Gajim - 2013-07-28

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  4. Asterix dicson: I'm merging changes to gtk3 branch, so don't work on that
  5. Darlan Isn't Gajim a Jabber client for advance/power users?
  6. Asterix no
  7. Darlan ok
  8. Asterix it's a client for everyone
  9. Asterix there there would be no pref window, all in config file :)
  10. Asterix and of course no win version ;)
  11. Darlan Psi states itself "A cross-platform XMPP client designed for the power user."
  12. Darlan I agree.
  13. Asterix Gajim is no ONLY for power user
  14. Asterix we do as much as we can to simplify things for non power users
  15. Darlan I understand that. Otherwise I would not troll here since 2011.
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  17. kcchouette hello, how try gajim 0.16 ?
  18. kcchouette hg isn't in 0.16 ?
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7397 (Can't talk into a Jabber room) created Bug description We can't talk at a personn in a group chat Steps to reproduce Go in a jabber room, and open a privacy chat with somebody Software versions OS version: Debian GNU/Linux testing (jessie) GTK version: 2.24.20 PyGTK version: 2.24.0
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  21. Asterix kcchouette: you use debian? win? other system?
  22. kcchouette debian
  23. kcchouette Asterix, je n'arrive pas à répondre à ton message
  24. Asterix kcchouette: you have the daily url in your source.list right?
  25. Asterix then apt-get install gajim and you'll get 0.16-alpha1
  26. kcchouette Asterix, no, it's a hg clone
  27. Asterix ok
  28. Asterix then add "deb unstable main" to your source.list
  29. Asterix kcchouette: and I reproduced your bug
  30. kcchouette which bug, Asterix ?
  31. Asterix kcchouette: to report bug like that, when running hg, launcg Gajim from a console, most of the time there are errors printed there
  32. Asterix the one with pm
  33. kcchouette Asterix, I always do that, but there are so many information :-/
  34. kcchouette ok :-)
  35. Asterix no
  36. Asterix there are many info if you run with -v
  37. Asterix just run and only errors are printed
  38. kcchouette Asterix : no at all, you want to see my console with only ?
  39. Asterix yes
  40. kcchouette Asterix,
  41. Asterix those are exactly the errors that prevent you sending messages
  42. Asterix alpha2 is needed with that fix ...
  43. Asterix will try this afternoon
  44. kcchouette ‎Asterix, and about the version, the hg is always in 0.15.4 ?
  45. Asterix the hg is nothing for the moment. near of 0.16 for the moment, but it will soon change completly to have the begining of the gtk3 support
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  48. Asterix set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.16-alpha2 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New Bugs at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim!
  49. Asterix ok alpha2 ready to d/l !
  50. Darlan Do snapshots include 0.16-test releases?
  51. Asterix what are snapshots?
  52. Asterix 0.16 pre-releases are there:
  53. Darlan daily snapshot archives
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  55. Darlan
  56. Asterix daily snapshots are dailysnpshots, not pre-releases
  57. Darlan ok
  58. Darlan Asterix: Did you add version 0.16-alpha2 into trac ticket template?
  59. Asterix no ... I'm not sure I want all pre-releases to "pollute" the menus
  60. Darlan I guess you should add 0.16-test or something in order to differentiate 0.16 from hg.
  61. Maranda Asterix, are pms broke in 0.15.4-9acecc952839?
  62. Asterix Maranda: yes
  63. Asterix they are back in latest hg and 0.16-alpha2
  64. Maranda are there packages for 0.16-alpha2?
  65. Maranda I see 0.16-alpha1
  66. Asterix yes there are
  67. Asterix where do you see alpha1?
  68. Maranda from your debian repo I think
  69. Maranda 0.16~alpha1-1
  70. Asterix alpha2 has 1h old
  71. Asterix but it's in the repos
  72. Asterix apt-get update?
  73. Maranda yeah, sec my old work lappy broke so I'm repulling stuff back together :D
  74. Maranda ... and wiping windows 8 off existance proved more challenging then he thought.
  75. Asterix you had win8? would have been nice to test gajim built there. Some report that don't work, but in my VM it does work
  76. Maranda Asterix, I had and got frustrated already trying to keep the OEM installed, and the fact that Secure Boot was locked down and had to unlock it didn't help me not willing to boom it.
  77. Maranda (and infact I did :P)
  78. kcchouette how do you build a exe, Asterix ?
  79. Asterix there is a built.bat in sources
  80. Asterix some changesets arrive ...
  81. Asterix added 83 changesets with 178 changes to 77 files
  82. Zash whaaaaaaat
  83. Asterix merging commit to gtk3 branch :)
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  85. Darlan What is PyGi?
  86. Darlan Asterix: It is now called "alignment"
  87. Darlan > "alignment"
  88. Asterix Darlan: Gi = Gobject Introspection
  89. Asterix alignement != direction
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  91. Darlan I agree. I think it was changed in Gtk+3. Anyhow, we will test and see.
  92. Asterix there will be many things to test and fix with GTK3!
  93. dicson many many
  94. Asterix hey dicson I am able to log in with current gtk branch
  95. Asterix I merged all commits from trunk to it and fixed some things
  96. dicson I saw and test too
  97. Asterix there are still some warnings about using get_real_time instead of get_current_time, but those functions don't return the same thing. So I need to be carefull
  98. Asterix dicson: does it start to work with you?
  99. dicson it is start and work
  100. Asterix nice
  101. dicson I will try to fix roster resize one window mode
  102. dicson But I do not believe in the success of :-)
  103. Asterix hehe GL
  104. dicson thanks ))
  105. Hey. Using Facebook Account with Gajim I see only random numbers (JabberID) instead of user names. Anyone has the same problem??
  106. After connecting I see the usernames for one minute, than just the numbers
  107. Asterix plum0: it's a new FB feature. See #7393
  108. Asterix (I hate ppl that leave 2 minutes after they ask a question ...)
  109. Asterix: What feature is it? Could you provide the link?
  110. Link Mauve #7393
  111. bot Link Mauve: (bad username on my roster)
  112. thanks
  113. hmm, I've been experiencing the same with my Facebook contacts. So the problem's related to Facebook itself?
  114. Link Mauve Yes.
  115. Thanks again. I'm relieved in a way that it's not a client side problem