Gajim - 2013-05-11

  1. kda hi. I have a problem with gajim: there are some old metacontacts which work correctly, but when I'm making new ones, they never unfold, and consequently I can't split them back. I can't specify which one send messages to as well.
  2. dicson no error in console?
  3. kda you mean to try run gajim from terminal? It doesn't crash or anything, some metacontacts are just not accessible
  4. dicson ‎kda, I can't repro. forks fine for me
  5. dicson *works
  6. dicson ‎kda,
  7. kda well yea thanks, it worked just like this before. I guess it's something wrong on my side then
  8. dicson I tryed last hg version
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7335 (Gajim Tip of the Day) updated Tips from Psi You can type these special commands in chat and groupchat dialogs: "/clear" to clear chat view "/me <message> '/me' is replaced by your nick And these work only in groupchat dialog: "/nick <new_nickname>" to change your nickname </em> You can use multiple useful shortcuts while typing chat messages: Ctrl+Enter to send message Ctrl+M to add newline character Ctrl+H to display message history […][…]
  10. SouL What I have to install to do videocalls in Gajim?
  11. mathieui farstream, python-farstream, and some gstreamer plugins
  12. Link Mauve The -bad ones.
  13. SouL I can find a list of this?
  14. Link Mauve Yeah, in Help > Features > Audio/Video.
  15. SouL Why are they bad?
  16. SouL Oh ok
  17. Link Mauve That’s their name.
  18. SouL Niiiice
  19. SouL If someone asks me the same but for windows, It will put what they need?
  20. Link Mauve I don’t think anybody already succeeded in building those dependencies on windows.
  21. SouL really?
  22. SouL Ohh shit