Gajim - 2013-07-26

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  2. Link Mauve The bot shouldn’t cut URLs.
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7364 (Support for XEP-0313) updated Maybe it is, but as XEP-0136 is deprecated, but people want to use the message archives, the only way is to implement XEP-0313 on the client side.
  4. Darlan #5924
  5. Darlan bot: ?
  6. Darlan Asterix: Since dicson has reopened ticket #5924, did you consult with him before re-closing?
  7. dicson ‎Darlan, works fine for me now
  8. Darlan Good, so never mind my comment ;-)
  9. Darlan Concerning to "dangling Darlan tabs" of July 25th 2013 (yesterday), my PM-MUC with dicson work fine, as far as I am concerned.
  10. Darlan Concerning to "dangling Darlan tabs" of July 25th 2013 (yesterday), my MUC-PM with dicson work fine, as far as I am concerned.
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14574:fd64cf5842f8]: [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation
  12. Darlan ty
  13. dicson np
  14. Asterix #123
  15. Darlan dicson: Do you want to add BitlBee to Clients icons?
  16. dicson bitlbee in Clients icons
  17. Darlan Yes
  18. dicson '': ['bitlbee.png', 'Bitlbee'],
  19. Darlan Oh
  20. Asterix #123
  21. bot Asterix: (on roster window implement eugenia's colors as default and keep these colors for second account)
  22. Asterix thanks bot :)
  23. Asterix !xep 313
  24. bot Asterix: XEP-0313: Message Archive Management See:
  25. Darlan There is a participant that uses BitlBee (Contact information window) but Gajim shows "?" in tooltip.
  26. dicson ‎Darlan, I can see jtalk icon in gc always and can't see in roster - it is problem in client. and I son't know about bitlbee
  27. dicson ‎Darlan, I can see jtalk icon in gc always and can't see in roster - it is problem in client. and I don't know about bitlbee
  28. Darlan ok
  29. Darlan It does not seem to support caps in MUC.
  30. dicson xml log needed
  31. dicson ‎Darlan, go to offline - run xml console - online - show clients caps from log
  32. Darlan I look at it, and I do not see caps for BitlBee user, only for Gajim and Pidgin.
  33. dicson ‎Darlan, not my fault.problem in bitlbee
  34. Darlan I understand. I needed to check myself before asking.
  35. dicson ‎Darlan, maybe he can send caps if status chsnged(like jtalk :-) )
  36. dicson ‎Darlan, maybe he can send caps if status changed(like jtalk :-) )
  37. Darlan It seems that BitlBee does not send aways status to XMPP
  38. Asterix python-mnxmpp 0.2 released
  39. Asterix python-nbxmpp 0.2 released
  40. Link Mauve \o/
  41. Link Mauve Will it be the release needed by gajim 0.16?
  42. Asterix yep
  43. Asterix I hope so at least ...
  44. Link Mauve ^^
  45. Asterix it will be the one needed for alpha release at least
  46. Link Mauve What are the remaining bugs for 0.16?
  47. Link Mauve Err, I should read the bugtracker instead, nm.
  48. Asterix none
  49. Asterix alpha1 is on the road ...
  50. Link Mauve #4117 is already implemented, right? It should be closed as fixed.
  51. Asterix #4117
  52. bot Asterix: (Filter roster while typing)
  53. Asterix right
  54. Asterix ned to find in which version it is ..
  55. Asterix 0.15 accotding to changelog
  56. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [647:59e1f29e5141]: plugins will work with 0.16 plugins will work with 0.16 • Changeset [648:09924e27095a]: gtk3 will be named 0.16.10 gtk3 will be named 0.16.10
  57. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #4117 (Filter roster while typing) closed fixed • Changeset [14576:948f949577ca]: update changelog update changelog • Changeset [14575:49087d647aa6]: gtk3 branch is name 0.16.10 gtk3 branch is name 0.16.10
  58. Darlan >• Changeset [14576:948f949577ca]: update changelog >update changelog > * BiDi support
  59. Darlan Asterix: Can you edit the text of "To" field?
  60. Asterix hm?
  61. Darlan Sorry, never mind. I see that it is possible to use Ctrl in order to select contacts of different groups.
  62. Darlan But what if I want to send a message to Group and to a contact not in my roster at the same time?
  63. Asterix not possible
  64. Asterix you copy / paste the message
  65. Darlan I know
  66. Asterix I don't think it's a very used feature ...
  67. Asterix I rarely (never?) reveice single message
  68. Darlan Then, if you find it proper, you can make the "To" field editable by clicking on it once (second click would edit text).
