Gajim - 2013-07-15

  1. Asterix Flo: I progress with your "small" account ... I can log in now ...
  2. Flo Great :-)
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  4. dicson I will add gc-message-outgoing event
  5. dicson >Hello! I was unable to register on the bugtracker. The UrlShortener plugin does not work in group chat.
  6. Darlan What does this mean? "Ask before closing tabbed chat window if there are control that can loose data (chat, private chat, groupchat that will not be minimized)"
  7. Darlan loose > lose ?
  8. Darlan control > controls ?
  9. Darlan I do not understand the word "control".
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7267 (Request to segregate identical strings) updated message #: ../data/gui/item_archiving_preferences_window.ui.h:7 #: ../src/ ../src/ #: ../src/ ../src/ #: ../src/ ../src/ #, fuzzy msgid "message" msgstr "" Please segregate CLI strings from GUI strings.
  11. Asterix dicson: hmm message-outgoing is in ougoing message, not incoming (at the end of the page)
  12. Asterix Darlan: control = a chat or gc tab / window
  13. dicson Asterix, ooops. sorry.I revert changes
  14. Asterix ok :)
  15. dicson Darlan, uploaded
  16. Asterix nice that you add the gc-message-outgoing event. You can look at the commit in which I added the message-outgoing one if you want, that may help
  17. dicson Asterix, thanks
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  19. Darlan if there are control (singular) or if there are controls (plural)?
  20. Darlan by loose did you refer to "released"?
  21. Asterix controls
  22. Asterix loose mean that if you don't log things for exemple, you'll miss what you received. Or even if you log, but don't remember who sent you something you fon't find it again
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  24. Darlan Then: loose > lose (typo)
  25. Darlan Good. There are icons in the Available tab (plugins).
  26. dicson Darlan, someone has stolen
  27. Darlan I understand the meaning. I indicated that loose, which means to free/let go/release/untie, should be written as lose.
  28. Darlan In this case, however, loose would be proper, too.
  29. Asterix yes right
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  32. Maranda asterix any idea perhaps what could make Gajim start using 100% cpu?
  33. Maranda it doesn't seem to be hanging or anything as well.
  34. Asterix Maranda: I saw your message in prosody@ ... Unfortunatly I don't know what could cause that :/ I never saw that
  35. Maranda :/
  36. Asterix Maranda: maybe running Gajim inside a debugger to know what's going on when it takes 100% CPU could help
  37. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14541:0b2cacade877]: fix using FT proxies. Fixes #7382 fix using FT proxies. Fixes #7382 • Ticket #7382 (File transfert with a psi contact doesn't work) closed fixed: (In [0b2cacade877]) fix using FT proxies. Fixes #7382
  38. dicson Asterix, ftp scripts working wrong. not update. without icons
  39. dicson >‎[15:41:04] ‎Darlan: Good. There are icons in the Available tab (plugins).
  40. Asterix ha ... probably yes ...
  41. Asterix I changed server ...
  42. Asterix let me find where was this script ..
  43. dicson :-)
  44. Asterix hmm has been updated today ...
  45. dicson yes
  46. Asterix but without images indeed ...
  47. dicson and we have no icons in the tab and can't see plugins_translations 0.6.5
  48. Asterix haaa ... interesting: -bash: zip: command not found
  49. Asterix hard to create a zip in this case :)
  50. dicson :-D
  51. Asterix fixed
  52. Asterix 0.6.5 available
  53. dicson yes.thanks!
  54. Asterix dicson: I wonder if it's a good thing to have, because you may have 2 very near colors, or ugly colors ... But I agree that havving a contact color isn't bad
  55. Asterix do you use this patch?
  56. dicson yes
  57. dicson
  58. Asterix I'm a flashy green :)
  59. dicson with bad colors...
  60. Asterix bot and maranda are indeed realy light
  61. dicson yes
  62. Asterix so after using it, do you think it's usable and commitable?
  63. dicson I think not usable and idea author dissatisfied with flowers
  64. Asterix lol
  65. dicson colors
  66. dicson maybe it is good for PSI. KDE users like bright colors
  67. Asterix :)
  68. Asterix so you close it explaining why?
  69. dicson I do not know way for hash - > tango color
  70. Asterix maybe having a list of tango colors, then a finction to have the "distance" between the hash color and the nearest tango color
  71. dicson I can't explaining in english ))
  72. dicson but I can close ))
  73. Asterix just saying that color can be too light and not nice
  74. dicson ok.tomorrow
  75. Asterix ok thanks
  76. Asterix I'm trying to see what's missing for 0.16 ...
  77. Asterix notthat much