Gajim - 2013-05-09

  1. joe hi
  2. joe is there another way of starting the ipython console than gajim-remote? like starting it with gajim?
  3. joe I'm trying to add content and summary to the atom_window if they are present. I don't know much about xml parser in nbxmpp but in other field like title are accessed by e. g. entry.title (and there is a function in nbxmpp's simplexml that should allow that...
  4. joe yet if I try to access content in this way (like sent by gajim) it doesn't work, although newentry contains this tag (e. g. if I just print newentry). Does someone know what I am missing?
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  6. joe btw. your room logs link is down
  7. joe or better the logs, not the link