Gajim - 2013-05-14

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  4. Asterix Hi axce1
  5. axce1 hi
  6. Asterix Thanks for your plugin!
  7. Asterix I'm sorry I removed your account on both tracs, because you registered then nothing for a long time, so I thought it was spam (as I often get) ...
  8. Asterix I just read your code. I guess you get notifications when you start Gajim, right?
  9. axce1 Asterix, yep
  10. Asterix just a thing, the year we put in the vcard is supposed to have the year of our birth, so adding only 1 year will work only for babys, no?
  11. Asterix ha no
  12. Asterix user_bday =, convert_date.month,
  13. Asterix today.year ...
  14. Asterix ok that sounds great, would you be ok to maintain your plugin in the hg repository of plugins?
  15. axce1 Asterix create a new account at trac-plugin
  16. axce1 Asterix, yes i will be
  17. Asterix nice, I'll setup your hg account see PM
  18. Asterix axce1 : just one thing that could be improved : if we keep Gajim running for several days, we'll miss notifications. Maybe a 1 day timer could be setup?
  19. axce1 Asterix, can you create a ticket?
  20. Asterix sure
  21. axce1 thx
  22. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7253 (Gajim complains about a SSL/TLS certificate when connecting to a custom …) updated yeah, take or (which are google apps domain and do not have the DNS set up properly) or (which has DNS set up). In both cases the server doesn't serve the certificate as per the RFC. Which I agree would be very nice if they did. But having double standards is not good.
  23. axce1 Asterix, create wiki
  24. Asterix perfect
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  27. vorner Hello. I'm having problem with the message receipts. They work well against other gajim clients, but my gajim doesn't send the request to send them to Psi+ client on the other side. I don't know why.
  28. vorner Any idea how to debug that?
  29. Asterix probably because this psi+client doesn't announce it suuports the feature? Is this contact online at the moment?
  30. vorner Yes
  31. vorner And it did work before
  32. Asterix could you send me his full jid with resource in private?
  33. Asterix this contact announce the featrure. So Gajim should send the request. Do you have XML logs when you send a message?
  34. vorner Mmnt, I'll find some.
  35. vorner <!-- Out --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="[jid]" type="chat" id="773"> <body>[Text replaced]</body> <active xmlns="" /> <thread>VqFIWbDYmJZSTFDXqwHrUYwxMRhXeFST</thread> </message>
  36. Asterix keep cool bot!
  37. Link Mauve Does Isida kick on base64 or what?
  38. vorner Did I paste too long text?
  39. Asterix I think it's a too long text without space IIRC ...
  40. vorner Hmm. Now it works.
  41. vorner After erasing the cache.