Gajim - 2013-07-10

  1. Zash Moo
  2. Asterix presences are not logged ...
  3. Asterix I just tried to disco / reco
  4. Zash Logging that seem to be disabled by default
  5. Zash muc_log_presences
  6. Asterix ok
  7. Zash Why would the default be changed?
  8. Zash Hm
  9. Zash Actually, let me change that default
  10. Zash grrrrrrr
  11. dezant Asterix: hi. Are you there? I need en.po
  12. newuser hello, where does gajim store info about ignored users in conferences?
  13. Asterix dezant: let me build latest one
  14. Asterix dezant: but I guess it's the .pot file that you need
  15. Asterix
  16. Asterix newuser in privacy list
  17. dicson Asterix, I write to him in PM
  18. Asterix ok