Gajim - 2013-05-18

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #43 (show client in mouse-over tooltip) updated I meant above these two rows Idle since 00:00:00 Idle for 00:00:00 Because of their segregated color of text.
  2. Darlan Should we convert this list into a table?
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7335 (Gajim Tip of the Day) updated Quickstart Guide as the first tip Should be also added on first run.
  4. Darlan Are these scripts still valid?
  5. Asterix Darlan: what would that bring to convert it to a table?
  6. Asterix Darlan: I don't think there is a problem with those scripts
  7. Darlan >what would that bring to convert it to a table? More order, I think. >I don't think there is a problem with those scripts May I add a link to at the bottom of ?
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #1604 (Store chat logs in plain text or in sqlite) updated There should be a buit-in option in Advanced Configuration Editor to choose between the SQLite database and plain text files. I have found a list of scripts that may suite to some of you and may be appropriate as plugins. Chat logs How to backup chatlogs Psi: How to migrate Psi logs to Gajim logs database Pidgin[…]
  9. loomsen hi folks, a friend of mine has a hard time finding the history files on his windows computer, could you tell me where gajim stores those under windows? thanks.
  10. Darlan loomsen: Hold on, I will search in a few moments.
  11. Darlan loomsen: Maybe at C:\Documents and Setting\USER NAME\Application Data\Gajim
  12. Asterix under win7 it's c:\Users\XXX/appdata/roaming\gajim\logs.db, something like that
  13. loomsen Darlan, Asterix thanks guys
  14. n0nsense hello
  15. n0nsense I have a question about gajim´s plugin installing
  16. n0nsense i.e. I installed gotr from a zipfile (because the FTP installer hangs the application for me), and it extracted it into %APPDATA%\Gajim, but the plugin does not show up in the list of available plugin
  17. n0nsense operating system is windows XP
  18. n0nsense any ideas?
  19. dicson old version maybe
  20. dicson n0nsense,
  21. vorner Hello. I get some strange behaviour if I combine message receipts with message carbons. It seems that if I have two gajims connected to the same account, so the carbons are keeping the conversations in sync, one gajim sends ACKs for the messages sent by the other gajim. Also, the other gajim then gets confused and doesn't understand the ACKs of the remote contact.
  22. dicson n0nsense, ops. I make bad archiv. reuploaded
  23. n0nsense dicson, it offers me to overwrite, (yes or no) - no closes the window, yes doesn´t do anything and keeps the window open(or reopens it)
  24. dicson not understand
  25. n0nsense Plugin already exists. Overwrite? [yes] [no]
  26. dicson yes
  27. n0nsense [yes] just either does nothing or it just reopens the window
  28. dicson window?
  29. n0nsense dialog
  30. n0nsense it keeps telling me that the plugin already exists no matter how much I bash yes
  31. dicson open
  32. dicson plugins
  33. dicson download gotr
  34. n0nsense into the plugins directory?
  35. n0nsense %APPDATA%\gajim\Plugins\?
  36. dicson remove gotr folder befor
  37. dicson yes
  38. n0nsense (because I already did that)
  39. n0nsense (but gotr didn´t show up in installed plugins)
  40. dicson >I installed gotr from a zipfile or that?
  41. n0nsense both
  42. dicson no idea
  43. n0nsense I removed the folder and tried again with a zipfile, hoping that would do the trick
  44. n0nsense hm!
  45. n0nsense looking at the logfile, it seems that the pluginmanager zip option tries to import HTMLParser
  46. n0nsense which apparently isn´t shipped with the windows installer
  47. dicson Paste in
  48. n0nsense
  49. n0nsense no idea how much of that log is really from right now
  50. n0nsense I assume the exceptions at the bottom were
  51. n0nsense this is 0.15.2 btw
  52. dicson no idea
  53. n0nsense ok
  54. n0nsense thanks
  55. dicson 0.15.3. new log