Gajim - 2013-04-28

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7341 (Positive ACK visualisation for messages (XEP 0184)) created When gajim knows the other side supports message ACKs and it does not get the ACK for long time, it shows a warning triangle at the message (⚠). This is quite useful feature. On the other side, Psi+ shows positive ACKs instead of „timeouts“. It has an arrow icon with each message, indicating the direction of message. When the message is sent, the arrow […]
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #54 (After installation, the whiteboard plugin does not appear) updated As suggested in the MUC room, I tried the 15.3 version (non-hg). It works in that version, the problem is only with the development version. Still, I'm surprised I don't see any error anywhere.
  3. SouL Why people using gajim have a hash next to their client info, and people using Psi+ i.e don't?
  4. Jef SouL, may be the resource name
  5. dicson ‎SouL, > people using gajim people using hg version gajim(or nightly build) only. stable version do not have a hash to their client info
  6. SouL dicson: What is it for?
  7. dicson !ver
  8. dicson _ver
  9. bot dicson: Gajim // Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy)
  10. dicson 961edbee221a this?
  11. dicson ‎SouL, Are you talk about 961edbee221a in my info?
  12. dicson or about hash in resource name?
  13. SouL Yes
  14. SouL dicson:
  15. SouL I used Psi to take the picture, in Gajim this info seems invisible.
  16. SouL I ask for learning only.
  17. Link Mauve Perhaps the caps hash?
  18. dicson I think yes. caps
  19. Link Mauve I wonder why they chose to expose it to the user, tho…
  20. dicson It is strange
  21. SouL And for what is for?
  22. Link Mauve Caps is a nice way to cache the supported features, client, version, etc. of someone.
  23. Link Mauve If their caps didn’t change, you know they are still using the same client.
  24. Link Mauve And as soon as they change, you know you can ask them their new features/version/etc.
  25. Link Mauve But it’s the client work, it should never get exposed to the user imo.
  26. SouL So that's not functionally necessary?
  27. Link Mauve For the user, absolutely not.
  28. dicson <c xmlns="" node="" ver="CbYSehz1pykdKOyC7rX4dGCzL3o=" hash="sha-1"/> <status>Я здесь.</status>
  29. dicson my caps
  30. SouL Ohh
  31. SouL Ok, thank you guys. I use Gajim and Psi sometimes (if a user asks me) and I noticed that in Gajim this information is not visible.
  32. SouL alright :)