Gajim - 2013-07-25

  1. xbright Gajim is a very bad software.
  2. Maranda thinks: very constructive.
  3. xbright Gajim is a very good software.
  4. xbright You don't like it?
  5. Link Mauve thinks: way to test message correction the first time.
  6. Maranda stops thinking.. for a moment.
  7. Maranda .
  8. Maranda well
  9. Maranda correction doesn't work for /me :P
  10. xbright :P
  11. Link Mauve It does work.
  12. mathieui it should
  13. Maranda toast.
  14. mathieui Link Mauve, in gajim
  15. Link Mauve Ah, I haven’t tested in Gajim.
  16. Maranda test.
  17. Link Mauve hasn’t tested in Gajim.
  18. Maranda toast.
  19. Maranda :O
  20. Maranda it corrected the wrong one
  21. Darlan Scrollbars are fixed.
  22. Darlan Asterix, please add ". See #7284" to
  23. Darlan Still: WM_CLASS(STRING) = "gajim", "" Should be: WM_CLASS(STRING) = "gajim", "Gajim"
  24. Darlan Concerning to Invite contacts to the conversation >> (Ctrl+G) is missing View contact information >> (Ctrl+I) is missing
  25. Asterix ‎[09:47] ‎Asterix: Darlan: could you try if all is still ok with that:
  26. Darlan Asterix: I assume this patch does the same using less code, correct?
  27. Asterix not less code, but places differently
  28. Darlan Using i18n module.
  29. Darlan oh, I think, I understand.
  30. Asterix when we import gtk in i18n, we import it too early, before we changed the program name
  31. Darlan So I need to check that all the BiDi improvements dicson has made so far are still working, correct me if I am wrong.
  32. Asterix yep, that shouldn't break things, but it's just to test before I commit that
  33. Darlan root[gajim]# patch -p1 < bidi.diff patching file src/common/ patching file src/
  34. Asterix good
  35. Darlan Window Class is now fixed :-) WM_CLASS(STRING) = "gajim", "Gajim"
  36. Darlan Asterix: After I send a message to you, I get another Asterix PM tab opened with this message: "Error None: ‏The room is currently overactive, please try again later" and I can't close this tab unless I close the gajim groupchat tab.
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  38. Darlan Correction: I can close the new Asterix tab but I can't close the original Asterix tab.
  39. Darlan Asterix: Please add me to your roster - I need to view meta-information.
  40. Darlan mmlosh: Thanks, brother!
  41. Darlan Asterix: Please join "test" to test kick messages.
  42. Asterix Darlan: you are already in my roster
  43. Darlan Do you?
  44. Darlan Anyway, I play with mmlosh, right now :-)
  45. Asterix I what?
  46. mmlosh hehe, good description
  47. Asterix heu ... you do whatever you want with mmlosh I don't care ;)
  48. mmlosh Darlan, now I got E2E errors on the MUC-local-PM
  49. mmlosh 6 of them
  50. Asterix Darlan also send me a lot of those things
  51. mmlosh [09:22:36] mmlosh: 7th [09:22:37] Error None: The room is currently overactive, please try again later
  52. Asterix I don't know what he does with that ..
  53. mmlosh I tried to send you a PM, it said this
  54. Darlan I just enable automated encryption
  55. Asterix it's the default, so everyone has that
  56. Darlan I will disable, then. I causes to many issues, so it seems.
  57. Darlan >‎[10:31:28] ‎Asterix: heu ... you do whatever you want with mmlosh I don't care Testing banner meta-information messages.
  58. mmlosh I don't remember ever using E2E on MUC-PM
  59. Asterix but your Gajim uses old keys, like it it didn't saw someone went offline in the middle
  60. Asterix Darlan: it was a joke :)
  61. Darlan I know
  62. Darlan Asterix: What do I need to erase or update?
  63. Asterix nothg, Gajim is supposed to do it automatically when you or your contact goes offline
  64. Darlan I turned off E2E for mmlosh and I get this error again: Error None: ‏The room is currently overactive, please try again later
  65. mmlosh I got 3 more E2E errors
  66. mmlosh I guess you broke something on the server?
  67. mmlosh or perhaps spam it unintentionally?
  68. mmlosh one more error
  69. mmlosh Or perhaps that was me
  70. Darlan I do not do anything right now.
  71. Darlan mmlosh: I will write a message to test Ctrl+U: I will type things. I will use Ctrl+U. I will use Ctrl+V and type things. I will send you a message. Tell me if you see "paused typing" in banner
  72. Asterix no error on server. I guess you sent too much pm too quickly
  73. mmlosh I got that error HERE
  74. mmlosh now
  75. mmlosh btw: I actually had the MUC-PM window open twice
  76. mmlosh not sure how that happened
  77. Asterix Darlan is the only one ablt to do that
  78. Darlan Can you right click on banner of one of them, mmlosh?
  79. mmlosh what is a banner?
