Gajim - 2013-07-12

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7111 (GPG. unable send encrypted message to user that hase gone offline) reopened I'm reopening this bug because I'm experiencing this behaviour in the default hg branch.
  2. mkesper Hi, I'm having problems with gajim under Win8, wanted to debug and get "intl.dll library not found" and wanted to post that on trac but I get an error while trying to register
  3. mkesper Trac detected an internal error: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'strip'
  4. mkesper what now? ;)
  5. vorner I did the experiment with joining the #haskell room. It worked quite well. The joining took some time, when people were appearing in the room contact list and writing out the status messages, but gajim responded all the time.
  6. Asterix mkesper: thanks for reporting the register issue, will look atthat. For your win8 problem, you installed Gajim with the installer, then checked the "launch Gajim" at the end of the installer right?
  7. Asterix vorner: how many occupants?
  8. vorner How do I find out? It's definitely more than I'd like to count.
  9. Asterix it's written in the list
  10. Asterix I see here Moderators (4/20) and participants (16/20)
  11. vorner Ah, yes, I'm blind, of course O:-)
  12. vorner 979 currently
  13. vorner And it seems many left from the time I joined, bunch at once, so probably some kind of netsplit
  14. Asterix ok not that bad ...
  15. vorner I guess the difference from roster is that roster is all handled at once, but with the room, the mainloop is entered after each new participant.
  16. Asterix yep. I just tried to connect with a 4000 users roster, I gave up after 8 minutes ...
  17. Asterix thanks Flo for this account ;)
  18. vorner 4k is probably not a real roster, is it? ;-)
  19. Asterix launching Gajim and showing the offline contacts is very fast (instantly done here)
  20. Asterix it's a real roster ....
  21. Asterix a support account
  22. vorner I never guessed what people might want to do.
  23. vorner Like that guy from gcc who said they had a bugreport that gcc crashes when the compiled function goes over 4GB.
  24. Asterix LOL
  25. Flo For reference, piding only takes a second or two. /me hides
  26. vorner Flo: that's the tradeof. Pidgin is written in C. It is faster, but has less features.
  27. vorner Though, I guess there's some quadratic addition to the roster somewhere, because 400 sized roster loads fine.
  28. Asterix Flo: I'm tring to find where is the slow down
  29. Asterix Flo: I already found a very long function
  30. Flo Can't wait ;)
  31. Asterix you'll have to ... I won't have a lot of time today, and I'm NA this week end
  32. Flo No hurry, wasn't able to use Gajim for a long time now, a week more or less won't kill me.
  33. Flo Still curious what you come up with, though.
  34. Asterix me too :)
  35. mkesper Asterix: it isn't the first start, if you mean that
  36. Asterix ok. Then that weird, don't you have this file in gajim installed dir, in gtk/bin folder or something like that?
  37. mkesper I keep losing connection (to a local server)
  38. mkesper is checking
  39. mkesper Asterix: the error is:
  40. mkesper Asterix: and intl.dll is in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gajim\bin\gtk\bin\intl.dll"
  41. mkesper but it seems not to get found by the local Python
  42. mkesper which is strange because I started gajim.exe
  43. Asterix mkesper: could you try to copy this intl.dll in the same folder as gajim.exe?
  44. Asterix in my win8 VM machine I can run Gajim without any problem ...
  45. mkesper Asterix: I'll try next wekk. ;)
  46. mkesper week
  47. Asterix ok thanks
  48. Darlan Argitek: :-D
  49. Darlan How are you?
  50. Darlan Asterix: I sent you a PM, did you receive it?
  51. Asterix Darlan: no. unable to decrypt
  52. Asterix and I leave for the we
  53. Darlan Anybody here knows python? I need a small help.
  54. vorner Isn't it better to just ask the question?
  55. Darlan I need to force alignment of "status messages" in chat in accord to widget direction, I.e. if widget is LTR, status messages are always aligned from the left, if RTL ... from the right.
  56. Darlan This might help in detection of direction of widget
  57. joe hello
  58. Darlan Hi!
  59. joe gajim wouldn't provide me the option of gpg encryption if I was missing a dependency for this feature, right?
  60. Darlan I do not know
  61. dicson see Help - Features
  62. joe dicson, that's what is confusing me: gpg is marked as working feature, but it doesn't work and as I doesn't seem to have python-gnupg installed