Gajim - 2013-05-23

  1. vorner Hello. Is it possible to make gajim offer the current mood instead of the last one set for the given status?
  2. Asterix hmmm currently no ... preset status are apckages (staus / status message / mood / activity)
  3. vorner It would be nice to have an option for that. The activity kind of makes sense to be bound to the status/status message (for example „lunch“ for away). But the mood, like sleepy, changes more independently of the fact that I go to lunch.
  4. vorner Also, I don't know if it is possible, but it would be nice to request PEP info about other people in MUC if the MUC is non-anonymous (I guess it's not possible to request it in anonymous room, because the JID to ask for is not known).
  5. Link Mauve vorner, you want [xep 316].
  6. Link Mauve Err, MEP.
  7. vorner Hmm. Does that need both client & server support?
  8. Link Mauve Yes.
  9. vorner ☹ That'll be slow to adopt.
  10. Link Mauve I was looking at how hard it would be to implement to poezio just earlier today. ^^
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