Gajim - 2013-06-01

  1. fabienwang Salut, félicitations Asterix j'adore ton client Gajim :)
  2. Asterix fabienwang: Thanks! it's not only mine, there are some past and present contributors
  3. fabienwang Ofc, then congratulations to all contributors :)
  4. fabienwang Is there any roadmap or features to come ?
  5. Asterix there is an empty roadmap yes ;)
  6. Asterix main new feature that will be in 0.16 is jingle file transfer
  7. fabienwang oh do 0.15.4 fixed a Gmail account connection issue on Windows?
  8. Asterix there are some minor others (las message correction for ex)
  9. fabienwang Okay :)
  10. Asterix and after that, that will be the port to GTK3 / python3
  11. Asterix no, it's not in 0.15.4
  12. Asterix there is a patch in our trac
  13. Asterix I don't know if I should commit it or not, I'm not an expert in TLS
  14. fabienwang ah ok
  15. fabienwang I thought it was more a Google issue, as they never really follow standards :(
  16. Asterix they switch to a new TLS version ...
  17. fabienwang ah
  18. fabienwang what's funny is that i can connect on my gmail account sucessfully on Linux
  19. Asterix I can too
  20. Asterix Never tested under win
  21. Asterix but sone users couldn't, even under linux
  22. Asterix le soft aime pas la reprogrammation ...
  23. Asterix et c'est la flash que je reprogramme a chaque fois, pas le FPGA
  24. fabienwang FPGA ?
  25. Asterix oups :)
  26. Asterix not for this window :)
  27. fabienwang ah ok :D
  28. fabienwang Tiens
  29. fabienwang petite amélioration possible: Dans la fenêtre Découvrir les services y'a parfois des messages d'erreur
  30. fabienwang exemple: Ce service ne contient aucun élément à parcourir.
  31. remontees_ :)
  32. remontees_ ce serait nickel
  33. fabienwang et donc le pb de ce message
  34. fabienwang c'est qu'il n'est pas en Modal :D
  35. Asterix oui, aucune fenetre modale !
  36. kcchouette language in English please (see the topic)
  37. Asterix ca bloque tout
  38. Asterix right :)
  39. fabienwang Yes but... for any error messages it should be modal no?
  40. fabienwang ah i got what you mean
  41. Asterix he is trying to spam, prosody blocks, but it taks 100% CPU :/
  42. fabienwang LoL
  43. Asterix I blacklisted the server that spammed mine