  80. Darlan The big title "Darlan from groupchat Gajim"
  81. Darlan How do I turn off auto E2E?
  82. Asterix in ACE
  83. mmlosh In our past conversation I wasn't getting any typing notification in the MUC-PM
  84. Darlan oh, so it is a default behavior - then, I do not turn off.
  85. Asterix autonegotiate_esessions but that should not be a problem to keep that. Never had a problem with this option
  86. Darlan mmlosh: Can you close both of these MUC-PM tabs?
  87. mmlosh all closed
  88. Darlan I can't close all of them, unless I close the relevant MUC or the entire chat window
  89. Asterix Darlan: you must have errors in console
  90. mmlosh (actually I closed those two a while ago and opened a new one, which I closed)
  91. Darlan I guess I have an out-dates certificate or something in my Gajim configuration directory.
  92. Darlan Console opened.
  93. Darlan mmlosh: send me an MUC-PM
  94. Asterix you can't open console AFTER you run Gajim
  95. Asterix you have to run Gajim from the console
  96. Darlan oh, I use the XML console
  97. Darlan I will examine this later, then.
  98. mmlosh i remember it might end up in .Xsession-errors
  99. Asterix error don't appear in XML console but in bash console
  100. mmlosh unless they aren't actually error messages that is
  101. Asterix maybe yes
  102. mmlosh small x.. .xsession-errors is the correct name
  103. mmlosh I actually have some gajim errors there
  104. mmlosh AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_control_active' AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'msg_textview'
  105. mmlosh I guess those happened when I closed the duplicite tab
  106. mmlosh and the resources under it got freed and then not found by the 2nd tab
  107. Asterix yep there is something strange with those 2 tabs open. That should not happen
  108. mmlosh oh? I found more dangling Darlan tabs
  109. Asterix if you know how to repro I'm interested
  110. mmlosh I opened the first one and then talked to darlan via direct messages, while he talked to me via MUC-PM
  111. mmlosh I have no idea when exactly it happened, so no idea
  112. Darlan I started$ gajim -v 2>gajim_e2e_output.txt
  113. Asterix arg, unable to decrypt once again ...
  114. Darlan Asterix: Shell I close Gajim and send you a log? [10:54:41 AM] Error None: The room is currently overactive, please try again later
  115. Asterix yes if you want
  116. Asterix send again
  117. Darlan السلام عليكم
  118. Asterix -> test@
  119. Darlan What's with this transport bug crash? I always need to use Ctrl+O to avoid it :-(
  120. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14570:cf7dcf05e365]: don't import GTK too early. see #7284, #7192 don't import GTK too early. see #7284, #7192 • Tickets #7192,​7284 batch updated In cf7dcf05e365f7df8b9b49b162585ad26faed68b: don't import GTK too early. see #7284, #7192,7284
  121. Darlan Please correct hotkeys in changeset ffc9d25174bf Invite contacts to the conversation (Ctrl+G) View contact information (Ctrl+I)
  122. Darlan Please correct [Darlan] Improved BiDi support for status messages. See #7284
  123. Asterix I can't change a commit message
  124. Darlan Never mind, my mistake, I though earlier today that a reference was added to
  125. Darlan No more bidi issues for at least a week! See you later.
  126. Asterix CU, thanks for your tests about that
  127. Darlan You are most welcome! Thank you to dicson for putting effort into this!
  128. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14571:cb1255893834]: add hotkeys to tooltips. add hotkeys to tooltips.
  129. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7393 (bad username on my roster) created Bug description In the roster, the name of my contact is now his JID. For exemple, a contact with the JID 1234@… has the name 1234. Steps […] • Capture d'écran - 25072013 - 11:30:29.png attached to T[] • Capture d'écran - 250720[…] d'écran - 25072013 - 11:40:19.png
  130. Link Mauve mrDoctorWhо., you are using a plugin or something that cause Psi+ to send us all invalid presences.
  131. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7394 (Gajim not working on windows8) created Bug description Hai…admin gajim is not working on my windows8 Pro Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\cx_Freez\initscripts\", line27, in <module> File "src\", line 471, in <module> File "src\", line2610, inint File "src\commaon\optpars[…] • Ticke[…]
  132. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #61 (Add Hotkey to Send image tooltip) created To Send image with Hotkey, user can press on Alt+L. Please add Send image (Alt+L) to Send image tooltip. In case contact does not support XHTML_IM Send image This contact does not support XHTML_IM I a similar manner to ​
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  135. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7393 (bad username on my roster) updated I can't reproduce that. Everything works fine here. Is it a nickname you set or the one in his Vcard ? • Ticket #7393 (bad username on my roster) updated Status changed
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  138. Asterix dicson: do you see something that is missing for 0.16 release?
