Gajim - 2013-05-01

  1. Darlan Has anyone made a description, yet?
  2. SouL o.o
  3. Darlan #7333
  4. bot Darlan: (Make Emoticons, Iconsets and Themes available through plugin manager)
  5. SouL Wow, interesting.
  6. Darlan ‎אתמול ‎[16:45:22] ‎SouL: And thanks for the guy who did the script!
  7. SouL I'm going to sleep, I'll check it later.
  8. Darlan ok
  9. SouL Darlan: You did it?
  10. Darlan Good night
  11. Darlan Which script?
  12. Darlan Adium 2 Gajim?
  13. SouL Why you pasted this line? xD
  14. Darlan To ask you which script you referred to.
  15. SouL Ah
  16. SouL Wait please
  17. Darlan ok
  18. Darlan
  19. SouL Darlan: This
  20. Darlan lol
  21. Darlan "Script was written by MatthL" (he is here in chat room)
  22. SouL Oh
  23. SouL This script saved my ass
  24. SouL really
  25. SouL more than 300 emoticons
  26. SouL well, you know it
  27. SouL haha
  28. SouL See you later Darlan, have a nice day :)
  29. Darlan Good night :-)
  30. Darlan Thanks
  31. MatthL ohai folks, my ears are ringing ;)
  32. MatthL SouL: I take BTCs for tips ;)
  33. MatthL I noticed the script is linked in artwork but not in might be a good idea to add it there
  34. MatthL although I miss part of the convo, is the script now automated in the new emoticon plugin?
  35. SouL MatthL: I'll remember this :)
  36. SouL Guys, one thing. I have a friend that downloaded Gajim in Windows but he can't see what people say on a conference. He only sees the status changes.
  37. SouL I don't find nothing on the net
  38. SouL He tried to close it and start gajim again but nothing.
  39. SouL I want him to use it but I'm not having luck, maybe is that I don't know how to search the problem but..
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