Gajim - 2013-05-19

  1. vorner Hello. With the newest version of the triggers plugin, it loses the configured triggers when I restart gajim. I thought it didn't do that with 0.5. Is it known?
  2. dicson vorner, i think it is unknown
  3. vorner OK, I'm going to create a bug report so it is not forgotten.
  4. dicson vorner, Thanks!
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #56 (Triggers lost on gajim restart) created I have the 0.6 version of the triggers plugin. I configure a trigger (see attached screenshot if the content of trigger makes difference). Then I close the configuration window, close gajim through its […] • triggers.png attached to Ticket #56 […]
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #56 (Triggers lost on gajim restart) updated diff --git a/triggers/ b/triggers/ --- a/triggers/ +++ b/triggers/ @@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ import gtk import sys +import os from common import gajim from plugins import GajimPlugin @@ -28,6 +29,7 @@ from plugins.helpers import log_calls from plugins.gui import GajimPluginConfigDialog from common import ged from commo[…]
  7. dicson change play sound not work in triggers plugin
  8. Asterix dicson: changing self.config in a loop on self.config is not a good idea, it's why I used a new_config variable
  9. dicson maybe new_config = self.config.copy() instead {} ?
  10. Asterix that's true that self.config is not a dict but a class, so that won't work ...
  11. Asterix = new_config will probably work though
  12. Asterix and then we'll need a
  13. dicson Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/test/.local/share/gajim/plugins/triggers/", line 509, in on_event_combobox_changed for w in self.events_list[event]: KeyError: '' then I add new rule. always can repro
  14. Asterix I'll debug that when I'll have time (tomorow)
  15. dicson ok.thanks
  16. dicson >‎[12:20:40] ‎dicson: change play sound not work in triggers plugin missing imports and plugin dialog is modal...
  17. Asterix and sound chooser is modal too, that's the problem?
  18. dicson I can't select file. sound chooser works after I close plugin dialog
  19. dicson and not response while triggers config opened
  20. dicson I try self.set_modal(True) in sound chooser
  21. dicson it is fix the problem
  22. dicson I think sound chooser not modal
  23. Asterix ok. I think we should better make plugin config window not modal
  24. dicson --- a/src/plugins/ +++ b/src/plugins/ @@ -317,8 +317,8 @@ class GajimPluginConfigDialog(gtk.Dialog self.set_transient_for(parent) self.on_run() self.show_all() - result = super(GajimPluginConfigDialog, self).run() - self.hide() + result = super(GajimPluginConfigDialog, self) + #self.hide() return result
  25. dicson fix sound choser problem
  26. dicson but I do not know how it is works :)
  27. Asterix that sounds good indeed. .run() shows the dialog as modal
  28. dicson but close button not works
  29. Asterix ha ... annoying!
  30. dicson maybe we need modal plugin config.. for prevent disabling plugin then config opened..
  31. Asterix would that really hurt?
  32. Asterix that will just save config for a disabled plugin ...
  33. dicson fixed
  34. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14512:2313eaeaa7ca]: Make plugin config dialog not modal default Make plugin config dialog not modal
  35. Niku hi everyone
  36. Niku So for the past 30 minutes I've been trying to find a way to install the OTR plugin of gajim without the plugin installer, as it crashes gajim when I try. I wasn't successful. I'd greatly appreciate someone here pointing me to a solution for windows.
  37. dicson Niku,
  38. Niku dicson, thanks. Now i get a "Plugin already exists. Overwrite?" message. "No" closes the message. "Yes" does nothing no matter how often i click it
  39. dicson remove old version by hand
  40. Niku where is the plugin dir? Maybe there is some left-over stuff from the failed install
  41. dicson I do not know about windows
  42. dicson maybe windows have search tool? insert 'gotr' and search
  43. Niku yeah i found it. Now I have another issue. But give me a second
  44. dicson If version from my zip not works - I don't have any idea
  45. Niku dicson, now i have an interesting problem. I click "install from zip", choose your zip file and click "open". Gajim's window to pick the zip file does not close, but the directory "gotr" in the plugin directory of gajim is created. If I click "open" again, the "Overwrite" dialog will appear again, with the same problem as mentioned before. However, the plugin does not show up in the list so i can activate it
  46. Niku it appears this has been a problem since 0.15.2:
  47. dicson plugin do not work in windows....
  48. Niku That's a problem, since I need it right now :(
  49. dicson [22:27:37] n0nsense: i.e. I installed gotr from a zipfile (because the FTP installer hangs the application for me), and it extracted it into %APPDATA%\Gajim, but the plugin does not show up in the list of available plugin [22:27:43] n0nsense: operating system is windows XP
  50. dicson >since I need it right now try PSI+
  51. Niku that will be my third client on windows, then *sighs* I guess I don't have a choice
  52. dicson android and win do not have normal jabber client
  53. Niku "normal"?
  54. dicson Usable
  55. vorner With android, it's understandable. The system doesn't have long years of development on it and they force everybody to write in java. That limits the manpower a lot.
  56. dicson vorner, With windows, it's understandable. The system have ICQ long years..
  57. Niku icq really isn't that popular anymore
  58. Niku i hardly know anyone who still has it
  59. vorner I still have few ICQ people on my roster :-|
  60. vorner But it was much more popular here than in the rest of the world
  61. pierreghz Russia? :P
  62. dicson Niku, I agree. facebook, vcontacte....
  63. Niku Well actually gajim used to work really nicely with otr enabled. It is my favorite client and I can't understand why it has so many bugs now. Psi is a little too spartan for my tastes (and development appears to be stagnating) and pidgin is... well... pidgin. SwiftIM has too little configuration options (next to none)
  64. vorner pierreghz: Czech republic.
  65. pierreghz Niku, you’re running Windows, right?
  66. pierreghz It’s horribly buggy on Windows because none of the devs use it, I think.
  67. Niku pierreghz: on this machine, yes. I'm using Fedora on my Laptop and Netbook and Arch on my raspberry pi :)
  68. pierreghz Well, Gajim with OTR on GNU/Linux works.
  69. dicson >because none of the devs use it, It is true!
  70. vorner Shouldn't that be the same, with python doing the magic?
  71. Niku vorner, my thought, exactly
  72. dicson vorner, py2exe maybe
  73. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [622:72bb197a747e]: Fix missing imports default Fix missing imports
  74. Asterix Niku: do you have a gajim.exe.log file in AppData\roaming\gajim?