Gajim - 2013-05-05

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  2. Gokmen Gorgen hello, is nbxmpp new dependency of gajim?
  3. louiz’ yes
  4. Gokmen Gorgen are you think to update code base to work with python3?
  5. Link Mauve Gokmen Gorgen, yes, nbxmpp will be a dependency of 0.16, it was previously directly integrated in the source code of Gajim, hindering its reusability from other projects.
  6. Link Mauve There is already a branch working with python3, in a fresh clone run `hg up gtk3`.
  7. Gokmen Gorgen thank you
  8. Link Mauve (Or use `hg clone -b gtk3` if you haven’t already cloned it.)
  9. Gokmen Gorgen brb
  10. Gokmen Gorgen Link Mauve, i checked out gtk3 branch but it seems it still not compatible python3:
  11. Gokmen Gorgen I can fix it for python3 but I don't know how I can send you a pull request.
  12. Gokmen Gorgen oh sorry, it's my wrong.
  13. louiz’ Link Mauve is not the dev. It’s Asterix
  14. Gokmen Gorgen okay
  15. Gokmen Gorgen brb again.
  16. Link Mauve He ran it in python2.
  17. Link Mauve With that import it works: >>> from __future__ import print_function
  18. mathieui (in 2.7, only, imo)
  19. Link Mauve Gokmen Gorgen, you ran the python3 version in python2.
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  21. push_k_in Hello (sorry for the grammar, I use Google translate) can the plugins MprisSupportPlugin and NowListenPlugin work with Daedbeef player? most interested in NowListenPlugin. Ubuntu 13.04, Deadbeef 0.5.6
  22. dicson answered questions about mpris in PM.
  23. Asterix ok thanks
  24. push_k_in dfg
  25. mathieui hjk
  26. push_k_in sorry
  27. push_k_in other tab