  139. dicson yes
  140. Asterix what?
  141. dicson gtk3 not usable
  142. Asterix gtk will be after 0.16
  143. Asterix gtk3 will be after 0.16
  144. Asterix current trunk will go in 0.16 branch where we'll fix things for 0.16, then we merge gtk3 branch in trunk and seriously start fixing not working things
  145. Asterix (we'll merge after we check that every commit in trunk is done in gtk3 branch too
  146. dicson then I see no reason to wait
  147. dicson 0.16 release
  148. Asterix ok, then I think a first alpha could be released soon and start the 0.16 branch
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  150. Darlan Frankly, I dislike both of the ideas of #7386 #7395, I guess, after observing the AdiumExtra website, that even Adium are loathing from this idea, yet it may be relevant at some point in future.
  151. Darlan * Assuming AdiumExtra is not related directly to Adium.
  152. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14573:082c1d462bfd]: set tooltips to buttons rather th[…] • Ticket #5924 (There are […] • [] • Ticket #7235 (Gajim 0.15[…]
  153. Asterix I'd close them both
  154. dicson close or plugin welcome :-)
  155. Darlan plugin welcome
  156. Darlan patch welcome
  157. Darlan patch welcome
  158. Darlan damn...
  159. Asterix is a plugin really welcome?
  160. Darlan It was an accident (middle click paste)
  161. Darlan resolve as?
  162. dicson ‎Asterix, why not.
  163. Asterix what you want ius a gaj://URL_TO_.gaj_FILE handled by gajim-remote which would download the file and install it as a plugin?
  164. Darlan No, I want gajim-plugin-manager to do this task.
  165. Asterix why not gajim-remote?
  166. Asterix with handle_uri that we already have?
  167. Darlan I do not know. If you have a better idea, do it.
  168. Darlan ok
  169. Darlan I thought it is for xmpp: only
  170. Asterix currently yes
  171. Darlan I often ask myself why there is "gajim-remote" instead of only "gajim" which will contain all of what "gajim-remote" has.
  172. Asterix anyway it could be a new command, but in gajim-remote
  173. Darlan ok
  174. Asterix except the same of the program that does it, my sum up is correct?
  175. Darlan Please rephrase your query.
  176. Asterix what you want a gaj://URL_TO_.gaj_FILE link, that the browser can handle by calling WHAT_NAME_YOU_WANT which would download the file and install it as a plugin?
  177. Darlan Yes.
  178. Darlan Are you interested in that idea?
  179. Asterix why not, but gaj:// is not understood by browsers, is it?
  180. Asterix and why is it better than our current plugin installer?
  181. Asterix those .gaj files needs to be generated after each commit ...
  182. Darlan xdg-mime default gajim-plugin-installer.desktop x-scheme-handler/gajim
  183. Darlan xdg-mime default gajim-plugin-installer.desktop x-scheme-handler/gaj
  184. Darlan Midori and Chromium support XDG properly, Mozilla mostly retrieve protocol handles from gconf.
  185. Darlan As you mentioned, this would work only under Linux. Windows users probably would need a separate application that does it for them.
  186. Asterix not necessarily. to install a plugin we don't need to talk to the Gajim process, this can be done externaly
  187. Asterix I think the installed plugins are read each time we open the plugin window (to be checked ..)
  188. Darlan >‎[22:01:17] ‎Asterix: and why is it better than our current plugin installer? It does not, though, until plugins would be available through http, too, gajim:// protocol may be a good solution.
  189. Darlan Yes, this whole addition to the plugin system is merely for futuristic situation, where there would be too many Gajim users to be handled around
  190. Asterix and ... gconf ... Gajim wn't depend on gconf
  191. Asterix too much plugin developer you mean
  192. Asterix I think you're just dreaming ... come back on earth man :)
  193. Darlan Only Mozilla uses gconf (e.g. Ekiga uses gconf in order from Mozilla to handle sip: protocol).
  194. Asterix mozilla is used a lot
  195. Darlan Good night :-)
  196. Asterix what about the other on the OS I can't mention?
  197. Darlan Yes
  198. Darlan Someone may write an application to handle gajim:// , register .gaj in it "registry" and install plugins from this application into Gajim itself.
  199. Asterix ok GN
  200. dicson There is only one idea to do these things. Absolve themselves of responsibility for the plug-ins.
  201. dicson >‎[22:24:07] ‎Darlan: * Assuming AdiumExtra is not related directly to Adium.
  202. Asterix x11term: ping?
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  204. Asterix oups ... didn't want to upgrade ...