Gajim - 2013-07-22

  1. Darlan (not fixed)
  2. Darlan >• Changeset [14559:563ee67daa88]: update toolbar when the status has changed (Oops!) I need to check this, first.
  3. Maranda hmmm how come Gajim now auto accepts presence subscription requests? Is there some settings I missed?
  4. Maranda Nm was some bug solved in trunk I suppose
  5. Darlan
  6. Asterix Darlan is the new bot in case we don't receive mails :)
  7. Darlan hehe :-D
  8. Darlan Soon I will be the admin!
  9. Asterix arg no !! all will be hebrew only! ;)
  10. Darlan :-)
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14560:c05a63821060]: [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7176 (Restore the old tray icon (envelope)) updated I suggest to add an option to GUI. Edit > Preferences > Notifications > Do not blink status icon I will reopen this ticket only after a distinctive icon that will indicate on new message will be added to Iconsets such as BuggerIM.
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7347 (Adding a new contact from the search result does not work) updated Hello asterix. Sorry for entering the dup #7379. As I don't received email notifications, I was not aware of changes on this issue. The server is Openfire 3.8.2. Gajim is connected through BOSH. Do you want screenshots ?
  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7347 (Adding a new contact from the search result does not work) reopened
  15. dicson Darlan, About you can try patch
  16. dicson Darlan, About sorry
  17. Darlan Will do. Is this the command to apply a patch? "patch -p1 filename.patch"
  18. dicson I think yes
  19. Darlan root[gajim]# patch -p1 < 3596b541.diff patching file src/ patching file src/ patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line Hunk #4 succeeded at 1352 with fuzz 1.
  20. dicson Darlan, no crash?
  21. Darlan Not yet
  22. Darlan Ctrl + O
  23. dicson I think it is bug inside GTK
  24. Darlan I had this, but no crash15:25:35 (W) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb Unknown stanza: error 15:25:35 (W) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb Unknown stanza: error 15:25:42 (W) ... 15:25:42 (W) ... 15:25:47 (W) ... 15:25:47 (W) ... 15:25:52 (W) ... 15:25:52 (W) ... ... = same nbxmpp error
  25. Darlan I will keep Ctrl + O enabled and see if there are crashes.
  26. dicson buttons works correct?
  27. Asterix File "/home/asterix/.local/share/gajim/plugins/quick_replies/", line 45, in disconnect_from_chat_control AttributeError: 'Base' object has no attribute 'disconnect_from_chat_contro'
  28. Darlan dicson: The Quick Respond is activated for offline contacts when roster itself is offline.
  29. dicson ‎Darlan, ok. thanks. will fix
  30. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7388 (You cannot join a group chat while you are invisible) created problem Accessibility analysis In order to reduce the amount of clicks, a button can be added into the error dialog You cannot join a group chat while you are invisible. Example from a web browser. Enable Work Offline. Reload page. Error message: Offline mode. Press "Try Again" to switch to online mode and reload the page. Press "Try Again". Web browser[…]
  31. Darlan dicson: Even if it seems to work ok, I do not want it to be applied, yet, until I am certain this is not mistakenly blocking buttons when it should not. What about the ticket where someone complained about no tooltips in these chat icons?
  32. dicson All buttons have tooltips
  33. dicson standart buttons(no plugin buttons)
  34. Darlan #5669
  35. Darlan I do not have a tooltip for send file
  36. Darlan formattings, send file & invite to muc
  37. dicson I will add
  38. Darlan (in private chat)
  39. Darlan Thanks
  40. Darlan and smileys
  41. Darlan darn -_- + contact information & history (all private chat)
  42. Darlan ...spell checker...
  43. Asterix Darlan: there is no offline message for PM
  44. Darlan I meant to Contacts in roster user@domain.tld
  45. Asterix in #7389 = Steps to reproduce = MUC:
  46. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7389 (Be insensitive or do not insert text when input box is disabled) created Bug description Buttons a[…] • Ticket #7389 (Be insensitive or do not insert text when input box is disabled) updated dicson: Please do not apply patch, yet. Please submit it here. Originally reported at ​ Buttons that are also […] • Ticket #7388 (You cannot join[]
  47. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7390 (Avoid him/her) created background analysis Manage Contact > Subscription Allow him/her to see my status Ask to see his/her status Forbid him/her to see my status implement[…] • Ticket #7390 (Avoid him/her) updated Would it be a good idea to use strings from full name if nickname[…]