  69. Asterix why not make it eaditable since the start then
  70. Darlan So you won't add/delete something by mistake.
  71. Asterix when you select several contact in your mailer to send a mail, you can edit the list / emails
  72. Darlan I like this feature, very much. I use it for message that would otherwise be sent by email.
  73. Asterix and you can add things by mistake
  74. Darlan Yes, but XMPP is not Email. You have different habits, I guess.
  75. Asterix it's editable or not, not editable only if you do a triple combinaison of keys + scroll mouse _ triple click on right button + left on on the third click :)
  76. Darlan Are you trolling? =-o
  77. Darlan You are the developer so you are the one to decide, do whatever you think is proper without listening to me too much.
  78. Asterix I just want to say that if we want it to be editable, we don't have to hide that behind a dubble click on the entry
  79. Darlan ok
  80. Darlan I did think about "hiding" which is a problem. Perhaps making this field blinked when cursor (mouse or <Tab>) is hovered?
  81. Asterix hmm I'm not really in favour of fantasy UI. let's keep things simple, it's already complexe enough
  82. Link Mauve Are you discussing 33 integration into Gajim?
  83. Link Mauve With maybe a fallback for servers not providing support for that XEP.
  84. Darlan ok
  85. Asterix Link Mauve: we were talking about single message "to" fiesld if it should be editable when you send a message to a group ...
  86. Link Mauve I’ve read the code, and I think it would be useful to use [xep 33] in that case, it’s done especially for that.
  87. Asterix indeed ...
  88. Asterix !xep 33
  89. bot Asterix: XEP-0033: Extended Stanza Addressing See:
  90. Link Mauve When you don’t include many people it’s not an issue, but if you are psa and want to send the same message to everyone in your roster it can be very slow.
  91. Asterix prosody module doesn't to be very good about that ...
  92. Asterix prosody module doesn't seem to be very good about that ...
  93. Asterix
  94. Asterix partial implementation, no s2s it seems
  95. Link Mauve This page is quite old, I’m going to look at the source code.
  96. Asterix seems very short and doesn't seems to handle s2s
  97. Link Mauve The unsupported part seems to be sending xep-33 messages over s2s, that’s not something the client should worry about as it’s perfectly legal.
  98. Asterix no for sure
  99. Link Mauve With the current implementation, your server will simply send a message per address, even if the receiving server could perhaps handle a batch too.
  100. Asterix it's a quite complexe XEP with replyto, replyroom, ...
  101. Asterix and even a noreply ...
  102. Link Mauve You only want to support to currently, right?
  103. Asterix in this case we can't announce we support it. We won't correctly handled received messages with <adresses> tags
  104. Link Mauve You aren’t required to support everything as of now, it would require UI changes too.
  105. Asterix of course
  106. Asterix the normal workflow is complex ...
  107. Asterix but ok it's easy to send only one message with addresses in client's case
  108. Link Mauve I was thinking about simply that, for now.
  109. Asterix discovering the feature will also be simplified, I won't search for components that supports it
  110. Asterix ho cool, the namepsace is in nbxmp 0.2 :)
  111. Asterix that's not so easy to implement. Our message process contain encryption for example ...
  112. michalxo Hello guys! My gajim is having some problems with nicknames
  113. michalxo showing their IDs instead of nickname
  114. Asterix your'not the first one to report that ... FB contacts?
  115. michalxo so far, it worked for FB account only..
