Gajim - 2013-04-26

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  5. vorner Hello. If I use the client icons plugin and have a contact in multiple groups, the icon shows only with single instance of the contact. Does that happen to others as well?
  6. dicson I do not test plugin for multiple groups
  7. dicson I will test later
  8. vorner Thanks
  9. dicson Thank you for report
  10. vorner You're welcome.
  11. dicson ‎vorner, fixed. please test
  12. vorner dicson: Thanks, it seems to work (and I even didn't need a restart or anything)
  13. dicson ‎vorner, good.thanks!
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  15. vorner How powerful is the plugin system? I like the way psi+ shows positive message ACKs instead of showing a warning sign if it was not ACKed for a long time. Is it capable of such things? (I guess I should learn it then, but asking if it is worth the learning)
  16. dicson I think it is possible.But I think it is bad way.(always show positive message ACKs) or maybe I do not understand
  17. vorner Well, with the negative, you never know if the other client got it, because the negative one is not showed if the other client does not support ACKs.
  18. vorner With positive, you know the client got it.
  19. dicson maybe
  20. vorner In Psi+ it is quite gentle. There's an arrow indicating if it was inbound or outbound message. And it changes color from dark red to green after the ACK.
  21. vorner So I thought something in that regard, like changing some colour of font to more intensive one (grey→black, for example) or something
  22. dicson >you never know if the other client got it if the other client does not support ACKs.
  23. dicson I see no difference
  24. vorner Well, if I see the warning sign ⚠, I know the client did not get it yet. If I don't see it, I _think_ the other person got it. But that's a false positive.
  25. vorner If I see the green arrow, I know the client got it. If I don't the client might have got it, but I can judge by the other person answering.
  26. vorner If the other person disconnects and connects, I will try to write them again if I don't have the ACK. If I got the ACK, I don't have to. But I can't rely on that if I see just the negative ones.
  27. vorner But it might be personal preference.
  28. dicson I'm not interested. You can write a bug report about it
  29. vorner Understood. I guess I might try writing the plugin, if I get some time, instead. It would not be really fair to ask someone to implement it for me if they don't want the feature.
  30. dicson ‎vorner, I would suggest to write a bug report. Asterix may be interested in it. I think it's easier to do than in the core of the plugin
  31. vorner OK. Thanks.
  32. dicson easier in core. hard in plugin. sorry for my english
  33. vorner Hmm, should I be seeing this in gajim's output? ?
  34. vorner (AFAIK it's few hours old hg checkout)
  35. MatthL hmmm one annoying thing with meta contacts is that it still opens a new tab if a different account is online for a metacontact
  36. thefloz Hello
  37. thefloz For about a week I can't connect to gtalk account with gajim
  38. thefloz the message is "authentuification failure"
  39. thefloz I can connect with another client (psi)
  40. thefloz any ideas ?
  41. Coolmax thefloz,!topic/chat/O_GxJrkFHUc in pidgin gtalk works fine
  42. thefloz thank Coolmax
  43. thefloz I don't want to use another client that gajim :p
  44. Coolmax me too, but we have to wait for devs ;p I have minimal knowledge about python, only simple scripts, so It's too hard for me to make patch
  45. thefloz ok
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  47. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7339 (Database error) updated The location of this corrupted file is printed in the warning window. Try to remove or rename it AFTER Gajim is closed, then start Gajim again. BTW you should also update to a new Gajim version. 0.14.3 is very old