Gajim - 2013-07-17

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  3. 0xAFFE ♟: nice nick!
  4. Darlan hrhr
  5. Niku sighs
  6. Niku and once again, gajim crashes when trying to update a plugin
  7. Asterix under win
  8. Niku yes
  9. Asterix yes it seems to freeze when updating plugins, I need to look at that
  10. Niku last time, if I remember correctly, the problem was that some kinda html parser was missing from the windows build
  11. Niku not 100% sure, tho
  12. Asterix ha ... is there something in gajim.exe.log?
  13. Asterix in app data\roaming\gajim or something like that
  14. Niku actually there is a lot in it.Should I delete and trigger the error again?
  15. 0xAFFE Niku, Asterix: I can reproduce that :)
  16. Asterix Niku: that would be nice
  17. Asterix 0xAFFE: I think I can repro too, but I have to start my VM to do it :)
  18. 0xAFFE Asterix, no luck, no log
  19. Asterix ok :(
  20. 0xAFFE Asterix, the interesting part is, that the progressbar is hidden in the frozen window
  21. Asterix ok so it's after everything is downloaded ... I'm starting my VM to try to debug that
  22. Niku Asterix, sadly the log file is not re-created. I suppose gajim crashes before it can log anything (?) or it just enters an infinite loop
  23. Asterix yep ... I'll try to debug that
  24. Niku however, the old file does contain something about "gotr" and plugins. That sounds like something related at least
  25. Asterix mine freezes at "creating a list of files"
  26. Niku Asterix,
  27. Asterix those should be fixed now. so I don't think it's related
  28. Niku from my limited understanding, that looks like an error with the plugin itself, tho
  29. Niku ah I see. Would make sense, because it's the otr plugin i wanted to update :P
  30. dicson disable TLS not help?
  31. Asterix I found what the problem is
  32. Asterix os.mkdir(existing_folder) raises under win
  33. Niku well, unless I'm getting whatever comes after win8 for free through some kinda program again (got vista and 7 from the school), I won't be using windows anymore, so I won't pester you with all these bug "reports"
  34. mathieui Asterix, it raises on any OS afaik
  35. Asterix Niku: I'll fix it for sure
  36. Asterix but it's a good idea to not use windows :)
  37. Niku Asterix, :D the NSA is probably spying on linux, too ;)
  38. Asterix yes right
  39. Asterix but not the same exception
  40. mathieui oh
  41. Asterix under linux: OSError: [Errno 17] File exists: 'ert' under win: OsError: [Error 183] ...
  42. mathieui fyi, py3k since 3.2 (or 3.3, can’t remember), has an exist_ok parameter to os.makedirs which does not raise anything
  43. Asterix I'll just check before creating
  44. Asterix it's safer
  45. Niku ^this
  46. Asterix plugin upgrade now works ok
  47. Asterix Niku: as an alternative, remove your gotr folder and re-d/l the plugin
  48. Niku btw if it werent for all the gaming restrictions, I would've long ditched windows on my desktop. At work I have to use OSX (makes me shiver every time I so much as have to look at it), Win on my Desktop, Arch on my Raspberry Pi and Fedora on my Note- and Netbook
  49. Asterix in app data\roaming\gajim\plugins
  50. Niku Asterix, thanks for the quick fix
  51. Niku but with steam coming to linux, i think the first step is done for game devs to support linux on a broad scale
  52. Niku brb restarting gajim
  53. Asterix should be ok in latest plugin installer now
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  55. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7384 (Cannot connect to a server with TLS with a non valid certificate) created I connect to a jabber server that do no have a valid certificate, since it is signed with a certificate authority that is not recognized by Gajim. If I start from a fresh install, I can connect when I ask to ignore the error. However, I noticed that once I both ask to memorize the certificate as valid and ask to ignore the error next time, I have th[…]