  48. Darlan Can "os.environ['LANG'] = lang" recognize if locale is RTL or LTR?
  49. Maranda Asterix, ok exactly after it receives the roster from the server as I suspected
  50. Maranda Sorry but Unity freezed even and had to force shutdown and reboot :/
  51. Asterix could you add a return at the begining of replace_roster function in src/common/
  52. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7284 (Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm) updated I will try by myself Based on observing at ​ direction_mark = i18n.paragraph_direction_mark(unicode(text)) # don't apply direction mark if it's status message if kind == 'status': if widget == 'L': return u'\u200E' elif widget == 'AL' or widget == 'R': return u'\u200F' I do not know what 'AL' is. 'widget[…]
  53. Asterix this function is very long
  54. Maranda Ok.
  55. Maranda Asterix, hmmm where is the src dir located?
  56. Maranda (In Ubuntu that is)
  57. Asterix /ust/share/gajim?
  58. Maranda yup found it just now :)
  59. Maranda Ok done.
  60. Maranda restarting gajim should suffice right?
  61. Asterix yes
  62. Maranda ok let me retry
  63. Maranda Asterix, nope :/
  64. Maranda
  65. Asterix just after receiving roster I guess?
  66. Maranda yep
  67. Asterix give him a few minutes for the first connection ...
  68. Asterix give it a few minutes for the first connection ...
  69. Maranda Ok sec
  70. Maranda ping
  71. Maranda Okay
  72. Maranda it resumed
  73. Maranda took 4 minutes to process 2710 roster entries
  74. Asterix ok quite ast, isn't it? :D
  75. Asterix ok quite fast, isn't it? :D
  76. Maranda :D
  77. Asterix now if you log out / in again, that should be faster. no need to re-request 2710 vcards for example ...
  78. Maranda Hm yes
  79. Maranda Asterix, though UI seem to lock up at moments now.
  80. Asterix once connected you find Gajim slow?
  81. Maranda Hmm Asterix well yes after the reconnects the events from the server seem to be queued and the UI randomly locks up and stops responding.
  82. Maranda otherwise it works
  83. Asterix ok. and after those events are proceed all is ok?
  84. Asterix I think that what's long is requesting all the vcards the first time ... I think some sending queue and wait a little between all send would be better
  85. Maranda well no, it seems to lock out if I go manage the accounts and for instance disable those accounts with big rosters.
  86. Darlan dicson: Do you use a patched (yes/no)
  87. dicson rtl?
  88. Darlan If not, ignore my question. I will do it myself.
  89. Darlan Yes
  90. dicson in test account
  91. Darlan Please join here with test account
  92. עברית I will leave and join. Please take screenshots. Note: I need screenshots of users who have no AM/PM in timestamps.
  93. עברית dicson: crash?
  94. test no
  95. עברית I will leave and join
  96. test I always disable print satus message in rooms
  97. עברית I am prompt to insecure connection with
  98. עברית test: Never mind, then.
  99. dicson ‎עברית,
  100. dicson top - patched
  101. עברית oh
  102. עברית Right time - wrong file ; Wrong time - right file...
  103. עברית Not good. The last 2 lines at the bottom should be displayed from left because you are using LTR widget.
  104. Asterix I'm testing certs ...
  105. עברית I will apply patch and try again
  106. עברית ok, thanks for letting me know.
  107. Asterix ok new cert ok
  108. dicson >‎[20:17:05] ‎עברית: Not good. The last 2 lines at the - should be displayed from left because you are using LTR widget. bottom - not patched Gajim
  109. dicson I see right text in patched and wrong in not patched
  110. dicson Darlan, see you in rosters
  111. Darlan ok
  112. Darlan dicson: Your findings had to be opposite, when you had nicks in contrast then we could know whether the patch is working or not.
