Gajim - 2013-05-30

  1. Muelli is wondering how to make the next open event appear. Gajim shows "[4]" in it's window title, but I can't seem to make it open whatever it pending. Any hints?
  2. allie hiya :) I know this stuff is supposed to happen automagically (at least from what I read on trac), but is there a way to "force" gajim to pull/sync the message archives from the server?
  3. MatthL is there a way to define additional highlight terms for group chats?
  4. MatthL muc_highlight_words found it
  5. remontees bot, can you speak ?
  6. Asterix why do you want it to speak?
  7. Asterix it can eventually send messages, but speaking is not easy for a computer. And even if it can you wouldn't here it from it's datacenter ;)
  8. remontees what can he do ?
  9. remontees why is it here ?
  10. MatthL he can make other people talk
  11. remontees What?
  12. remontees He can talk things other people wrote?
  13. MatthL his presence makes people, like you, talk ;)
  14. Asterix it can kick bad ppl
  15. Asterix !help
  16. Asterix !command
  17. Asterix !commands
  18. Asterix it reads RSS feeds and post them here
  19. Asterix nslookup
  20. Asterix !nslookup
  21. Asterix -nslookup
  22. Asterix arg I don't remember ...
  23. Asterix ?nslookup
  24. Asterix _nslookup
  25. bot Asterix: Server: Address: Name: Address:
  26. Asterix haaa
  27. Asterix _commands
  28. bot Asterix: Total commands: 204 | Prefix: _ | Your access level: 9 | Available commands: 204 • 0 … bot_uptime, commands, film, help, idle, inbase, spell, status, test, whoami, whois, wtf • 2 … top • 3 … afor, age, age_split, anek, bash, bizinfo, bugmenot, calc, calend, calendar, caps, city, coin, convert, define, dfn, disco, dist, dns, domain_info, drink, dumpz, flibusta, gcalc, gdfn, gdict, ggl, gis, gis+, google, header, horo, ibash, ithap, jc, juick, karma, known, last, lastfriends, lastloved, lastneighb[…]
  29. remontees _bot_uptime
  30. bot remontees: Uptime: 7 months 0 days 02:37:56, Last session: 2 days 22:07:11
  31. remontees _inbase
  32. bot remontees: I see you as participant/none
  33. Asterix MattJ: what don't you like in Gajim?
  34. MattJ Asterix, I like almost everything, except the way it handles a couple of MUC things
  35. MattJ It queries too aggressively, and it uses real JIDs when it knows them
  36. MattJ It's an old issue, which iirc was fixed and then unfixed again
  37. Asterix MattJ: it's indeed a bug it it queries with real jid in anonymous rooms. Will look at it
  38. MattJ It happens when I'm an admin, and it sees their real JID