Gajim - 2013-05-04

  1. mmlosh hello.. can I limit the "automatic status" to only some accounts?
  2. mmlosh Either selectively, or perhaps simply to those that are set to "sync status to global status"
  3. Asterix you mean the one you set in prepf window -> status tab?
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  5. mmlosh Asterix, yes
  6. Asterix mmlosh: then no, it's global
  7. mmlosh Do I have a chance with such feature request?
  8. Asterix it's quite anoying for you to handle different status message per account ..
  9. Asterix I don't see how the UI would look like
  10. mmlosh I would be enough if the autostatus simply set my global status -> accounts configured to use it
  11. mmlosh good point about the universal UI, though
  12. Asterix and another use could tell "why the hell my account (not globaly sync'ed) don't get the status message I defined"
  13. Asterix and another user could tell "why the hell my account (not globaly sync'ed) don't get the status message I defined"
  14. mmlosh true, I also though about that, but were slower in typing
  15. mmlosh Another checkbox in the settings of a particular account would work, but it would feel messy..
  16. Asterix and if an account don't use the auto status message, what will it use? nothing? last one? show status dialog?
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  18. mmlosh accounts go online always as "online", don't they?
  19. mmlosh it would simply not receive the change and stay how it was
  20. Asterix there is a checkbox in pref window "show dialog when I log in / out"
  21. mmlosh Hmm.. I guess my version is outdated again...
  22. Asterix ho no, this option is very very old
  23. Asterix in pref window -> status tab
  24. Asterix "Ask status message when I: "
  25. mmlosh ahh .. ok
  26. Asterix sign in/ou
  27. mmlosh that was not under the "auto status" header, so I assumed it's a different feature. Now I see that I was wrong as this feature is sure using the same calls...
  28. mmlosh If I was to use this, I would want a separate dialog for the "*global*status-disconnected" accounts (not the autostatus-disconnected) But I have no idea how that would work for the rest of the users
  29. SouL I'm going to make an image to hash the descentralized concept of XMPP and I want to add the Gajim logo
  30. SouL It's possible?
  31. SouL
  32. Asterix you can use this logo without any problem
  33. SouL Thank you :D
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  36. MattJ I missed it, how were things in this room?
  37. louiz’ good
  38. Link Mauve Not even half a screen of flood.
  39. Link Mauve I am disappoint.
  40. Link Mauve I wanted a nice rainbow. :(
  41. MattJ We must Prosodify the whole XMPP network
  42. MattJ and see what the flooders can come up with next \o/
  43. Link Mauve I haven’t yet loaded mod_muc_limits on my server. :p
  44. MattJ I'll let them know
  45. Link Mauve Though I’m quite sure it won’t be the first to get attacked.
  46. louiz’ or handles the flood quite well too. Maybe too much :p
  47. MattJ You can upgrade LuaSec when it dies
  48. Link Mauve We’ve had flood issues on that were quite bad, but the server never died.
  49. Link Mauve mu-conf™
  50. MattJ rofl
  51. MattJ mu-conf used to crash if you sent certain iq stanzas to the service domain
  52. Link Mauve MattJ, I was thinking about restarting both Prosody and poezio soon, 350+MiB of RAM for each isn’t something my 1 GiB server can handle very well.
  53. MattJ On your list: LuaSec 0.4.1, mod_muc_limits (requires util.throttle from 0.9 if you're on 0.8.2)
  54. MattJ mod_limits is also nice, but more complex and needs some more testing
  55. MattJ It can slow traffic instead of just bouncing it (as mod_muc_limits does)
  56. Link Mauve I also want to change my distribution, ArchLinux requires me to reboot to systemd if I want to keep my system up to date, and I just installed CRUX a few weeks ago.
  57. Link Mauve I want to switch my running system to CRUX using chroot, without any other tool.
  58. Link Mauve I wonder if it’s possible to remount / to another location. ^^
  59. Link Mauve MattJ, anyway modules are loadable at runtime, so I will be able to enable it whenever I want.
  60. MattJ Link Mauve, true