Gajim - 2013-07-27

  1. pvtlth Hello again. I have a problem with gajim and facebook. When i connect to my facebook account, I see the real names of all the people and their pics. but after a short time all names and pics disappear and i only see random numbers instead of the names. What can I do?
  2. dicson maybe set or unset subscribe_nick in ACE? But I am not sure
  3. pvtlth what is ace?
  4. dicson
  5. pvtlth i'll try
  6. Link Mauve pvtlth, I’ve seen a similar discussion a few days ago (yesterday maybe?), and the conclusion was it certainly comes from the server, but XML logs would be useful to be sure.
  7. pvtlth well i see. how do i log the xml?
  8. Link Mauve Actions > Advanced > XML console or something.
  9. pvtlth thx
  10. pvtlth dicson : changing the subscribe_nick value had no effect. it happened exactly the same.
  11. Firefox says "This Connection is Untrusted" when I try to open I hope it's nothing to worry about
  12. pvtlth i dont think so. i had this warning, too, and my laptop is still running :D
  13. heh, mine's running fine as well. Just wanted to make sure from people who know better about the issue
  14. Link Mauve The cert is self-signed, you can probably verify the fingerprint against Asterix’ public key.
  15. vorner Hello. I installed hg version of gajim today and there are two problems for me. I have four copies of the „Merged account“ line in roster, all at the top, one is online, other three are offline. And the other, gajim-remote tells me „It seems Gajim is not running. So you can't use gajim-remote.“ After downgrading back to 0.15.4, it works.
  16. pvtlth well i think i have some log stuff. who wants it? ;)
  17. Link Mauve: Thanks. How do I verify the fingerprint though?
  18. Link Mauve pvtlth, I can try to read it, to see if there is an obvious issue.
  19. pvtlth
  20. Link Mauve ♟, when you are presented the self-signed certificate, compare it with the one you know.
  21. sure thing. thanks again :)
  22. Link Mauve Err, why do they require me to use JS just to display a simple text file? /o\
  23. pvtlth i can post this file here but noone would like about 2000 lines xml code in a group chat
  24. Link Mauve Do everyone on facebook have a number as JID? :/
  25. pvtlth it looks like.
  26. Link Mauve You can paste long messages here, they will get auto-pastebined.
  27. Asterix pvtlth: see #7393
  28. Asterix #7393
  29. Asterix bot !!
  30. Asterix where are you !
  31. Link Mauve So, around line 1170, your server starts updating your roster entries to remove the name.
  32. Asterix #7393
  33. pvtlth #7393
  34. bot Asterix: (bad username on my roster)
  35. bot pvtlth: (bad username on my roster)
  36. Link Mauve <iq from="" to="" id="fbiq4E27AE200DF51" type="set"> <query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster"> <item jid="" subscription="both" name=""><group>Facebook-Freunde</group></item></query></iq>
  37. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #62 (Juick plugin not works(broken in …) closed fixed: This commit in Gajim fixed the problem: ​4a9723d04b83 • Changeset [649:d8698553305c]: QuickRepliesPlugin, JuickPlugin. fix buttons sensitivity QuickRepliesPlugin, JuickPlugin. fix buttons sensitivity
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  39. pvtlth i love this bot
  40. Asterix I saw XML logs about that yesterday
  41. pvtlth i see. thanks
  42. Link Mauve So the only thing to do is to report them a bug.
  43. Asterix there is somthing else possible: stop using FB ;)
  44. pvtlth i'd love to but none of my friends use jabber :(
  45. Link Mauve None of them used it either when I dropped msn. Now it’s much better. :)
  46. pvtlth: I know what it feels like. Having to continue using something only for the sake of others
  47. Link Mauve It’s only a matter of choice, from your part.
  48. pvtlth these people are too lazy to use jabber. or they're afraid of something new
  49. Yea
  50. It's quite frustrating when people around you refuse to learn something new and benefit from it
  51. pvtlth maybe jabber isn't the kind of social network they like. facebook does many things for you and you pay for it with your privacy.
  52. That's exactly what it is
  53. pvtlth jabber is interesting because it does not everything for you. your task is making jabber or the jabber client work for you. i like this.
  54. I like it too. I wish my friends did the same
  55. pvtlth For those people who are interested in the facebook chat problem: I just reported the bug. If you want to I can keep you updated if I get any reply.
  56. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14579:cbca89be0388]: use XEP-0033 to send one message to several JIDs use XEP-0033 to send one message to several JIDs • GajimXEPSupport edited (diff)
  57. Asterix Link Mauve: 33 is now used to send a message to several JIDs
  58. Link Mauve Great. :)
  59. Asterix but useless :)
  60. pvtlth what are you talking about?
  61. Link Mauve Indeed.
  62. Asterix when you send a single message to several JIDs at the same time, we now send only one stanza with all JIDs
  63. Asterix if server supports that
  64. pvtlth how?
