96. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14681:2aa7b24c6157]: render_icon -> render_icon_pixbuf render_icon -> render_icon_pixbuf • Changeset [14682:493b1afcd45d]: GObject -> GLib GObject -> GLib
  97. anuxi exit
  98. anuxi ping bollullera
  99. pvtlth how do i change the gajim language?
  100. Asterix by setting LANG / LANGUAGE / LC_ALL env variables
  101. pvtlth what do u mean? my system global language? i want just gajim to be english
  102. Asterix give some precision: which OS first?
  103. pvtlth of course. I'm using openSUSE 12.3 and gajim 0.15.4
  104. Asterix then "LANG=en_US gajim"
  105. pvtlth where do i put this text?
  106. Darlan Terminal
  107. pvtlth and how can i undo it?
  108. Darlan I think you can try "LANG=C gajim" too.
  109. Darlan It is only for the session you are using it with.
  110. Darlan I have English system. To test Hebrew, I use this: $ LC_ALL=he_IL.utf8 gajim
  111. pvtlth so after restarting gajim or my pc it will work the way it does now (before executing something in terminal)?
  112. Darlan Yes
  113. pvtlth i'll try it.
  114. Darlan Even if Gajim is still running
  115. pvtlth running LANG=en_US gajim while gajim is running does not change the language.
  116. Asterix no of course
  117. Darlan LANG=C gajim
  118. pvtlth this does what?
  119. Darlan Or LANG=en_US.utf8 gajim
  120. Darlan English
  121. pvtlth ok thx
  122. Darlan Did it work?
  123. pvtlth not while gajim running. i'll try it with gajim closed. cu soon :D
  124. pvtlth starting gajim with "LANG=en_US.utf8 gajim" worked the way i wanted it to
  125. Asterix of course, it's not possible to change lang of a running app
  126. Asterix (except if app can change lang itself
  127. pvtlth Another question: What can I do with the following function: Actions > Advanced > for account {your.account} > Administrator > Send Server Message
  128. Asterix sending a message to all the users of your server
  129. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14683:e054e60443e2]: Fix roster resizing in one window mode Fix roster resizing in one window mode
  130. pvtlth even if i'm not an server admin?
  131. Asterix no of course
  132. pvtlth i see. thank you
  133. Asterix dicson: much better with ellipsize!
  134. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14684:1b82c080d974]: use correct function to set tooltip use correct function to set tooltip
  135. dicson ‎Asterix, I agree ))
  136. Asterix do you see other errors or warnings?
  137. dicson yes. but only from plugins :-)
  138. Asterix nice
  139. Asterix I know meta contacts don't work correctly ...
  140. dicson but I test only 2 minutes
  141. Asterix I already tried to fix that once but didn't find the reason
  142. dicson I tried fix roster many times
  143. pvtlth I still have a problem with reconnecting after losing internet connection. Does Gajim try to reconnect for a few seconds/minutes and then stop trying?
  144. Asterix no, but time increase
  145. Asterix and if your network changed, it's something else
  146. dicson roster tweaks help me to find combobox problem :-)
  147. pvtlth same network. how is the time between reconnecting defined?
  148. Asterix random
  149. Asterix + an increased base
  150. pvtlth so what's the max value?
  151. Asterix if self.retrycount < 2 or self.last_time_to_reconnect is None: self.last_time_to_reconnect = 5 if self.last_time_to_reconnect < 800: self.last_time_to_reconnect *= 1.5 self.last_time_to_reconnect += randomsource.randint(0, 5) self.time_to_reconnect = int(self.last_time_to_reconnect)
  152. Asterix so arround 800-1000
  153. pvtlth seconds?
  154. pvtlth or minutes?
  155. pvtlth can i change this? can i make gajim try to reconnect every 30 sec?
  156. Asterix seconds
  157. Asterix you can edit sources if you want
  158. Asterix change 800 to 30 if you want
  159. pvtlth what language is it?
  160. dicson /home/test/gajim/src/common/ PyGIDeprecationWarning: markup_escape_text is deprecated; use GLib.markup_escape_text instead text = GObject.markup_escape_text(text)
  161. Asterix pvtlth: python
  162. Asterix dicson: ok I look at that
  163. Asterix dicson: indeed there are several
  164. pvtlth so i can't edit the sources cause i don't speak python :( too bad. i think restarting gajim when it doesn't reconnect fast enough is my solution :)
  165. Asterix just changing 800 to 30 and that's all
  166. Asterix nothing to recompile
  167. Asterix dicson: fixed
  168. pvtlth Asterix: ok... so python is compiled while running?
  169. Asterix pvtlth: yep
  170. Asterix s/compiled/interpreted
  171. pvtlth which file is it?
  172. Asterix src/common/
  173. pvtlth don't know where to find the src folder -.- asterix
  174. Asterix pvtlth: /usr/share/gajim probably?
  175. pvtlth i'll try this one
  176. pvtlth found thx
  177. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14686:271ac5e80c76]: GObject -> GLib GObject -> GLib
  178. pvtlth asterix: do i have to restart gajim after changing the reconnection time?
  179. Asterix yes
  180. pvtlth i'm not going to change this. i'm afraid of damaging gajim
  181. Asterix you can just go back if you break Gajim
  182. Asterix but just changing this number won't break anything
  183. pvtlth my idea was commenting out the code and set the value directly. but i'm too tired today. maybe later :)
  184. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14687:14310e6d053d]: don't cycle through blobk nicknames when autocompletting nicks. Fixes … […] • Ticket #7398 (Feature request: skip nicknames of ignored users when tab completing them …) closed fixed: In 14310e6d053d1c4291de02[…]
  185. pvtlth does anyone know a jabber client for ios 4.2.1?
  186. pvtlth no? too bad -.-
  187. Asterix dicson: about isn't it already ok?
  188. Asterix dicson: (except for the missing Ctrl+L)