Gajim - 2013-05-31

  1. vorner Hello. Recently, many people have icon that they use poezio in my roster (with the client icons plugin). But it's not true, I asked one and it's some kind of „imo“ android client or what.
  2. dicson vorner, plugin show poezio icon for all slickxmpp clients
  3. vorner So it is know. OK, thanks.
  4. dicson vorner, and libpurple icon for all libpurple clients(Adium, Pidgin....)
  5. mathieui :o
  6. remontees I've a problem with gajim
  7. remontees When i go into some MUC, messages are both!
  8. mathieui Your server sucks, it’s a known issue
  9. remontees But it's only on jabberfr server
  10. remontees *
  11. MatthL is running MU-Conference version 0.9-svn (Mar 11 2012) on Linux 2.6.32-5-686-bigmem
  12. mathieui Mu-conf sucks, too, but it’s a common issue
  13. remontees Ok, thanks
  14. xbright messages are both
  15. mathieui !!
  16. remontees :D
  17. allie hihi :) does anyone happen to know if gajim has any config options in ACE for increasing BOSH timeouts/reliability? There's a bosh_wait, bosh_hold, a few other things that I don't see any documentation as to what they are.