  65. Asterix !xep 33
  66. bot Asterix: XEP-0033: Extended Stanza Addressing See:
  67. pvtlth what i wanted to ask but my internet didn't want me to: how do i use the xep 33 in gajim?
  68. Asterix select several contacts, right click -> send single message
  69. Asterix dicson: I'm reading your patch
  70. Asterix and correct me if I'm wrong, but you call set_sensitive() several times, no? for ex: def update_ui(self): emoticons_button = self.xml.get_object('emoticons_button') send_button = self.xml.get_object('send_button') if == 'offline': self.got_disconnected() emoticons_button.set_sensitive(False) but emoticons_button is set sensitive False also in got_disconnected, no?
  71. Asterix dicson: there are things in _update_toolbar() and in got_(dis)connected() is it necessary?
  72. dicson I need see code
  73. dicson I test. not necessary
  74. dicson ooops
  75. dicson it is necessary
  76. dicson I'm confused
  77. pvtlth no idea what you are talking about :D
  78. dicson test again
  79. Asterix #7389
  80. bot Asterix: (Be insensitive or do not insert text when input box is disabled)
  81. dicson not necessary :-)
  82. Asterix cool it will be cleaner
  83. Asterix dicson: you commit it then?
  84. dicson ok
  85. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14580:47d4a7f5bb49]: Set sensitivity for toolbar. Fixes #7389 Set sensitivity for toolbar. Fixes #7389 • Ticket #7389 (Be insensitive or do not insert text when input box is disabled) closed fixed: In 47d4a7f5bb49d3ab3dd5d5df8c24f93de5bc38d9: Set sensitivity for toolbar. Fixes #7389
  86. Asterix good
  87. Asterix that's all before creating 0.16 branch?
  88. panni hey, i've installed the OTR plugin for gajim. is the default E2E encryption still necessary/useful?
  89. Asterix for those who don't have an OTR plugin and use Gajim?
  90. panni i mean for myself
  91. panni for example i'm writing with a friend of mine whom i have verified in OTR and am in an active OTR session with
  92. panni it still initiates the E2E encryption
  93. Asterix so there is OTR + E2E ??
  94. panni yeah
  95. panni that has been the default behaviour for now, i've just switched back from pidgin to gajim yesterday because of the new otr implementation
  96. panni and i wondered why E2E would still kick in
  97. Asterix ok it's really secure then! :)
  98. Asterix I never userd OTR so I don't know how it behaves with E2E
  99. panni shouldnt the OTR plugin handle the E2E option somehow? i mean tunneling E2E via OTR isnt very helpful :D
  100. Asterix OTR plugin dev is not online, I'll ask him when I see him
  101. panni thanks
  102. panni and great work, i've had a look at gajim about 3 years ago, lots of stuff changed in very good ways
  103. panni btw is there a way to reopen previous chats on start/connect? or can i add a trigger that does that?
  104. Asterix that's the default behaviour in dev version
  105. Asterix so wait 0.16 release and you'll have it
  106. Asterix is gone
  107. panni nice
  108. Asterix BBL
  109. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14581:0d24c24b7afe]: fix indentation fix indentation • Changeset [14582:7538b7eff0cd]: prepare 0.16-alpha1 release prepare 0.16-alpha1 release
  110. Darlan It is most likely that in the next week I would not be available to test LTR issues (2) and BiDi issues (3). I do hope to find an appropriate time for these as they are tiny, and yet vital.
  111. Asterix 0.16-alpha1 released!
  112. Asterix tests are welcome
  113. Asterix tarball, win installer and debian package are available
  114. Asterix set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.16-alpha1 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New Bugs at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim!
  115. dicson :-)
  116. Asterix 0.16 branch created
  117. Darlan It is going to have complete BiDi support. I hope it will get popular amongst Arabs, Pakistanis, Persians and Hebrew users.
  118. Asterix dicson: now we need to take all commits that are done un trunk, and check that they are in gtk3 branch. once done, we can merge them both
  119. Darlan Asterix: There are little refinements to be made in regard to BiDi, and they will occur within two weeks, I guess.
  120. Asterix 0.16 won't be out within 2 weeks I think
  121. Asterix 0.16 won't be out within 2 weeks for sure
  122. Darlan Good
  123. Darlan Good!
  124. Asterix in august from 3 to 25 I'll be offline
  125. Darlan No worries, I need dicson to handle this issue :-)
  126. dicson >now we need to take all commits that are done un trunk big job...
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  128. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14583:9acecc952839]: Added tag gajim-0.16-alpha1 for changeset 7538b7eff0cd Added tag gajim-0.16-alpha1 for changeset 7538b7eff0cd
  129. Asterix I never ran trunk under windows, I just copy / paste nbxmpp folder and try ... and it worked at first time. Too easy
  130. dicson :-)