  113. Darlan damn, I need to edit the translation file... brb
  114. dicson nicks always green in status messages
  115. dicson
  116. Darlan dicson: What does it show for status messages of עברית?
  117. dicson
  118. Darlan Seems to work, for English UI. Asterix, we are very close to complete BiDi support in Gajim, thanks to dicson.
  119. dicson top win = patched gajim = fine text. second = not patched = wrong text
  120. dicson
  121. dicson patch
  122. Maranda starts rejoining some rooms, didn't notice he broke directed presences.
  123. Darlan dicson:
  124. Darlan I need to check if it is working without AM/PM
  125. Darlan time_stamp [%X]
  126. Darlan text
  127. dicson ‎Darlan, works or not? I not understood screenshot
  128. Darlan WORKS!!!
  129. dicson :-) ok
  130. Darlan I will make another one
  131. Darlan @Users who do not have AM/PM in timestamps, please send screenshots of status messages of "עברית has left (offline)"
  132. dicson ‎Darlan, :-)
  133. Maranda To address that it's moved on the right because of RTL?
  134. Maranda I take?
  135. Darlan Maranda: Correct
  136. Darlan >‎[19:48] ‎dicson: ‎Darlan, patched?
  137. Maranda It does it also for room names which contains RTL
  138. dicson ‎Darlan, not patched
  139. Maranda and jids,
  140. Darlan Maranda: We are fixing it now :-P
  141. Darlan
  142. Maranda \o/
  143. Darlan In a moment I will upload a screen without AM/PM in time stamp
  144. Darlan
  145. Darlan Works well!
  146. Darlan Now I need to test under Hebrew and from there we need to hope that MANY Arabs, Persians and Pakistani fellows will use Gajim more often.
  147. dicson :-)
  148. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [646:13e8308e3e0c]: QuickRepliesPlugin,GuiForMePlugin.change buttons state when the status has … QuickRepliesPlugin,GuiForMePlugin?.change buttons state when the status has changed
  149. עברית May anyone please leave/join?
  150. עברית ok never mind
  151. Asterix there is also test@ ...
  152. עברית I know, but this is important and I want as many witnesses as possible.
  153. עברית Thanks, dicson. Seems to work good for Hebrew.
  154. עברית Maranda: I think we are done with BiDi support in-chat, I hope you will import BiDi recognition in-chat into Jappix, after this is committed (@gajim we still need to work on banner, notification which should be very easy after status messages are now solved)
  155. עברית dicson: This patch is ready, IMHO. Please commit it.
  156. dicson ‎עברית, give me commit message
  157. עברית Improved BiDi support for status messages
  158. dicson done
  159. Darlan Did you refer to #7284?
  160. Darlan Oops :-| (oh, well)
  161. dicson ?
  162. Darlan
  163. Darlan If you can correct it, please do. If not, never mind.
  164. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14561:df1ad38561be]: [Darlan] Improved BiDi support for status messages [Darlan] Improved BiDi support for status messages
  165. dicson ‎Darlan, I do not know that there is no correct
  166. Darlan I guess it is not critical if there is no reference.
  167. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • BiDi edited Fixed Join & Leave (diff)
  168. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • df1ad38561be_LTR_forced_on_RTL.png attached to Ticket #7284 Realisation of df1ad38561be • Changeset [14562:0a7ee840d299]: [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation [Darlan] Update Hebrew translation
  169. Maranda Darlan, bug Valérian about it (maybe with a ticket) I'm far too busy with serverside coding lately :/
  170. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14563:7ad19dd5acb8]: correctly find JID column in search result window. Fixes #7347 correctly find JID column[…] • Ticket #7347 (Adding a new contact from the search result does not work) closed fixed: In 7ad19dd5acb86ee065c2469f99ff233472f0fc72: correctly find J[…]
  171. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7347 (Adding a new contact from the search result does not work) updated Milestone changed
  172. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7192 (RTL nicks are reversed when meta-information is displayed) updated To solve this problem, individually, I have added LRE to each of these strings (in Hebrew): is paying attention to the conversation is doing something else is composing a message… paused composing a message has closed the chat window or tab To solve this for LTR you need to add RLE to the above. Dirty.
  173. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • attached to Ticket #7192
  174. pvtlth good evening, girls! cu later (ok ok writing bullshit stops HERE :D )