Gajim - 2013-07-13

  1. Argitek Darlan: do you still remember me?
  2. Darlan Yes. You have had a different Lion avatar, though :-)
  3. Darlan And you were using Gajim ;-)
  4. Argitek Gajim suck! Python is a shit!
  5. Argitek (Fat trolling)
  6. Darlan hehe
  7. Darlan The implementation of Python while running needs to be improved. At east, it is better than Java; though, there are some Java applications that consume relatively less than Python.
  8. Darlan least*
  9. Argitek Never tried no one of this.
  10. Argitek And...
  11. Argitek Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?
  12. Darlan There are pretty much who do, not only in this channel. 0xAFFE is using Gajim under Windows.
  13. Argitek Poor boy...
  14. Darlan With a larger share of users and developers, the biggest advantage Gajim will have is an easy extensibility with plugins, which do not need to be compiled.