  116. michalxo and I see first contact on gmail too
  117. michalxo ? :-/
  118. michalxo but I can clearly see in Personal Info - name of contact
  119. michalxo on FB acc - I can't see that name
  120. michalxo -13***
  121. Asterix as this issue was not present before and you didn't change Gajim version, I think it's not Gajim's fault but FB that changed something
  122. michalxo uff, I hope I did not updated gajim lately (via yum), but it might be maximum of week old or less
  123. michalxo wau! Now "like magic" all names has appeared
  124. Asterix XML would be usefull to understand what happens
  125. michalxo ok, i'll send it to you asap ;)
  126. Asterix thanks
  127. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7393 (bad username on my roster) closed invalid: I had access to someone's XML logs, and it's clearly FB's issue, they send: Facebook Friends then Facebook Friends So sometime they disappear, sometime they re-appear …
  128. dicson Juick plugin not works(broken in
  129. dicson Asterix, I need commit this fix?
  130. dicson I test #7372 with this patch. works fine
  131. dicson insert_tags_func(end_iter, text_before_special_text, *other_tags) /home/test/gajim/src/ GtkWarning: IA__gtk_text_buffer_apply_tag_by_name: assertion `gtk_text_iter_get_buffer (end) == buffer' failed without patch and use juick plugin
  132. Asterix hmm what changes the end iter in plugin?
  133. Asterix we set it just above ...
  134. dicson plugin add avatars in messages
  135. dicson
  136. Asterix can't look now, BBL
  137. dicson without patch normal text not printed
  138. dicson ok
  139. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #62 (Juick plugin not works(broken in …) created can't see message text ​ fix problem • Ticket #62 (Juick plugin not works(broken in …) updated Summary changed
  140. Asterix dicson: can't th plugin update enditer itself?
  141. dicson how?
  142. dicson detect_and_print_special_text --l print_special_text -- gui ext point...
  143. dicson detect_and_print_special_text -- print_special_text -- gui ext point...
  144. Asterix ok I'm not sur to understand why we need to update the end_iter in this loop ... I'll look when I'll have time. have to go now
  145. dicson ok.thanks
  146. Asterix dicson: I'll need your help I don't know what's supposed to do the juick plugin and what's going wrong
  147. dicson juick plugin insert avatars dnd text tegs in messages
  148. dicson juick plugin insert avatars and text tegs in messages
  149. dicson juick plugin insert avatars and text tags in messages
  150. Asterix ok and what's wrong in the screenshot you sent me?
  151. Asterix I see avatar
  152. dicson it is right screenshot
  153. Asterix ha ok :)
  154. dicson wrong
  155. Asterix hmm ok
  156. dicson in history:
  157. dicson
  158. Asterix in the first wrong screenshot, the new line is missing, right?
  159. dicson spetial text only. no normal text
  160. dicson yes
  161. dicson and normal text missing
  162. dicson only nicks
  163. dicson @....
  164. Asterix and if your patch only does: if not iter_: end_iter = buffer_.get_end_iter()
  165. Asterix I tested it's ok for me
  166. Asterix but for juick?
  167. Asterix or ...
  168. Asterix return buffer_, buffer_.get_end_iter().copy().backward_char(), tag at the end of get_iter_and_tag in the plugin ...
  169. dicson >but for juick? ok
  170. dicson >at the end of get_iter_and_tag in the plugin .. many tracebacks....
  171. Asterix ha .. which one?
  172. Asterix end = buffer_.get_end_iter().copy() return buffer_, end.backward_char(), tag
  173. Asterix maybe that?
  174. dicson will test
  175. dicson many tracebacks....
  176. dicson mark = buffer_.create_mark(None, iter_, True) TypeError: where should be a GtkTextIter
  177. Asterix haa ok
  178. Asterix end = buffer_.get_end_iter().copy() end.backward_char() return buffer_, end, tag
  179. dicson gtk warning and no effect
  180. dicson >if not iter_: > end_iter = buffer_.get_end_iter() works fine
  181. Asterix ok then let's go for that
  182. dicson :-)
  183. dicson you commit?
  184. Asterix yep ok
  185. dicson thanks!
  186. Darlan 0.16 is going to be based on gtk2?
  187. dicson yes
  188. Darlan ok
  189. Darlan ♟ :-)
  190. :)