Gajim - 2013-05-20

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  3. Niku Asterix, to answer your question from yesterday: Yes, I do have that log file. Should I delete it, trigger the error (trying to install otr plugin on windows crashes gajim) and give it to you?
  4. Asterix that would help, yes
  5. Niku Asterix, give me a moment
  6. Niku Asterix, okay I've got bad news: Gajim did not log anything after i triggered the crash. It simply stops responding.
  7. Asterix ok :/
  8. Asterix I'll try to run it from console under win to see what happens
  9. Asterix remind ne: it's when you install it or when you enable it?
  10. Niku If I can assist you in any way, don't hesitate to ask
  11. Niku When I try installing it via the plugin manager. Install from zip also doesn't work, although it doesn't crash gajim
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  13. Asterix running it from sources works, running it from installed version fails ...
  14. Niku Asterix, that's kinda troubling on several levels
  15. Asterix Niku: reason found
  16. Asterix HTMLParser python module is needed and it's not included in installer
  17. Niku Asterix, I see. So it's not really a bug but simply a missing dependency. What do I do to fix it? :)
  18. Asterix wait for me to upload a new installer
  19. dicson we can put HTMLParser in plugin?
  20. Asterix it's a native python module, that doesn't sound a good idea in case other plugin need i
  21. Asterix it's a native python module, that doesn't sound a good idea in case other plugin need it
  22. vorner I noticed the fixed messages (the triangle in blue circle). How do I create such fixup? I have development version of gajim, not more than a week old, so it should know it, but I don't see any button for it or so.
  23. Asterix ctrl+up
  24. vorner Well hidden :-)). Thanks.
  25. vorner I guess it'll appear as a new message for those clients that don't implement it.
  26. Niku does gajim support it? Because I got it twice
  27. vorner Niku: it doesn't support it for very long time. I guess no release includes it yet, just the mercurial version.
  28. Asterix vorner: yep exactly
  29. Niku ah
  30. Asterix Niku: your version, no, it's only in dev version for the moment. this feature is very new
  31. Niku ah
  32. Asterix Niku: new installer available
  33. Asterix dicson: what do you think about closing as wontfix
  34. Niku Asterix, thanks, let's see if it works.
  35. Niku Asterix, The requested URL /downloads/0.15/gajim-0.15.3-2.exe was not found on this server.
  36. Asterix ha oups ...
  37. Asterix fixed
  38. dicson Asterix, I do not wont rewrite plugin. wontfix
  39. Niku Asterix, doesn't seem like it's fixed. Tried force reload and clicked the link again, same error
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  42. Asterix now it is :)
  43. Niku Asterix, you may also want to close this ticket:
  44. dicson Offline Bookmarks usable for gmail accounts. but google will not support xmpp (thank God!)
  45. Niku dicson, actually I hate google for dropping the support. Several of my contacts are suddenly not reachable anymore
  46. Asterix Niku: yep thanks
  47. Link Mauve I sent a mail to all my contacts about that, it was still 22% of my roster. :/
  48. Niku Asterix, seems like it's working. Thanks a bunch
  49. Asterix thanls for reporting
  50. vorner is annoyed by google too. Everyone can call other phone operator than theirs, so why shouldn't that work with IM?
  51. vorner But, did google already do the switch? I just talked with gmail contact now.
  52. Asterix mobile app is no more talk but "hangouts" and they are no more reachable by xmpp
  53. Niku vorner, it happens when they switch to hangouts. On smartphones, this appears to be mandatory, but GTalk will be axed sooner rather than later
  54. Niku vorner, also see here:
  55. vorner Hmm. Most of my friends there just use the window in gmail web interface, because they are lazy to start a client. But I wanted some time to warn them before and offer an account on my server. Seems it took less than a week :-|.
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  58. Niku Asterix, now OTR is installed, but it seems like it's impossible to start an otr session
  59. Asterix I can't help you, I never used that :/
  60. Asterix you generated your keys?
  61. Niku I do have my own key and when I start the session it indeed seems to initiate one with the other client. I get the encrypted messages as text in the chat window, tho
  62. Asterix go in plugin config window
  63. Asterix you must have a key generated there
  64. Asterix if you already have one I have no idea how to set it in Gajim
  65. Niku Yeah there is a key
  66. dicson fingerprint verifyed?
  67. Niku it doesn't even get to that point, dicson
  68. Niku I guess I'll need to install psi+ after all
  69. dicson maybe Niku do not find menuitem...
  70. dicson n0nsense,
  71. dicson n0nsense, Asterix fixed otr plugin
  72. n0nsense thanks
  73. n0nsense I´m baking a cake, will look into it later
  74. Niku dicson, I did find the menu item. When I clicked it, the client of my contact immediately responded, but I simply get the (presumably base64 encoded) encrypted OTR messages as plain text. And I did generate a key. It works flawlessly in pidgin (where I just had to generate a key and start the otr session)